Babyscripts App Provides Convenient Care During Pregnancy

Where’s the baby? Baby. Baby. So I’ve been married for almost
five years to my husband. We will have been married five years in June. And we’re expecting our second baby, another boy. And we’ve just been really enjoying our family life. It’s been going well. I’m stay at home mom and my husband works full time. Right now about
twenty two weeks and this one is a little different because
I’ve had I’ve had more morning sickness and fatigue. And then
now that we have William our seventeen month old, It’s a
little more busier. The first few months of pregnancy we see the
patient once a month. Starting at twenty eight weeks we see
them every two weeks and then the last month we see him once
a week. What we always check their weight and we check their
blood pressure and then we just talk obviously talk with the
patient. See if there’s any problems that they’re having. We
once they get to a certain stage we measure their belly to
make sure they’re growing appropriately. We listen to the heartbeat. The things that hindered me from going to
the doctor were knowing that okay do I bring the
toddler or not this time. And sometimes you
just can’t find a babysitter. Your family’s busy or you
know you don’t want to spend a lot on babysitter or the baby
sitter is not available. And we’re also kind of
transitioning into one car right now. I decided to use baby
scripts after a friend who has the same doctor as I do told me
about it. She was having a third baby at the time. She said I
could stick my blood pressure at home I don’t have to go and
get checked. I don’t have to cart the toddler in the car,
find a baby sitter, or just make the extra
time and gas miles to go over there. But it also didn’t take away all the doctors appointments. And I also felt safe knowing that when the machines take my
blood pressure and I use the app the information goes right
to the doctor. And they can check my charts and say, Oh her
blood pressure is high or low, her weight is not where it
should be, and they can keep in contact with me. Particularly with blood pressure that’s one of the most
important things that we look at. And it’s important for us to
identify someone who’s starting to have abnormal blood
pressures, abnormally high blood pressures and also weight gain
if they’re gaining too much weight. It can help us identify
patient and maybe start and develop a problem that we need
to address. We still have to see the patient in the office. I
mean nothing will ever replace actual physical visits and I
don’t think it should. But we’re able to space the visits out
further because we have the information that they’re
getting to us weekly through the app. I think it’s a natural
progression of technology and medicine. We’re just seeing the
very beginning of this kind of thing and it’s good that we’re
getting our feet wet because it’s definitely going to be
more and more. And I think it’s in the long run I
think it’s going to actually help us take better care of
patients and that’s the end goal. You know every appointment does take time away from being at
home from your family and your family’s routine and
your life gets busier in some seasons. And you know if My Baby
sick or there’s something I need to do a home. That’s you
know pressing or if I want to make sure my family dinner is
ready for my husband gets home it’s just really nice having
that option. ♪

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