78 Replies to “Bailey Has a Miscarriage – Grey’s Anatomy”

  1. Idk why but I have a feeling the car crashing in the bar was Alex only because he wasn't in the episode and I just really hope its not

  2. @1:33 I had a feeling when her and shepherd were pregnant one of the babies wouldn’t survive and something like this would happen or they get into a car accident and loose the baby 💔

  3. Really, ABC!? Not everyone has the opportunity to watch new episodes when they air on TV. Thanks for the spiler! 😤😡

  4. Can the dumb writers use more of Karina? She’s gorgeous and there’s really no backstory or story development except she’s bisexual. Y’all wasting her and using her as a filler background character smgdh 😤

  5. They could at least post the video a bit later. The title is a spoiler and it makes the episode less watchable. Prob gonna remove abc from my recommended page.

  6. Can yall please not post these until one or 2 days after smh 🙄 Hulu other streaming services dont air the new one until the midnight

  7. Leave it to ABC to spoil everything for those waiting to watch on DVR or OnDemand. Does YouTube count as ratings because we don’t need to watch the episode now

  8. I absolutely love bailey and Ben. But I knew they were going to make bailey have a miscarriage because she can never keep the little bit of happiness they give her

  9. That's why stopped watching Grey's Anatomy. Why do they have to kill Miranda's baby? There are no happy endings in this show.

  10. Bailey has a miscarriage

    Owen is the father of Amelia kid

    A car crashes into a bar

    Thanks to youtube I pretty much know everything about the ep without watching it! 💀🙄🤣

  11. Great more Owen and Amelia drama… also another possible love triangle for Meredith…. I’m beginning to think the writer have run out of ideas

  12. They even killed the unborn baby off the show 🤦🏽‍♀️ there’s never an happy ending everyone dies or just leave. They killed off my baby George O’Malley 💔, Derrick , Lexi and mark etc, izzie and Christina is gone we didn’t even see her for Derek’s funeral which would be realistic as Christina is Meredith best friend.

  13. Why did you have to post this?the episode.literally just played. I watch it on Hulu every friday and now I know everything that happens basically 😡🙄

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