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hey guys my name is Breanna and this is a video as a part of my series of a bunch of baby must have not needs luxury items we're going to go through a ton of products where I share my must-haves as well as some not needs that I experienced after my first baby I'm pregnant with my second baby it's a girl her name is Presley but I do just want to say none of these products are sponsored that is truly my own opinions and hopefully helpful advice that will help you if you're a first time mommy second time mommy third time mommy or wherever you're at on this motherhood journey or maybe you're just looking for a friend to find a really good baby shower or gift idea I hope that these are useful and also these are just my opinion I'm sure you all have really great advice or tips please leave them in the comments below so if you have a must-have item that you'd love to share with the other subscribers please make sure you put that in the comments because I would love to know your must-haves as well so this video in particular I'm gonna focus on me zero to three months so newborn must-haves it seems that I feel like I have to have right off the bat with baby the moment I have them in the hospital until about that three month mark I will do a three to six month baby a must-have video as well along with some not needs nursing must-haves and some luxury items that I only wish I could have for my baby so number one I realized after my first baby I need a book bag diaper bag to me it is just essential to be able to have my hands-free because not only will I be having a toddler in tow who still needs a diaper bag but a newborn baby so this will also be what I pack all of Presley's items for the hospital in so I have it ready to go from the get-go I ordered this off to give hopin they had a sale and it was around $70 it just to me fit my personal style I love having black and gold it's usually what I'm wearing a lot in both my jewelry and my bag so I thought it was a great material – it's a combination of like a faux leather and nylon which is super easy to clean it has bottle caps on the side a ton of design stripper pouches which I feel like you're always just looking for easy access to the things you need and on the inside I love it has an easy little drawstring it has a diaper changing pack more cool as you can see in there there's like a lot of inside bag storage but I'm really excited to start using this bag I've just realized more than anything I bought a really cheap book bag from Target with my son Landon and because it was only like $20 a lot of the inside like climbing did start falling apart – decided to invest in one that's a little Messier and well-made and had some really good reviews and I thought it was a little more pretty in the detail so ordered this again also skip hop the number two newborn must-haves that I have is a rocker every single time i narced Landon I was in the rocker in his room and it just made it one for back support so much easier than having to you know worry about getting a Boppy pillow or other pillows on the couch or another chair or something like that to support myself I could go into the rocker nurse him rock back and forth lull him to sleep I just highly I overused my rocker that's for sure so we got a new one for Presley's room so I still use the rocker that's in Linden's room it just looks so beaten down the cushions are pretty sunk in at this point because of how much we still use it so Pez Lee has a rocker in her room as well within that chain out of it my number three newborn must-have is really soft sheets there are some really soft sheets that I had for Landon in blue and white and gray that I purchased for Presley in pink I also found some champagne colored sheets for Presley that are actually on her crib right now behind me you can see them but they're just a really texture I absolutely love them I'll make sure it's linked below the target circle ones are a lot less expensive than these that I got at byebye baby but I just I couldn't find the champagne color from Target but I feel like when you're not using blankets or anything on your little one you just want to lay them down on the softest sheets possible for a good cozy night's sleep number four must-have is burp cloths I used so many burp cloths every single day between nursing and feeding and throw-up and diaper messes burp cloths purchased my go to I was constantly having to wash them pretty much every other day to make sure we always had queen burp cloths on hand for a little one so especially in that beginning days when feeding and pooping and peeing and all of that can get really messy you just need burp cloths on hand constantly number five is the drying rack I love the boon grass drying rack I think it looks really cute you can fit a ton of death on it between getting the little flower additions or tree additions for nipples or things like that that can be kind of elevated and put on it to dry but I was using my booms drying rack Diggy Lee and I still use it daily for Landon even though he's not using bottles when I wash his toddler feeding utensils or plates or cups I put it on the Boone's drying rack so I feel like it is something that takes you from that newborn phase into the toddler years really really well and it was great for drying my pumping supplies to number six is desitin or the drove but paste spray you need to be on the daily using either desitin or some sort of but taste the spray I would say if your baby doesn't have any sort of already diaper rash the spray is totally sufficient and really easy to not get your fingers dirty on the other hand I would say anytime Landon had any sort of red irritation or diaper rash I would use just a little bit of desitin a little bit goes a really long way and it made it clear almost instantly but every time you change your baby especially in the newborn phase when they're so just fragile you want to be making sure that you're using some sort of either desitin or Butt Paste spray to ensure they're never getting diaper rash because that is just so uncomfortable for your little one number seven uber practical I don't think they would you leave the hospital without this but in car seats and my recommendation is the car seat with a really versatile clickin base so that we had a base in my husband's car we had a base in my car and because my grandma was our child care we even got a base for on her car so that she was able to transport him really easily and therefore we were only actually purchasing one newborn carrier car seat but it could fit into any of our vehicles with the base in addition to that we got the coordinating stroller that the newborn carrier could also click into it was really easy to put our little one into the car seat base pop it into the stroller and just make Erin runnings are getting around so much easier and because we will now have to right around the to twelve we won't have to wonder to but Landon will have just turned two in Presley's boy we got the same Graco stroller that's designed for two children so we can still click Presley and if she's in her newborn carrier but Mandy can sit in the toddler or there's even a standing platform for toddlers as well so that both of them can be using the same stroller at the same time to make it a little easier on me and since she is born in May I really want to be able to walk them around the neighborhood and this mama needs to get some exercise so feel like that double stroller with a click and option will be really convenient number eight this is also super practical but I feel like important to consider and I learned this from a co-worker way back when I had me and in my first baby by sensitive diapers and wipes for that newborn phase so that's zero to three months because you just don't know what your little one might have a reaction to and you would hate for your baby to be uncomfortable or in pain or itchy or sensitive using wipes idiot or have perfumes or diapers that have some sort of material that's irritating them so I always started off purchasing sensitive wipes I actually still just use the sensitive wipes the plantain because they're really not that much as a cost difference but I would be ultra careful on the type of diapers that you're buying as well as you're not using cloth diapers or something like that I always disposable diapers desired of convenience but I would look at the sensitive ones and the ones that aren't made with any sort of materials or chemicals that could irritate your newborn baby's skin number nine in a similar vein of being sensitive by the sensitive lotion products your newborn baby's skin will likely be either dry or potentially having patches or irritation and sometimes the doctor will tell you I would always ask your doctor first the doctor will say leave it alone it is just a phase that your newborn baby is going through there really isn't much that you should be applying or doing but in general I remember because Landon was a newborn in the summer months I just felt like it was drier in our home the air was drier so I was using sensitive lotion on him so I would definitely look into especially depending on the time of year your baby's born when they're newborn using sensitive products just so nothing as irritating that fresh sweet baby skin and finally my number 10 item that is so important even now as a toddler but was really critical in those early newborn phases your baby's nails are going to grow so fast you won't even believe it that's why those little knits to cover their hands are so important so they don't scratch their face but a pair of light-up nail clippers so you can actually see where you're at in their nail bed so you don't actually clip them I remember I started off using the non lighted ones with Landon and I clipped him and it was like the worst momma feeling in the whole wide world like makes you feel so horrible the last thing you want is your baby to be bleeding or in pain or hurt because of something that you did and you're trying to prevent them from bleeding and scratching themselves but just to be on the ultra ultra safe side they're not that much money the brand I have is safety first and they literally light up when you pop the Clippers open so they last a really long time it's not like something where the battery will die out or something like that and you can see exactly where you're at in baby's nail bed so you don't accidentally go too far down and close them those are my 10 newborn baby so 0 to 3 month must-haves please let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations I would love to hear from you your advice and your must-haves you like this video please give it a thumbs up make sure you hit that red subscribe button and the bell so you know when I post future must-have videos if this is something that interests you and it would be helpful please share this with a friend who might be having a baby or looking for those products to add to their registry that are definitely newborn must-haves thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you in my next one bye guys little girl I met a girl

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  1. Desitin is a mess and never worked for any of my kids. A&D is awesome. And its not that thick white mess

  2. as you know babys might get a little boring :/ call someone and put it on speaker then set it down and just look at the baby when your talking

  3. Hi, I love that crib skirt in the background. I need something just like that, any recommendations ? Thank you for sharing!


  5. mittens! my daughter scratched her face when she was born. the mittens definitely make a difference now

  6. I have that little night stand table and the matching dresser and if I have a girl I want to get it refurbished for her because they came from my great great grandmother 🙂 10 more weeks till I find out.

  7. A must have item that I highly recommend from 0-3 months and throughout the 1st year, or however long any new mommy decides to try to breastfeed, is the Madela Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump (or any brand double electric breast pump). I actually purchased one with my last child (7th) & absolutely loved it! I sent the pump along w/many other of my favorite baby must have items to my sister for her 1st child last year….& low & behold I'm now expecting baby #8 in March! FYI to anyone reading… you can totally get a breast pump absolutely free from your insurance company! I just received the same exact pump I had along w/extra parts, storage bottles & bags completely free! What a fantastic perk! Whether you would like to try to breastfeed or not… is a great option to have handy pre-delivery! I hope this info helped somebody! Thanks Brianna for the great baby must-haves ; D

  8. My must have is our cloth diapers! My daughter is almost 7 months and we've never had any diaper rash! It's also been so nice to not have to buy diapers every week.

  9. I love that diaper bag! That Boon Drying Rack is awesome! I also love the Munchkin Dishwasher Basket and Boon dishwasher net. A few must haves I had with my son were a powered swing (that's the only way he would sleep for the first few months), a lightweight swaddle blanket (for the warm summer days) and a nursing pillow (totally saves your back to bring baby to you!).

  10. I love your videos! I think you are my favorite on YouTube. I love how you get to the point quickly & your videos are so organized. So helpful! Thank you!

  11. Snuza Hero, Nose Frida, and Rock n Play are my absolute must haves! I also always use either Vaseline or aquafor all over baby's bottom in between diaper changes to act as a barrier to prevent rashes.

  12. I watched this video even though I've had 4 kids and I'm done having babies lol. I'd like to add some sort of wrap or ergo carrier for baby 🙂 especially when you have more than one running around! Oh and I loved your intro music! Sam Hunt 😍😍

  13. Thankyou so much! Ive been unsure what i really need go get and what really are just luxary items. 20 weeks next week ❤

  14. A big one on my must-haves list for newborns is sleepers with built in mitts! My girl was always getting her mitts off and would end up scratching her face when she did. This was a great list and I love that bag; so simple and chic! 🙂

  15. saving this video for when I get pregnant and have my first little one! love your videos 🙂 you are so humble and cute!

  16. After clipping my son when doing his nails a friend gave me a tip to just file the nails till his little hands were big enough.

  17. Muslin sheets for summer babies. We tend to not blast the AC because of the dryness, and muslin is just a great fabric that is cool, soft and breathable. That and a swing/bouncer on each level of the house so you always have an elevated, comfortable place to put your newborn down when you need two hands. Flat in the pack 'n play doesn't always work with those little ones!

  18. My 0-3 must have is a wipe warmer! I mostly used it for the night light, for middle of the night changes. Everyone says they are overrated but it's honestly the only thing that got me through the first month lol.

  19. We love our video monitor! The screen turns on when the baby makes noise (and ours lets you set a noise threshold so every squeak they make in their sleep doesn't trigger it). It's so handy when I'm on the treadmill or in the kitchen during naptime– I just set the monitor in my line of sight and don't have to be worried about whether I can hear it or not. I can't wait to see your 3-6 (or whatever range) must-haves! Our first little one is almost 2 1/2 months now, so we're getting close. 🙂

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