1. What a beautiful family! Admire what you’re all doing and stand for. And so happy to see Huxley advancing so much in his development. I started watching your channel when you first adopted him and I get the feels ALL THE TIME. love you all. 💗

  2. Ugh, I made it to just over 4cm and a whole month of prodromal labor… the only upside was after getting induced my labor was fast and easy

  3. I've had two inductions at 41+ weeks and one natural birth. I do not recommend getting an induction unless you're really late or having complications. The contractions are so much worse and the recovery is harder.

  4. Im 31 weeks with my 2nd, and have crazy amount of braxton hicks. Your pregnancy gives me so much hope i will go full term 🙂

  5. I just got induced and it was aaammmaaazzzinnngggg!!! you can get an epidural whenever you want so I got mine once the contractions got to about a 3/10 for pain and it worked immediately I took a nap, woke up an hour later, watched a movie and then was 5 cm fell back asleep for 45 mins woke up feeling pressure and I was 10 cm and she came out after 10 mins pushing and my labour was fantastic! I would do that every day it never got unbearable I never lost control, I never felt it was intolerable and I got a good rest and to cuddle with my husband during labour and my pain never got more than a 3/10.

  6. Go natural ..I was induced once and it was rough. Just walk every nite and a little Dad and Mom time helps too..I know hard to think of that now but what Dad has will help 😉 Orgasms help bring on labor and Dad’s semen helps with the cervix to thin out and stimulate. All the other things are just wives tales and mostly if you have more bowel movements some think that helps move things with the baby..exp spicy food,pineapple juice,castor oil,teas etc. I know your tired of being pregnant but let it happen natural it’s so much easier on your body. Good luck💜

  7. My induction was amazing! I didn’t feel ANYTHING until 5 cm when my water broke and I went quickly to 8 CM and then was at 10 CM less than an hour later. Super fast, and super easy.

  8. Praying this lil man comes soon! I know I keep saying it but you are so gorgeous. I never looked good but that was 39 yrs ago (56 now. I was a young one and no regrets) Jaka is so precious!!💗 excited watching huxleys new signs!! Are the kids picking up on them to help him along? Love and prayers !!

  9. I think try naturally before inducing, until 40 weeks, then do whatever is best for mommy and baby:) best wishes for a healthy baby boy!💛

  10. Love your dress is so cute. My sister in-law is pregnant so I’m going to be Aunty for the first time, im so excited. And I love seeing her baby bump grow. Your kids look so much like you. Your kids are so sweet. Hopefully you have the baby soon and if you do hopefully everything goes well for you.

  11. Dolly Parton has a program that you can get free books for your children from birth until they are five year old.

  12. Poor Myka! Hopefully once that baby is born you’ll be able to breathe! You sound so congested! Pregnancy congestion is the worst! Prayers for a safe and quick delivery of a happy healthy baby!

  13. Induced inductions hurt really bad then going natural. Having back to back contractions don't let your body rest.

  14. I like how you and James instill the love of reading in your kids instead of just letting them play with electronic gadgets. Keep it up. Also, congrats on the coming baby.

  15. I’m 30 weeks and this vlog gets me so excited to have this baby. Can’t wait to find out what I’m having. I still need to finish the nursery so I have a good bit to go. Coming from a labor and delivery nurse, I don’t blame you not wanting to go past 40 weeks. I personally would never do it and just have engrained in me that nothing good happens after 40 weeks. And I know plenty of people do it, but that’s just personal From my experience of work. My water broke at 37 weeks and I’m hoping the same thing happens this time. If not, I will go in at 39 weeks. Hope you go in labor on your own. Do the deed as much as you can 😉

  16. I love your kids' outfits! The sytle suits to each of them 😉 I especially like Huxley's look!

  17. Thank you for sharing your sons journey. My grandson was diagnosed with Autism by a year old. He is three now and his therapy is so intense. But he is thriving so much. Food therapy is still a struggle and we are getting small words finalky. About 6 months ago he actually called me nana. I was in tears. Every Nana dreams of the day there grand babies run in the house and through their arms around you and say Nana. I have waited so long. I am a registered nurse amd have worked with patients on the spectrum, but having someone close to you is so different. If it was for all the therapy he gets he would be able to go to his special school. And he thrives there. The school is like two blocks from where they live but he will always pick the bus over mom taking him. When there isn't any school…meltdown happens. But those are getting better. Thank you again.

  18. You really inspire me. I love how you and your husband parent with such patience. I was not having contractions as bad as you they were not that painful but since my body was pretty ready to go when I had to be induced because of the non stress test results at 40 + weeks it was really easy on my body. He was just a big baby and my body has never gone into natural labor. I always wanted the fun of water breaking and rushing around

  19. I’ve been induced with all 3 of my kids. I had to get induced at 36 weeks due to preeclampsia then the rest the dr. didn’t want to chance me getting it so I got induced at 37 with #2 and at 38 weeks with my #3. Idk what it is to go naturally into labor 🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. I definitely feel like ur going to go into labor before 39 weeks, as well! However, I'm not a Dr…just my thoughts) I love that dress & the ear rings, on u 😍😍

  21. If you do decide to be induced you can start slow! They gave me very little pitocin and just that tiny amount pushed me right into labor and never gave me intense contractions. It was just a nice little kick start.

  22. FYI Caster oil works out about to tablespoons in some orange juice and you'll be in labor in hours. I've done it three times.

  23. i love this video!! Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy
    I would love to see more videos of Huxley, his development, talking in videos, etc ❤️

  24. You are raising them right ❤ your children are all beautiful and so sweet. Jaka is such a great sister cannot wait to see her with baby boy

  25. I think you should wait to go into labor on your own but if not, I wanted to say I managed to do it natural with no epidural with an induction. You can do it.

  26. Your kiddo's are being taught so well and are so polite! It is such a joy to see! Such wonderful parents! Can't wait to meet the newest member of the family! Keep up the good work and prayers for a safe, fast delivery!

  27. I am so so so excited for you and your family! I've been following your and Hux's journey for a while and I know how long you guys have been working on identifying body parts for a while. It's so great that he's finally understanding and recognizing his different body parts. Super duper excited for baby number five!

  28. I second the below comment. I've been induced but it's an unnatural hormone. The contradictions go from being okay to savagely painful!

  29. I miss my pregnant belly! I loved pregnancy. You look amazing myka, praying for a safe healthy delivery when he finally decides to come!

  30. I drank a hot water with fresh ginger root. That help me a lot to start labor.
    Best wishes from Germany

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