Baby's 1 Month Update! + 3rd C-Section Recovery Update

hello and welcome back to my channel I am here to do koco's who's sitting right behind me who one month update I had every intention of doing a two week in a three week update but things just didn't work out that way life with the new one is sometimes quite rough and I just haven't had the motivation to do like practically anything except just sit on my bum for the last three weeks but she's a month old choose a month old yesterday and I need to get this done for myself so here we are this is why I look like the way that I do it is freezing today oh really it's very very cold and I am yeah and I'm absolutely not putting any makeup on so this is the face that you get I wanted to wait until Coco was sleeping to film this video over she is just not in a very sleeping mode at the moment and every time I get in her drift off in my arms and then I try to transfer her into who did it just doesn't work out for me so we're not even gonna bother we're just gonna chill here she's gonna eat in like half an hour anyway so she's just gonna hang out with me until Dean and Dean are gonna have a nice big long sleep on you oh so this is Coco here one month oh okay okay let's get right into the baby update I'll just do a little bit of an update for myself my postpartum updated they even cuz it's really not much to talk about first of all it exactly two weeks old Coco's umbilical cord came off so that was very exciting and that means that she could officially have a bath so she had her bath I think a day or two after that and she also has started having tummy time now as well which is really exciting she really at this point doesn't mind tummy time so that's really good but I'm sure this kind of change for a little while there she was sleeping in her own bed for most of the time but now she's kind of going backwards and she really does not like to be in her own bed by herself she much much much prefers to be sleeping with either me or Dan and our beard overnight and she sleeps amazingly when she is with us but that's just not a habit that we want to let go on for much longer I do not want to have her sleeping in our bed for years to come so we are really really working hard at the moment trying to get her in her to stay in her own bed overnight and we had a little bit of success last night she actually stayed in her own bed all night long except for at about 6 a.m. Dan pulled her into bed with him because she was fussing a little bit and that was because I had been playing a white noise youtube video it was like a 10 hour long YouTube video and I just put that on my phone all night long and it was the first night that she has basically just like not fussed and has been happy to stay in her bed all night so today oh here we go so this morning I actually went ahead and I ordered a white noise machine because I think that's what kept her in whoo be it all night and gave her a bit but over more restful sleep I asked for recommendations for I think very GU I asked for recommendations for a white noise machine on my Instagram and I'm not even getting every single person that messaged me back she'd recommended the exact same brand I had like variations of the the model of white noise machine but ultimately I ended up going with the mop Eck hush white noise machine because I really liked what like how it was described and how it'll go for like at least 12 hours overnight without shutting off and how it's portable as well so that's one we went with it cost $80 which is a little bit ridiculous in my opinion a little bit ridiculous but anything to get a good night's sleep with her she's still waking twice a night she's working twice a night since the day that she was born pretty much but last night with the white noise going you just did a mood at you last night with the white noise going she went instead of doing three Alistar she actually did for our least urges that was really really good we put in a bid at 12 no we put it a bit at about 8:30 she slipped or 8 o'clock she slipped into a 12:30 and then I got up to her again and about quarter past four so as far as sleeping at one month old she is doing really really well we're just wanting to make sure that she stays in her own bed instead of trying to instead of fussing so much that we just have to pull her into our bed to get her to go to sleep and I really want to start working on getting her sleep stretches to be a little bit longer she is only a month old so I can't expect miracles but it would be really really nice if we could start training towards that one feeder night rather than to feed tonight she is a very spell eat baby so and she doesn't always finish bottles but we're being a little bit more strict on the bottles and making sure that she finishes them and birthing her at least twice throughout her feeding and stuff so yeah that's good she just spits up all the time I'm having to wash her clothes so frequently the other day I went and picked up the groceries and the kids and Danny was sitting in the car waiting for me came out with her opened up the boot put the groceries in the back of the car and all I could smell inside the car was rotten milk because she had spilled on her clothes and it just stinks and I'm for some reason I'm just really really sensitive to it so yeah she's very very spilly I don't think it's reflux at this point because it's not projectile if she doesn't seem overly pissed off about it but it will keep her up for a really long time and should we split up multiple multiple times after a feeding and you know what's really annoying is they don't seem to make bibs for newborns so it's really really difficult catching the spit up when it comes because she can't wear a bib so all her clothes are like didn't ruined I'm not exactly sure how much weight she's gained since birth at this point I haven't had my midwife come and visit yet this week but I'm guessing she's now wearing about three and a half kilos she was born at 303 oh so just over three kilos and I'm guessing you've gained about half a kilo since the MDC yeah she had a hearing test and she passed that so that's great they didn't actually do that in the hospital because it was a weekend when we went in there and apparently the whole world shuts down when it's a weekend so she hadn't had her hearing test yet and she also hasn't had a hypnotist yet at all like just hasn't had one whatsoever so I'm hoping that my midwife is gonna do a hip test this week when she comes to see me hopefully because Lola didn't have to wind up on nap so we just want to make sure that she's okay I think should be fine the only reason they Lola needed to wear double naps was because she was born frank breech so who legs were up by her face pretty much the whole pregnancy new pillows are still a little bit big on her but she is getting the air whoo feet are now fitting in the feet holes and staying in the feet house of her of some of her clothes not Yvonne's wonder suits yeah that's still really really big we're not really really big we get in there but she likes to tuck her legs up so he links don't often stay in the league holes of things anyway because she just tucks her legs up to her body but she fits her cotton on body suits really well now so that's good she loves her dummy which makes me nervous I have never had a baby who will take a dummy before Lola sucks her thumb and I I can already tell that Lola will need braces when she's older because of that she's got quite the overbite and this one loving the dummy I'm sure it's gonna be the same so I'm not looking forward to the orthodontist pills in their older but it is what it is at the moment the dummy is getting us through life so that's that we are using the cheery latex by Tommee Tippee this this dummy's got spit up on it so sorry but there you go the cheery latex ones which have a really like a big sort of bulb like pacifier you can't mention that in the last one and she does like those but I'm thinking about getting the the burbs pacifiers rather than these ones because this one here just it kind of spins in her mouth and it ends up going sideways like this in this part here covers her nose and it just leaves a reading mark on who knows and I don't I don't really like it but the boob specifiers are also are also the round pacifiers but the actual like the shell of it is just circular so it doesn't matter like if it turns it's not going to make a difference so I'm thinking about getting some of those and the sort of last very exciting thing is that we had actually already had some smiles out of this little girl oh really had some smiles I was almost in disbelief myself dan and Lola were the first ones to see her smile and it was about a week ago already or no not quite a week uh probably around which – four weeks old are you doing – and I was like no way she's too young to be smiling but I have caught them myself at least two or three times now so she is already smiling which is so so cool but I guarantee if I tried to catch it on film she would not do it so I'd be very like if I could actually prove it as for me my post partum sort of recovery after my third c-section I am going pretty well I put up a vlog last week talking about some of the health struggles that I was having and I am I'm still kind of just battling through that having constipation struggles after my third c-section it has been really troublesome this time I think that third c-section really just slowed down my bowels and the doctors just don't seem to care about it so we're still getting through that I'm just basically living on laxatives so that's how we're going with that I have a little bit of pain still on the right side of my incision that's the site that the muscle tearing during my surgery would have been a little bit more intense harsh on so I still have a little bit of pain there but it's no big deal and mentally I'm feeling really really good the other night I did have a little bit of a meltdown it's just the month just caught up to me I think my health struggles and the sleep interruptions just was catching up to me I think or it definitely did catch up to me the other night and I had a wee bit of a meltdown it really probably came down to just being tired I was just exhausted and I was anxious because we're struggling to get Coco you know at that point we was really struggling to get cooker to sleep in her own bed and I was really stressing out about her being an hour beard and it was just a lot I'm struggling with my sleep so if when I wake up to feed her in the middle of the night I cannot get back to sleep and this was I've experienced this every single time I have a baby it's like I get insomnia but only after the fact that I wake up to feed in the middle of the night I can go to sleep it you know 19 o'clock at night perfectly fine but once I wake up again no matter what time it is it could be 1:00 a.m. 3:00 in for him I will not be able to go back to sleep after that point and so this morning I was awake between four and six thirty I finally managed to go back to sleep at 6:30 and had to wake up half an hour later so this morning when I woke up I was very tired and the sleep that I have a prior to waking up to feed her is very very poor like the quality of sleep is awful because the entire night I am anticipating waking up to feed her so I just I cannot wait until she is down to only waking up one time a night so then at least in and I could alternate nights where I wake up to feed her one night and Dan wakes up the next night to be to waiting it out my bleeding stopped at about three and a half weeks postpartum so it's officially stopped which is wonderful and yeah I have been asked by my worth what my birth-control plans are this time and I told her that I don't really have uni no that's not true I have had absolutely awful luck with birth control in the past and I decided this time I'm just not putting my body through it I'm not putting any chemicals in my body that are unnecessary I'm not gonna do anything like that whatsoever after I heard Lola I was on I had the jadelle which is the two rods that they put in your arm and that was just horrific I had a period every two weeks for a year and when I came off it I my first pregnancy I had after I came off that birth control I miscarried and after doing a lot of research I am not entirely certain that that control didn't have anything to do with their miscarriage so I'm not doing that again I've been on depo-provera in the past and it was fine at the time but after I came off of the injection I gained 30 kilos pretty much instantly so I'm not doing that I'm already fed enough myself through that I can't remember to take a pill and I at least know way that I'm getting an IUD or anything inserted into me because we are planning to have another baby as soon as we can so so I just don't want to do that so our plans really adjust natural planning so that's my plans there hopefully they work out and I don't haven't it seen because really not supposed to be doing it no way no I have been told no pregnancies for 12 months no well 11 months now cuz you're a homo oh we're just absolutely loving life with her she's perfect she's the perfect little addition into our family the kids still adore her I actually am dreading Adrian taking her into daycare to pick up the kids or drop them off because every single child at that daycare is obsessed with her they'll run up to me and say can I see baby Coco and they're like obsessed like literally yesterday I had one kid asked me if she could see her in her car seat because they had the caption cover on her like four times like you don't need to see her four times the whole world loves you it has been a whirlwind of a month it has just gone so so quickly I can't believe how fast it's going it's not very fear actually I really hope that you enjoyed this video and I'll see you in my next one

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  1. She's so adorable. I can't believe she's already smiling! You have to get that on camera. I hope everyone is doing well and that white noise machine helps. 🙂

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