24 Replies to “Baby monkeys and moms : Cute Baby Monkey newborn”

  1. These bazaar behaviors I'm sure are due to the environment
    they are kept. There's nothing for them to do in their concrete
    prison so they pick and poke their babies.

  2. Surprise it didn't read 3 poor babies. I would like to say 3 ugly baby bastards. I would love to torture them. Cut there tails off. Shave them n throw them in ice water. Tie their arms n legs then pick them up by the tail n throw them against a tree over n over. Lol

  3. These mothers! They are making there babies writhe with the pain of what they are doing!This is not grooming. It is plucking,.As anyone who has plucked there eyebrows and other places knows😂

  4. Wonders never cease! I read through the entire comments section and not one bad comment! I am really impressed. It was like a breath of fresh air on a very hot summer day. Thanks commentators for a good comment section. BTW, I loved this video. It seems that the monkeys are just bored…more than usual for some reason..

  5. I vote we name the mom on the left "Lizzy", because of that tongue, and name her baby (baby number three) Pluckleberry Fin. PB or Fin would work as a nickname for little Pluckleberry Fin.

  6. I really enjoyed watching this video at times I found it hilarious the mom's behavior even at the end that baby said I've had enough mom no more pulling from inside my mouth LOL

  7. such a cute video, can someone tell me what mom is doing picking the bottom lip? is there a sore there maybe or something else?

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