BabyFit's Guide to Using a Stability Ball During Pregnancy

hi I'm Nicole along with Jen from baby fit comm both of us are certified prenatal finished specialists and in this video I'm going to give you a short overview about how to use a stability ball throughout your pregnancy the stability ball is often called by other names such as Swiss ball or exercise ball and you've probably also heard of birthing balls but all of those are referring to the same thing which Jenna's sitting on here it's a great tool throughout your pregnancy and Beyond especially for the inexpensive price of around 20 dollars or so to own one there's quite a few reasons that you might want to invest in a stability ball during pregnancy for one sitting or lying on an exercise ball like this provide you with an unstable surface so it's harder to balance on sitting here and then if you were to sit on a flat surface like a chair so because your balance tends to be compromised as you get further along in pregnancy and because there's fewer safe abdominal exercises that you can do investing in a ball for some of your exercises is a great way to help target your abs in core and also improve your balance another important thing about using the ball is that later in your pregnancy usually after the first trimester you're no longer supposed to be lying flat on your back for exercises however you can live on your back on a stability ball and do all those same exercises and lastly you've probably heard of it called a birthing ball well a lot of pregnant women feel like sitting on this ball stretching with this ball provides a lot more comfort throughout pregnancy and also during labor and delivery a stability ball comes in three sizes usually 55 65 and 75 centimeters so it's important that you have a ball that is appropriate to your height a 55-centimetre ball is for someone up to 5 foot 7 a 65-centimetre ball is for someone between five seven and six foot two and a 75 centimeter ball is for people over six foot two but you probably usually don't have a measuring tape with you to know which size your ball is so jen is the perfect example for how a ball should fit your body when sitting on the ball your feet should be able to fit flat to the floor with your knees above your ankles and here you can see she's got a nice a tangle at the knee and the hips with that five parallel to the floor that's usually a good indication that your ball is the right size for you the last thing to mention is just to be safe when using a ball like I said it is a little bit unstable it can compromise your balance a little bit if you're not used to using it so just be careful always engage the ABS always find a focal point in front of you when doing your exercises that's gonna help you maintain your balance and transition very slowly from sitting to standing to lying on the ball to make sure you're nice and balanced so that's the basics of what you need to know about using a stability ball during pregnancy for more fitness and workout ideas for your pregnancy be sure to visit Baby fit calm

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