Babymoon Vacation Road Tripl | 32 Weeks Pregnant

hello everyone my name is Tasha and this is my 32nd week pregnancy update in which I went on a babymoon so that's what I will be discussing in this video me and the father of the child did it together we went together we paid for it split Lea and it kind of worked out even though we're kind of broke we still wanted to do something together out of the ordinary kind of nice and comfortable before the baby came so we went to Pigeon Forge Tennessee which is about 4 hours away from where I live in Atlanta a couple things that went awry number one believe it or not I have never literally spent the night or slept with the father of my child before even though I'm 8 months pregnant by him which is um interesting but I didn't spend the night with him on the vacation and he snores horribly and I did not get any sleep and I was very frustrated and mad and angry at him and he was mad at angry at me because apparently I poked him all night and pushed him all night and told him to turn over all night long so neither one of us slept very well even though the hotel was nice we stayed at a Holiday Inn it was very comfortable even though I guess it's considered a cheapy hotel but it wasn't as cheapy as some of the others and it wasn't as cheap on our pockets as we could have gone we could have stayed at a 50 dollar hotel but we spent what was it about a hundred and thirty dollars on this hotel room for one night the other thing that didn't really go wrong but wasn't what we expected is Pigeon Forge it's kind of a family fun destination and if we had a 12 year old and an eight year old I'm pretty sure they would have had a blast in Pigeon Forge there like several miniature golf places in several thrill scary ride vacation we're not vacation but places there are several ziplining things all things that I can't do while I'm pregnant and there was even like a ferris wheel or thing but they suggested that pregnant women not even get on that so we were on this strip full of all these family fun things to do but they weren't that interesting for us to do and me and my pregnant self couldn't do any of them anyway we couldn't went to Gatlinburg and went on a hike but my pregnant self after working nine days in a row I didn't want to hike anything I wanted to not move and that was fun so onto the positive so we didn't get to stay in a hotel room which was really nice both of us have uncomfortable mattresses at home but this mattress was great hi everybody I'm on my baby move a keishon in Pigeon Forge to the seat and it is a very nice place right now I'm in the hotel which is probably the best part of it all being pregnant and it's a lot of stuff to do here but I don't know how much I'm gonna do where I'm coming for like one and a half days and one night it was just a weekend weekend travels weekend getaway thing it's four hours from where I'm from at Lema and the bed feels really good it feels much better than my bed at home so this alone was worth it but we did go to the Carter store which was fun and um I'll tell you what else we do but I don't know what that is gonna be yet you want to say hey I don't know and we were able to eat a lot well he ate a lot and I think he enjoyed it I'll show you we went to mellow mushroom which has vegan friendly options and with the chatters which doesn't really have that many vegan friendly options but he really enjoyed it and where else did we eat I can't remember well so we ate but we ate out a lot a lot a lot all of the rest of the money went to eating really oh and we went shopping at the Carter store which was my boyfriend's first time shopping at the Carter store and he thoroughly enjoyed it because he thinks that my options my clothing style for the girl our two boys so he actually enjoyed picking out like a pink dress and like a little purple thing woulda bow on it like he enjoyed outlet shopping even though it was just a car the store wasn't really like an outlet but so that was the activities that we'd be able into the carter store and we slept and and didn't sleep and watch cartoons because that's what he wanted to do and ate so it was like a nice little giveaway / kind of staycation kind of like cheap vacation cheap travel type thing which i love to travel i love to go anywhere the drive was really nice to tennessee because tennessee has nice greenery and mountains and trees and scenery the drive looks beautiful and it was really nice to get outside of the city and just breathe and relax and get away whether you're broke aren't rich i suggest everyone take a babymoon even if it has to be a staycation and you just stay at home for two days and breathe or you go like a little bit like 30 miles outside of your city or where you stay so just a different environment and like inhale and exhale one good time like you need something to break up your life between life and the new baby like this life that you have now and get a life that you're about to have so I suggest it for anybody and everybody and I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you got some useful tips for other broke people who want to take a babymoon if you like my videos please subscribe to my channel and tell your friends bye

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