Baby Swimming At 11 Months Old!

are you going use my hand no you're a strong independent woman huh good morning you guys I woke up early this morning because I need to fill out all of the paperwork for MS with lessons so I have to do that before we leave this morning and it's gonna take a little bit of time so I gotta fill all that paperwork out I send some stuff over emails everything we were out of town for so long that I have quite a bit of work to catch up on look at that someone's awake that defeats the purpose of me waking up early got all your past C's alright let's get up yesterday I showed you guys the little sign we got Emma for her birthday in the mail and I got today in the mail some chat books that I ordered so these aren't amazing their little photo books that you can get developed through their app that our photos on your social media on your camera roll they started like 10 dollars so they're super cheap about one of Emma's first year since it's almost her birthday here let me have you oldest this one just has pictures like all throughout her first year like my favorite memories from Instagram and my camera roll and then I got one of Ireland because otherwise I feel like we wouldn't be able to look at them like they make it so you can print them and see them and they're a great gift so if you guys want to go check it out I have a 20% off code for you guys in the description box it's just Rochelle and Justin 20 but click the link down below to check them out these are like a great gift $10 like super cute you gonna read it you're gonna look at the pictures that one's yours oh let's not eat them Thank You chapbooks for sponsoring this video and now we are gonna go to some lessons okay guys so I'm dumb and I left the SD card at home but we just got to Emma's a little instructor place for her swim lesson so we're gonna hard on this phone I don't usually don't know if you're allowed to film the lessons or not it said something about a video release or something so I brought it but I'm gonna check with her this is our first day here so I honestly don't know what to expect I thought were a little sweet but honor and they said to bring three towels because to prevent like contamination in the floor I think she's excited she fell asleep on the car ride over so she's in a pretty good mood hopefully for her first lesson I'm so excited I can't wait to see her do it I think she's actually I'm excited and I'm also she sorry I'm also like scared cuz I know the first day it's probably gonna be scary for her so she'll probably cry a little bit um it's not to be hard but I jump in if I have to I will I jump in if I have to no that was hard and scary shit a hard time I know they literally tell you like the first time that they get in is like they're gonna cry well I think it'd be easier if we were in there with her too but God that's the point every day it's gonna be a long five weeks excuse me excuse me miss are you trying to get into the refrigerator how are you doing it let's see your shirt I'm gonna show everyone your shirt who's on your shirt who's this who's this Nala and you say Nala Hey you're obsessed with the Lion King aren't you yeah it's actually been a while since I picked up the camera we came home oh oh we came home and you had to go to the bank but then we left the bank because we decided to go to a different Bank I'm just we're setting up lots of things right now on the business side and we're making a lot of decisions we decided to just leave and take care of it tomorrow because it was just too much stress oh you cannot have the glass it was just too much work today with her so we're gonna have someone watch her tomorrow I think and Justin and I can go to the bank together without having to bring Emma along I love you it's just a little too crazy trying to bring a bit to the bank when your trainers got paperwork and everything what come in show off your walking skills here come to mommy come here Oh for some reason she prefers walking outside than she does inside I don't I don't get it because outside scares me like so much when she's inside you're much quicker hmm – wake up daddy wake up I was like trying to I couldn't hope she wants to go get you are you going are you going him no you're a strong independent woman huh where we going there you go ha yo are you trying to get the kidney here oh sorry he's not in the mood as you guys know Emma's birthday is right around the corner and we're so excited but we have so much work that has to get done and the last thing that I really need to do is finish up her car her cozy cute I almost said cozy cook but unfortunately I think I'm gonna have to get some more blue to fill in some of these spots that it's rubbing off on whoa whoa no I still need to do the blue and then do a clear after the next and then I'm gonna finish her the whites just so that see I gotta try and figure out I can really take this off well to make it even and I'm gonna do the seat white everything else still looks good over there I don't think that's rubbing off I have an idea so we don't have a gas cap for this and it looks weird it would look we were trying to like cover it up so I was on those website and look at this I found this it's like a that's probably like one inch right this like plastic hold plug and then you could just spray-paint it's a dollar I check the dime here or that this says it's a one inch that's four that's probably a one-inch yeah you could learn we need a little one though too cuz there's that little spot right that would be they have little rubber they've little rubber heads that can go in there – maybe yeah except rubber yeah this is you could just buy paint that's propeller every purple or even keep it black so it looks like a gas cap so I can't figure out what to put it if you see anything while you're there all right guys you guys have any ideas on how to make this part look better I think please let us know what I was thinking was Hobby Lobby might have little cork board things that you can cut and glue in there and then you could put like a like a sticker over the top that says like Emma or something I don't know but I just thought that that would be easy to cut and put in there but if you guys have any better ideas or shiny to make it look more like a real car yeah if you see anything if you don't know mine with that it's like a circle my my my mind is like really trying to figure stuff out for that but I just don't know I don't know what to do so if you guys have any recommendations things that you guys would do please let me know and cut it to cover that's what I was thinking yeah maybe maybe something like oil dirt wood yeah and then we could I don't know we cut it without it looking like crappy to be honest yeah but it would it would cover up some of these scratches so I found them on Amazon but we have to look like cheesy I want this thing to look cool I want to look good you know I mean it looks good it looks better than it did sorry the stupid camera battery flap is like broken on our camera cuz we dropped in like a month ago so it keeps coming open if you touch it on accident but we're almost done but we're just really trying to figure out like the best ways to finish this thing so it looks good hey well I'll be right back I'll be like 20 minutes I gotta go grab that stuff I gotta grab blue spray paint I think I have enough white spray print to finish up the see portion that's good and I'm gonna grab that gas cap looking thing that Rachelle showed me and then I gotta kind of hunt around and see if I can find anything that's gonna work to replace or to cover up those side portions where it used to say Little Tikes I don't have much time right now so I'm not gonna be able to finish this tonight I actually have a meeting that I'm going to with a buddy of mine our church will be doing out like a men's Bible study on Monday nights so I only have like 45 minutes to wrap this up but I think I need to get a clear coat so that that paint stops chipping off of it too so I found these ones too that I think I'm gonna use for the little holes I think I might need to drill a little bit further just to make sure that these fit right but I think these will work for there's those other little holes that aren't filled and I think that I find I think these are gonna work I hope that these are gonna fit the hole on that big one is a little bit bigger than an inch and these are inch but I think that the exterior portion the little lip we might be able to glue that edge right there down to the car itself and I just wanted to say I found this hole by myself didn't even need to ask I finally got it alright I think this one's gonna work Rachelle sent me another one there's a little different but I hopefully hope I hope that this one works it doesn't say for any surface but I would assume that it means all surfaces because it doesn't say for anything anything specific on the front or the back so we'll see if it works no it's really sad you guys is that I still get carded to buy paint when I go to stores like this I don't know why people think that I'm still like under 18 understand I feel like every time I get like this 20 look they're like every time I bring anything like that it's in the counter I get this face I just gotta cool it and it'll be like almost blush it's a little small so when we glue it it'll be almost flushed with the car yeah and if you want we can either keep it black or we can paint it yeah yeah that'd be kind of cool and then we just need to finish the paint job I just looked on a couple other pieces and I saw some more paint chipping so I think I'm have to do some more white on a couple of the like top posts that hold the roof down and then I'm going to do the clear coat and I think we're gonna be all set Oh em are you in a kissy mood are you gonna kiss all your toys oh that's a soui you kiss Simba Oh where's not like you're gonna kiss mama oh boy so sweet nope she's a note my toy give me my sheep Emma do you want to show everybody your shirt what kind of shirt you oh you got Zazou and Nala last night I made this amazing dinner Justin's eating it right now from in the instant pot it's just like a beef yeah it's like a beef stew it's got stew me and carrots and celery potatoes corn beef broth and hot sauce Justin put that it I don't put hot sauce but it was so easy all you have to do is throw it in the instant pot for like 30 minutes I think I did and then I did like I let it warm still for an extra 10 minutes to let the pressure come out and then I did a quick pressure release and it was good so good Emma ate a ton of it I think I mean seriously like obsessed with the instant pot like ever since I my mom got that for me for Christmas that's one of like the best Christmas presents I think I've gotten like I've used it so much it's so good because I love crock pot meals but they take all day and I either forget to defrost things or items but instant pot has been if you have not invested in an instant pot do it they're good they're not even really that expensive I think my mom's the one that she wanted II was like 80 something dollars that's it's actually the ninja one you're short of it it's not like the instant pot brand one it's a ninja one at ninja instant cooker that's what it's called it's really good pressure cook slow cookers ear saute and steamer so it's definitely worth its weight money so you should definitely go check that out I think the like the brands one is really good too I've always heard really good things about it think you can even throw like an entire rotisserie chicken in it that's what Kaylee told me hi hey she's been eating anything that I make in there because it makes it super soft so definitely recommend you guys do check those out those are so good justin has to go out again tonight to a little hangout meeting with his friends oh yeah so we're just gonna be just you and me again so tomorrow night we don't get Justin doesn't get uh put her down either cuz we're at youth home we have to find a new Tuesday night babysitter for Emma because my mom's moving I'm gonna I'm gonna be so sad I'm so sad I didn't win it does that share with me I love doing mmm she loves carrots carrots potatoes meat corn she likes really honest Inger if you think news she likes to bite later that same evening all right he made it home just in time actually to help put Emma down to bed time to go out again and to get me some hot cheetos right I'm just kidding we just actually got done putting Emma down Justin made it home like I said just in time so we're gonna get to bed hirsute I think I'm gonna have to go outside and play the bow for a little bit but he's just got like so much energy built up right now I don't really know he's standing there waiting for me I don't know why tonight for some reason he's been like super energetic just like sprinting around so it's too hot they're still I think it's still like in the Hades out there and it's 8:30 at night Justin just side so I'm sweating this box near now is amazing but Emma keeps trying to stick her fingers in it so I have to move it or something but that's it for this vlog we're gonna go to bed because it's hot and I'm tired and we have your finisher in our bedroom now thanks to my mom so we can sleep actually comfortably well semi it's not as good as one in Emma's room Gordon Emma's room is like way better don't you dare sit she needs that one but it helps still like a little bit it takes like a little bit of that heat off so I think I'm gonna go to bed I'm gonna watch a little bit of friends I've been watching friends again recently we kind of get a bit and we'll talk to you guys again

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  1. You could use side marker lights…… for the white oval part of the cozy coupe thatJustin thought of putting cork board stuff in

  2. So great to do swimming 💪🏻👍🏻 have 3 kids and they all started at 5-8 weeks old. We have water all around Denmark where I live and it's so nice not having to worry as much 😊

  3. I have a power cooker. It the same as yours just a different brand. I love the Electric pressure cooker! You can put frozen meat in it & have a finished meal in less than an hour!

  4. Here in Australia we get red reflectors which are the shape of that space you want to put something in. That's what I'd probably put there.

  5. This is not like how the baby swim classes my daughter did as a baby was. We did ours in a huge spa pool (so was warmer than a typical pool so none of them felt cold) and the classes were held with 4-6 babies at once with the mothers always participating in the pool too with babies. The babies were always happy, I never saw a baby even cry at it's first lesson and they loved all the lessons. I felt bad seeing Emma not enjoying herself in the pool as that just did not happen in the babies swim classes I'm used to seeing. My daughers baby swim classes used to last up to 45mins and it also included a lot of fun.

    My daughter was able to move herself across the pool all by herself several metres to an edge before she learnt to walk. (we were going to mother and baby swim classes once a week from the age of 6 weeks old).

  6. My dog is called Nala after the (original lol Disney hardcore fan over here) Lion King movie! I get so excited whenever you all are talking about the movie 💛💛
    Oh! And I think the shout out was the same from yesterday's vlog 🙂

  7. I have been watching you two since Emma was conceived and you Both are Phenomenal parents & Human Beings 🙂 Love you all!!

  8. Where did you get your living room rug? I know it’s in a previous vlog but I can’t remember which one! PLEASE HELP!

  9. I just can't believe baby going to learn how to swim at 11 months old . i guess they start young . well I didn't learn how to swim till I was 21. I guess she's going to have that skill stuck with her forever

  10. Hobby Lobby probably has shiney chrome adhesive papers you could cut to fill some of the holes in Emma’s car. Press some thin gum wrappers (or other thin paper) in the spaces and use a finger nail to score the edges to figure out the size of the hole. Look in the scrapbook section for those different metallic thin sheets.

  11. I believe they make big stickers that you could get a wooden design and cut it to size. That would be easier to cut than actual wood. Maybe super glue edges so they dont come up over time?

  12. Honestly the cozy cop is a mess, kids bump it and scratch it so much that it would be better to just buy a new one.

  13. A couple suggestions for Emma's car. I know they make these interior trim pieces in many different colors even chrome. They are like thin plastic that you put in the cracks/seams of your dash board of your car for decor. They come all in one piece and it's a cut to fit thing. Or you could use glue and do a foil leafing technique. That's a little time consuming. And the last suggestion is to go to joann fabrics and wal through the scrapbooking and jewlery making section. They should have things that would easily fill the oval space.

  14. My newly 1 year old rainbow is one month older then Emma and she has that same shirt ! Lol she didn’t walking yet but I’m hoping she will real soon

  15. My children’s are afraid of water in first times go inside in swimming pools but is ok they need to swim!!!!!

  16. I work at Target and we have to card everyoneeee for alcohol, nicotine patches, etc., even if they’re very obviously old enough. It can be so awkward 😂 but it’s a store policy, I think for liability reasons lol. That may also be the case at the place you went to get paint!

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