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  1. It’s a boy according to my research that stuff on top is called stacking! Congratulations hope it all goes smooth for you 🥰

  2. I have my Anatomy scan on Wednesday. I have 3 boys so I am hoping for a girl InShaAllah, but I’ll be happy either way. My OB tried to give me a sneak peek yesterday, but she wasn’t sure because baby was wiggly had what she thought might be a boy or the umbilical cord. Easy pregnancy, labor, healthy babies and delivery to everyone pregnant InShaAllah. May Allah grant those trying to conceive healthy and pious children.

  3. I think it's a girl. My Dr told me also if u & hubby do "the deed " 😆 on the day u ovulate it's probably a boy if it's before it's probably a girl. Something to do with the speed of the sperm…🤷

  4. Not skipping the ads because girl you're Gunna need every penny with the new arrival. Look after yourself Hun. X

  5. Absolutely love you Shamsa ♡
    Allah bless you with all that you hope for and better in both lives ameen ♡

  6. Congratulations sister. May Allah bless the healthy baby. Lots of love for you and new little one💕🤝

  7. Doesnt matter my dear.. so long as your baby is healthy and normal, that's the imp thing. May Allah keep u well 🤗♥️

  8. Did uou not know when your period was late ? How are you already 20 weeks lol so when did you find out you were pregnant how many weeks

  9. Read Surah yusuf and surah yasin fujar time every thing will be ok every day do daam on water and drink it do daam on your body Alhamdilliah it be ok Insha Allah

  10. Salaam Shamsa. Congratulations on your pregnancy I pray you have an easy pregnancy and delivery. I've just given birth to baby number 5. He is a month old today. Like you I have 1 girl and 4 boys. Love your videos. While I was pregnant I watched all your pregnancy and baby haul etc videos with Ayyub that you filmed. I will be watching again with your current pregnancy too although no plans for baby number 6 my end but watching your video is getting me thinking! Lol. But no I don't think having any more will be a good idea for me.

    Try Rennie for the heartburn that really helped me and apparently holding a comb whilst in Labour helps manage the pain as the comb touches sensitive acupuncture points and helps your mind manage the pain. Anyway all the best and I'll be watching. Hope you read this comment.

  11. Ur a disgrace u there wearing a fucking scarf have some shame in u .. ur only allowed to tell ur husband then ur in laws that’s after 3 months have passed … if ur husband was a full Pakistani I’m sure he wouldn’t have let u disclose ur private life to the world ur disgusting!!!!! I’m half English I don’t even share my fucking life on fb … how many times did u have sex before u knew u Wer pregnant how many positions do u no do u sit on top what’s ur favourite position .. go on answer my questions u have no sharaam tell everyone I’m sure everyone wud love to hear every single details … DISGUSTING DISGRACE STUPID FUCKING COW …… u females who are supporting her u need to read the hadith any one who replies I won’t be reading any of ur shits if u can’t tell her what she’s doing is wrong then don’t tell me I’m wrong when I’m in right one !!!!!!!!!! My daughter had a baby after 10 years she never announced it on fb her husband wouldn’t have even liked it … but her husband he’s no Muslim he’s a revert he has to follows her if he knew how wrong it is to let his wife do what she’s doing I’m sure he would return that camera back to YouTube!!!! But she’s making money that’s the big issue it’s money more then ISLAM !!!!!!!!

  12. Shamsa, you have a beautiful family. I pray that God blesses you and your family, and that He is with you always. ❤️

  13. What are the ages of the kids? Awww I love babies, may Allah bless those without children with children who are the coolness of their eyes ameen.

  14. Salaam sis I'm really happy for you and akeel Bhai,congrats your expecting again, good luck love your vlogs XXX

  15. All the best love. You are lucky you don't have nausea and vomiting. Am assuming this because you didn't mention. Praying for you

  16. Congratulations I hope Allah blesses you and your baby with health please could you give me a shoute out in your next video please it's Naz Mua

  17. Mashallah shamsa❤❤ congratulations and may Allah bless you and your family with a health baby. I am also pregnant, with my first one🙈 inshallah everything will turn out well 💕

  18. I’m so upset I thought ur pregnant just 6 weeks and I was so excited to be a part of ur pregnancy journey but your 20 weeks 🙁 anyways Masha Allah and hope ur doing good

  19. Lol shamsa i am so happy for u!!!! 😘😘😘 I think u r having a boy
    I am also pregnant with baby no. 2 please keep me in your prayers ❤❤❤
    For me 2nd is it (medical reasons as well) so please please pray rest of my pregnancy goes safe n sound and I deliver a happy healthy baby.
    Praying for the same for you ❤❤❤

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