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we're nearing the finish line on this backyard barn at full speed right now that'll give the mini horses Missy and will the ultimate sleepless things you're gonna lust in your bedroom we're making for you guys and keep them out of Debbie's bedroom the animals are hanging in the back or getting excited and maybe penny I'll get excited once she wakes up from her nap excuse me Oh impressive well Penny's sleeping we're putting in another set of regular stock pair of barn Dutch doors where they just open up they get plenty of ventilation if you lock it down at night it's totally safe this is looking awesome man that's it baby everybody loves scratches so on the corner of the barn I'm bringing in 12 natural bristle brushes see that 12 times oh yeah that's a spot right there we're finishing up Debbie's bedroom makeover with some rustic western touches outside we've got family hangout areas and we're dropping in a few more toys for the animals Steve like a little margarita now and we're bringing in some rustic decorations gonna tie this whole area together it's gonna make Debbie's backyard a barnyard the whole family can hang out in feeling good looking good okay oh my god I don't know who's more excited you guys do it come on come on [Applause] so one of the problems out here was all the concrete so we brought in this recycled sneaker rubber it's easy to clean it's nice and soft for Missy and they're gonna love it delay and penny to check it out got the world rich midsection now we got this little activity wall this is awesome this is good for penny it's good for Missy willow everybody can enjoy this wall oh wait a second I don't know if you guys noticed but gonna drop it apart [Applause] I brought back my old school roots and went with a board-and-batten house oh this is a little built-in scratching post check it out grab your fly strips oh that's right now my god we got misters all the way around with an organic bug spray so just mister is gonna be safety you guys and save for the animals but it'll also repel all the Flies all right I'm gonna check out the barn yeah absolutely [Applause] you have a set of Dutch doors in the front you could open them up at night if you want you can close it down and then you can roll up say hi to mom special will wanna see height so they could stay in here at night they don't have to come into my room anymore I don't want to because you got a bed for Missy one for Willow everybody has their own space now it's amazing so we got fans in here for ventilation and it's also your second layer defense for these flies underneath you have a vinyl floor it's watertight good for mopping and stuff like that that's perfect and then on top we have these squares easy to take outside hose them down washes so easy that's amazing Wow that is room for the pups everybody's in bed we'll miss you could stick their head right over the door this is awesome all right let's get down so excited all right let's go get happy like she's like what is all this going on it's not like what is on my feet hurting it look good is carrots in here the backyard is looking awesome it's a hit the many horses are loving it wouldn't be a party without Henry would it penny look you can scratch it it's really nice seen Debbie enjoy everything after all I do for all their animals [Applause] she seems pretty happy so good it's a party in your bedroom I can't believe we'll oh I miss you in the barn together and now I have syphilis sleeping it's just so nice seeing them both take out their hold on a second Henry no everybody's gonna be in here what I should have thought the bigger bar in it oh he found the bed he's in the house loving this hi Molly Antonio did absolutely amazing we can't even believe it he just went above and beyond out of this world Wow look at dad what he's done for my family has been so wonderful thank you so much for doing this for my mom and for our family and you're you're amazing thank you you guys are amazing all these animals doesn't rest really the sweetest manner and they're Kerry's writers are your animals all right I'll see you guys later [Applause] you

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  1. I think it is especially fun for the family … They have fun, so much the better! I would like to see what will be this playground in 1 year … Will animals live in there or do they have another space outside, so that they flourish? In addition, I lowered the sound so the exclamations were dripping like honey! Nevertheless, it remains a very beautiful construction but useless in my opinion!

  2. Sorry but while its pretty and expensive… Horses even if they are miniature need more space than a small backyard..they need grass for their hooves. Where is the mudhole for the pig. And pigs need more space to move around in. If they had at least an acre of land I could say fine too too much confinement. Plus where is the place for the dogs to run around in ? Who cleans up the dog, hog, horse and turtle shit too? What about the horses chewing on grass too..their poor teeth will get too long too. I am glad they do not live next door to me. The outlook for these poor animals. Inhumane living conditions.

  3. 😱 I had to turn down the volume because of the piercing screaming. The over the top enthusiastic behaviour was also unnecessary. Without the visuals it appeared to be a visit to a kiddy playground. Wasn’t the purpose of this renovation to provide what is needed for the ANIMALS and not for the humans?

  4. …and nobody thought about how horses naturally like to chew on anything and everything? So many things are within reach that the horses can damage in that barn

  5. I’ve got 2 bearded dragons, 1 ball python, 1 hog nose snake and 1 21 yr old African Red Bellied parrot living in the same room. My dog even has a doggie bed in there. We manage without spending thousands, because mommy doesn’t have that kind of money!

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