9 Replies to “Baby NewBorn Essentials Must Haves”

  1. Wow u got a good deal on them bags girl love them. I am a bargain shopper as well full price is a no no for me I’m always looking for a great deal. So Awesome.

  2. I love that ubbi pail uses regular bags. I had the diaper genie for my kids and I never used it. I didn’t see it to be any better than regular bags. I love that spoon thing to whip on the diaper cream, that really makes it easier and keeps things sanitary ! 😬

  3. Love you energy!!! ha ha Vanessa Say What… :"I BOUGHT TWO" LOL. I am the same, I would buy two also ha ha. I love the striped on more.

  4. Oo the diaper pail does seem cool cuz you can use any trashbag but the diaper genie is better (in my opinion) because 1 its hands free, it opens with a footstep and youre gonna learn real quick how you need 2 hands. And 2 the diaper genie keeps the smell in. That free open looks like its gonna REEK since theres nothing sealing the smell in like the diaper genie.
    I'd be interested in an update for sure!

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