Bad News: Kate Middleton ''miscarriage'' while William is expecting his fourth child

Kate Middleton pregnancy joy as she cradles belly a-tasket after Kate Middleton appeared to touch her stomach several times throughout her royal ask it to appearance last week the rumor mill went into overdrive that the Duchess could be expecting her fourth child there's nothing like a woman holding her belly to ignite a swath of pregnancy rumors especially if you're in the public eye and Duchess Catherine sent fans into a frenzy when she was photographed cradling her tummy and covering it with her bag at the event kate looked elegant and a blue Elie Saab dress and Philip Treacy hat as she accompanied her husband Prince William to the event which is attended by the royal family and the Queen each year while there rumors of another baby remain just that at the moment kate has been open about the struggles of being a parent in the past it's so hard you get a lot of support with the baby as a mother particularly in the early days but after the age of one it falls away she told volunteers at the launch of the Family Action charities family line service in London in January after that there isn't a huge amount lots of books to read everybody experiences the same struggle while royal asket was attended by many of the royal family megan Markel who made her royal oscar debut last year wasn't in attendance at this year's event the duchess of sussex is still on maternity leave after the birth of her son Archie on May 6 Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William joined queen elizabeth ii and other senior royals at Royal Ascot yesterday the Queen is well known for her love of horses and was the guest of honor at the annual event while the monarch took center stage royal watchers kept their eyes closely on Kate who sent fans into a pregnancy speculation spin after she was photographed resting her hand on her stomach related articles the Duchess of Cambridge 37 stunned in a pastel blue Elie Saab dress teamed with Philip Treacy head of the same shade she seemed that he's smiling and laughing as she chatted with family members and asked its exclusive Royal Enclosure while female Royals are usually meant to wear a different color to the Queen this year they all dressed in blue Kate Middleton pregnant Kate arrived a tasket with Prince William image Getty gate and William arrived at the enclosure and a royal carriage with Prince Charles and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall Kate beamed as she chatted to the Queen's special guests King willem-alexander and Queen máxima of the Netherlands but royal fans were sent into a frenzy as they picked up on some subtle gestures from Kate the Duchess was first snapped holding her tummy while in conversation with the Dutch Royals related articles dot while Kate cradled her clutch bag in front of her for much of the event there were other moments when she let her hand absent-mindedly rest on her abdomen when she greeted fellow mums our Tindall who wore a striking floral dress kate seemed to let her guard down again as she laughed with tsar she let her hand linger on her tummy again royal fans are eager for another cambridge pregnancy so it's no surprise these pictures of kate caused a storm on social media especially as the Duchess is reported to be broody ER than ever following the arrival of Prince Harry and Megan's child Archie however a motherhood expert has recently claimed there was a subtle sign Kate won't have another baby Kate's doting over her youngest Prince Louie caught the eye of royal watchers and trooping the colour the Duchess may be cooling over her little one more than she did with her other children because she thinks she won't have another baby a motherhood expert has claimed motherhood expert and founder of bloom baby classes Victoria Jennings told express coat UK as a mom of three I completely understand how it looks as if Prince Louie is Kate Middleton's favorite child as a parent things go by in the flash and so you want to nurture the youngest child for as long as possible this was certainly the case with me and my youngest daughter you just want to baby the third child for as long as possible especially if you are thinking they will be her last at least that's what royal fans are saying despite numerous indications from the Duchess herself that she is content with her family of five in their life at Kensington Palace in recent months the Duchess of Cambridge already a mother of three to Prince George v Princess Charlotte four and one-year-old Prince Louie with her husband Prince William has gently quashed pregnancy whispers last month during a trip to Northern Ireland 37 year old Kate chatted with new dad Alan Barr and his five month old son James express coat UK reports royal correspondent Robert Jobs and tweeted about the conversation which saw Alan asked the Duchess if she was ready for baby number four amused Kate shut down the idea replying I think William would be a little worried but still reports continue to surface that England's future Queen consort has her heart set on one final addition to her young royal family Catherine would like another baby she loves children and is prepared to put herself through another pregnancy even though they have been complicated in the past a source told the Daily Mail Kate suffered with the condition hyperemesis gravidarum during all three of pregnancies a complication resulting in severe constant nausea and weight loss speaking to new idea another source revealed Kate has seen the bond between George and Charlotte and thinks it would be lovely if Louie had a sister closer to his age Kate is doing things her way but William has always supported her and will do anything to make her happy that is a promise he made before they married other reports suggest the Duchess has been feeling broody following the birth of her brother-in-law Prince Harry and Megan Markel's first child Archie Harrison last month William and Kate visited the Sussex his baby boy just over a week after his birth on May 6 a Kensington Palace rep told People magazine a private gathering took place at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex home of Frogmore cottage and Windsor with baby Archie's grandfather Prince Charles and step-grandma Camilla Duchess of Cornwall arriving later that evening the Duchess of Cambridge has hinted heavily that she and Prince William may be increasing their family after dropping a very inclu at royal asket in June indeed the 37 year old who is already mom to george v charlotte 4 and 14 month old Louie was seen doing something at the prestigious racing event that's got tongues wagging for a very exciting reason as she stepped out on the asker Green Cade was seen repeatedly resting her hand on her stomach as she mingled with members of the royal family Kate was protectively holding her tum and full of smiles a fellow race goer spills she was obviously very happy and sharing good news if the rumors are true it is believed kate could be do as soon as december which will make the holidays even more exciting a palace insider explained gate first hindered another baby might be on the cards in February after making a beeline for five month-old baby James Barr who was with his father Alan during to walkabout in County Antrim Northern Ireland kate gushed he's gorgeous it makes me feel a little broody kate has always been determined to provide william 37 with the stable upbringing he never had and a fourth child would be a dream addition to their family by his own admission fatherhood has been a life changing experience for wills now as a father you will up a little more you get affected by the sorts of things that happen around the world a lot more he's said a fatherhood in the past however the fourth pregnancy won't be easy for Kate who has suffered from extreme morning sickness in the past despite this it seems the Duchess is prepared to go through the discomfort again to create our perfect family nothing can prepare you for the sheer overwhelming experience of becoming a mother she's shared previously it's full of complex emotions of joy exhaustion love and worry all mixed together could the royal couple be said to soon experience those feelings one more time Kate Middleton has had royal watchers hopeful for a fourth member of the Cambridge family but it seems she's finally put their rumors to rest everyone's got royal baby fever now that Megan Markel and Prince Harry have welcomed their baby boy Archie Harrison mountbatten-windsor and we're all dying for another glimpse of the little one Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge already has three children and heirs to the throne with the future king Prince William Prince George's v Princess Charlotte four and their youngest Prince Louie who just turned one but everyone has been wondering if a fourth baby might join the ranks but it seems the Duchess cleared things up there were signs along the way that perhaps she might be expecting she would comment sweetly about people's babies when she was out in public and book E slashed halt odds than an announcement was imminent but then she was seen out with William at a st. Patrick's Day parade and she celebrated with a half pint of Guinness so is she or isn't she gates seemed to finally dress their rumors on her recent trip to Northern Ireland while chatting to crowds in Ballymena the Duchess was introduced to five month old James Barr royal reporter Robert jabs and tweeted about Kate's interaction with a baby and his dad Alan Sankei told the new father she felt broody after meeting the five month old the crowd excitedly began to rumble with shouts of number four baby number four Alan reportedly asked the mom of three Kate all but shut down the rumors with her response I think William would be little worried so it seems three is enough for the future King of England but we do have another royal baby on the way to look forward to Williams brother Prince Harry and Megan Markel are expecting Megan Duchess of Cambridge is due at the end of April or early May the couple haven't revealed the baby's gender but all odds are on a girl Megan's close friend Misha who was seen purchasing baby clothes in telltale pink which some took as a sign of a girl according to coral bookmakers odds are 8 to 11 for Megan to have a girl

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