26 Replies to “Back carry with a sleeping newborn”

  1. Wauw, blijven slapen is hier nog een brug te ver 🙂 die witte band op t einde om in te bakeren, hoe heet dat en waar kan ik zoiets kopen? Superhandig ik wil m ook! Mijn newborn slaapt alleen maar in de doek of ingebakerd…

  2. Thank you for this new video. I will try in one month when my baby will be more older. I am wondering if can you do a video or an article on your site about baby clothes for carry and breastfeeding clothes. I see an old article in 2004. Maybe you discover new brands… Have a beautiful day. Chloé

  3. This is awesome
    What is this beautiful rainbow wrap? Normally wrap id is givn in the beginning of the video but nt in this one

  4. I must know. What kind of sorcery you have performed to keep that baby asleep. Mine. Do. Not. Stay. Asleep. 😂

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