Babysitter Blues

(audience cheering) (funky dance music) Welcome back, It’s time for “Ask Wendy.” Everybody have a seat except for you. Come on over. How you doin’? How you doin’? Fine, fine thank you. How can I help? I’m Pamela. So I was on a date two weeks ago. Where you from? From New York. OK And I was on a date two weeks ago. It was going great. The guy was funny. I loved it. So on the way home, you know, got into his car, and he’s like “I wanna take you away for the weekend.” So he said, proceeded to tell me that he has a girlfriend and to help him come up with an excuse to… How old are you? I’m 36. OK, what do you do for a living? I’m a registered nurse. Nice. (audience applause) Thank you. There are two things wrong here. There are two things wrong. You don’t go out with a guy on a first date and all of a sudden he asks you to go away for the weekend. So he’s wrong for that. Yeah. And then the idea that he said he had a girlfriend. Yeah, I haven’t kissed him. I haven’t seen him again since. We just still kind of talking, but I, yeah. I was shocked but I didn’t know what to do. So what’s your question? Should I wait till maybe he breaks up with her? No. And I No, know your worth, you’re better than that. OK, OK. Leave him alone. I just had a lot of fun talkin’ to him but OK. She’s not gonna leave him alone, but (laughs) I will, I will. Leave him alone. I’m gonna listen to you No you won’t, but OK, Pamela. (laughs) All right. Thank you. More. Come on over. How you doin? How you doin? How you doin’, Wendy? What’s your name, where you from? My name is Laurie and I’m from New Jersey. OK And I have a problem. OK, Uh-oh. I’m happily married for 38 years Nice Great guy. (audience applauds) Thank you, but recently he developed this new habit where he locks into a joke or a story and tells it over and over again. (audience laughs) People at the bank, our kids, friends. It’s the same thing for a month straight until he goes on to another one. It’s not his memory. He teaches at a college. Right. What do I do? (audience laughs) Deal with it. (audience laughs) I mean, there’s gotta be worse things wrong if you’ve been married for 38 years. You know, we all have our idiosyncrasies. Deal with it. That’s not so bad. I humor him. Yes, humor him. That’s why he loves you Thank you. (audience applauds) All right, we’ve got time for another. Come on over. How you doin’? How you doin’? Wait, come over and face your people. There you go. Hi
Hi My name is Ashley. Where you from? I’m from Queens. OK So, my sister is constantly asking me to babysit for her. Oh, do you have kids? No. How old are you? I’m 23. All right, how old is she? She’s 24. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. This is what happens when you have kids in your twenties. You always drag your girlfriends into your mess. Mm-hm. And she might be your sister, but She’s always taking advantage. She’ll tell me she’s coming home at 10 p.m. And then she’ll come home in the a.m. hours. One time, she left on a Friday, and didn’t come back till Sunday. No. (audience gasps) You and your sister. Is your mom still around? Yes. Does your mom know this? (coughs) Excuse me. Yes, she does it to her too. Well, she can do it to your mother. Because your mother is, you know, an older woman. I’m sure she loves her grandchild but she can’t do it to you, Ash. You’re the one who’s 23 zippin’ it and doin’ it. Yeah. It’s not fair. Yeah! I have things to do. I work, you know, and I have to deal with that. Deal with her. Deal with her. Deal with her!
OK So do I not babysit? It’s not your fault that she got knocked up! Where’s the baby’s father? He’s not in the picture anymore. Oh, the baby’s father’s not in the picture. OK, this is not your problem. Yeah. All right. (funky dance music)

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  1. It amazes me that some people don't have no self-respect, that they agree to be the side-chick and believe every taken guy's words lmao just let the mf go

  2. I always wonder about these women who go on shows like Wendy and talk about their business on national TV. Especially someone like the first woman who is a nurse!!!! Wow..

  3. The 36 year old has a lot of self growth to do… she sounds like a 16 year old with that question and mindset. You really continued to talk to him after finding out that he has a girl? Then considered to wait to see if he will put you as number 1? Wow please seek God and therapy.

  4. Oh No, ma’am Stop 🛑 babysitting and Live Your life little sister. See your niece/ nephew over at grandmas. Your sister is abusing the support system #family. #DealWithHer💯

  5. Some women are straight up evil!
    This brain dead chick went on national TV to ask if it was ok to be the side chick until the guy leaves his wife for good.

  6. Hi sis can u baby sit real quick whilst I run to the supermarket ….

    Other sis calls …where are u it's been 5 hours….

    Sister I'm in Spain….🤬😠

  7. My sister did the same thing to me with her first child. Everyone thought that the baby was mine. Everywhere I go, I have to take the kid with or stay home. Is very hard, the kid used to call me mama until I moved to different state. 🤦🏾‍♀️ 🙄

  8. The 1st woman is gonna be "the eternal side chick". This man wanted her to help him come up with a good excuse to disappear for the weekend.
    WTF is she even asking if she should wait to see if he breaks up with the girlfriend?

  9. At 36 you should be smarter. And this guy is not gonna leave his gf. He met you once and suddenly wants to take you on a weekend trip AND you are okay with that? smh.

  10. Really hoping that first chick just asked that question so she could be on TV. Because sis, if he's doing this with his current girlfriend, why do you think you'll be the exception if they break up? You'll be in her shoes while he out there being lovey dovey with other women.

  11. 2:32! I think that's her sister!!! They look really similar and she was giving some shady reactions as the story was being told. They even talked about the baby daddy IM SCREAMINGGG

  12. Girl…He is treating you the same way he is treating his current girlfriend. Why do "some" women don't see the red flags? Is she stupid and just want to be on TV? 36 yrs old….girl….have a seat.

  13. With that mentality no wonder she is 36 and not married or in a relationship. She has probably always been a side chick and been okay with that😣

  14. I think the nurse doesn't mind still talking to the guy because nurses work long hrs so I'm sure she just wants someone to talk to or lay with but why the hell would you air it on TV just STUPID plus he still has a GF. If she wants to actually start dating/start a relationship with this guy she's even more Looney & should schedule a Dr. appointment.

  15. Why do women always want a man with a wifes or gf? That is a red flag. You will not be treated any better. He will hit it, and quit it and go back to the gf. Have some girl code and self respect. Tell that fool to keep it moving.

  16. First of all the first lady is 36 years old why would you start talking to a guy you just met and he has a girlfriend why women go on national TV to get advice on a talk show? This woman is a RN? I think his girlfriend knows now that this woman and him met he plans to come up with some excuse to go away with you and to lie to his girlfriend. Now your plans have been exposed she is so stupid or stuck on stupid to go along with it this woman who is a RN needs to meet someone who is single

  17. Shes old enough 36 to know not to get involved with a guy who has a girlfriend where is her conscience and morals why would she date a man with a girlfriend this is why men cheat unmorled pple like this lady she needs a life coach would not want her as my nurse , she is a dishonest person with out morals grow up and get some integrity be honest and respect relationships of others.

  18. Dud her family teach her morals and values need to be taught in school this nurse is clueless bad reflection on her home training.

  19. I agree with Wendy in regards to the girl and her sister. Helping out is one thing. At this point the sister is taking advantage. and that's wrong. She chose to keep and parent this child so she needs to handle her responsibility. Going away for the weekend with someone you just met is asking to end up on the news.

  20. She 36 she way too grown to be asking a dumb question like that. That’s what 21 year olds do, at 36 you should definitely know better. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  21. An RN asking a dumb question 🤦🏾‍♀️ She’s 36 and thinking like a kid. Jeez ladies please set some standards and moral values for yourself smh🙄

  22. That sister is going to go out one day and not come back and leave her sister and mom to raise her kid. She's going to meet some guy and go on with her life. She sounds like a flake. Who leaves their child for two days?

  23. To the that secnd lady let your husband be . My ex a 24 years old man always tell the same story about how he made his first 10k at the age of 9 . I heard him tell that story so many time i wanted to 😠 than i just let hik be and pretend the story is new to me everytime

  24. A highly educated woman, trained to save lives, has been failed by society when she was a young girl growing up if her self-esteem is that low.

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  26. 36 is too old to still be such a bird and I feel for the 23 year old. My siblings and cousins all popped out hella kids in their 20s and made me the babysitter. I finally had enough this year and told them all NO! Not my problem.

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