Back Strength Training Workout – GYM- 20 Weeks Pregnant

alright hey guys already here with a back workout we have seven moles I kept the weight moderate so we're gonna do 12 to 15 reps so I'm gonna start with the TRX pull-ups I really like these pull-ups now they're so much easier for me to do especially after I broke my finger and I'm just trying to recover my grip strength is not the same after my finger accident so these really helped and especially now too with the extra weight so this is much much better for me and we're gonna go to the deadlift alright make sure your back is flat your core is tight and you're squeezing that tushy at the top and I know some people may argue that deadlifts may not be a back workout but trust me it is for working that lower back I kept my weight moderate again one because of the grip strength and just too just trying to get a nice burn here so we're doing 15 reps on a sutler you I said well this next time we are doing bent over rows again I'm keeping my back flat spine neutral core tight and I'm pulling with my elbows if you find yourself using too much of your legs or your shrugging your body too much you want to go ahead and adjust the weight cuz it's too heavy I kept my weight light-armed enough for me to do the reps it's very hard for me to hold on to heavy weights now when doing certain things with my left hand not as good as it was before then I'm gonna go to machine rows this is a superset so we're doing single arms I really love this machine because it allows me to focus on just that one side of my body and also holding on to the machine helps my grip try to recover these fingers from my left hand so we're going to do 12 to 15 reps on one side and then repeat the same amount and then once we get to the last which way you're doing both arms at the same time now I think I did 12 reps here and you want to make sure your chest is nice and snug into that bench I just did my bar this way I'm not squeezing my tummy you so for these lat pull-downs again I'm doing a superset here and doing single arms squeezing as I come down look at my back I've gained a lot of weight with this pregnancy sofa getting a little back fat but no worries were still working all right so you're doing one arm on each side try to make sure you're squeezing the last as you come down and when we move on to the superset for the double part what I'm gonna do is that I adjusted the weight this way it's a little bit more heavier because I'm pulling with both arms and I'm doing the same pattern as I was with my single arm notice that I my palms are not really facing each other they're canted out a little bit and I just want to keep it that way this way I'm pulling and engaging my lats and I'm getting a little bit of shoulder work at the same time and for this move here we are doing hyperextension holes I really hate hyperextensions they hurt my lower back so you won't see me do these or the actual movement a lot but we're gonna do what we're gonna do here we're gonna do it hyperextension hold so you're gonna keep your core tight you're just gonna squeeze your glutes and then we're gonna bring up our arms into a why I'm using a plate instead of dumbbells if you have dumbbells you can use those too again you're keeping your core tight I'm just really not straining that lower back and squeezing the tushy as well and just holding your body up and creating a Y with your arms all right same thing similar to the Y fly's what you're gonna do is still keeping your core tight squeeze in your tushie and your rowing pulling your elbows up notice that I'm keeping my body still and I'm not bending leaning forward you want to keep that core engaged and ensure you're not straining your lower back all right until next time I hope you like the workout drop a comment like this video and if you are new to this channel don't forget subscribe

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  1. I'm not big on doing the dead lifts yet, but I really enjoy doing the pulling exercises, especially with the "single" arms. 💪🤰💪🤰💪🤰💪🤰 xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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