Barbie Wants Nothing To Do With Her Birth Mom | Black Ink Crew: Compton

(trumpet playing) Try that.
Hey! Shout-out to us for not
wearing heels today, though, ’cause this would’ve been
a mission. True. Me and Barbie have been
walking around Compton all day putting fliers on cars. ‘Cause our grand opening
is Saturday. I’m (bleep) excited,
but I’m not (bleep) tired. I’m down to my last.
I did my job. The last one. Barbie hasn’t
really said much since the thing happened
the other day with her mom and the flowers. I’m still getting
to know Barbie, but it seems like
she’s the type of person just like keep a wall up and she just pretends
nothing’s wrong and just goes
about her business. This grand opening
is stressing me out. You got a lot
of responsibility. Wake up,
I’m stressing about it. I go to sleep,
stressing about it. So what’s up?
What’s…? What’s the deal
with you and your mom? (sighs)
I don’t even… I haven’t talked to her
in years. She doesn’t have
my phone number. She doesn’t know where I live. She doesn’t know nothing
that goes on in my life. I’m living my life,
doing what I have to do. And then you wanna just
come back in like, “Oh, hey, I miss you,”
like you’ve been here
my whole life? Yeah. She’s never– You have to understand,
she’s never, ever been there for me
like that. When I opened that card
the other day and read “Mom,” it completely threw me off. We can’t stand
each other. So I’m just clueless
as to why she would suddenly pop up now. Maybe she heard about
the shop opening. But she doesn’t even live
in Compton. Like does she want
something from me? I really don’t know
what her motive is. Ever since I was
nine months old, she gave me to my grandparents
and my dad. And my grandparents
legally adopted me so that she couldn’t come
and take me back. If it wasn’t for them,
I’d be a hot mess. There was times
when she’d be like, “Oh, I’m on my way
to come get you,” wouldn’t show up
for two days. Oh, that’s (bleep) up. Right. There was drugs and basically
always yelling at me being mean. Like she said
I’m a stupid bitch and I think I’m all that
and I’m not (bleep), and (bleep) me, like… (Barbie)
I don’t understand it. How could you not wanna be
in your own child’s life? How do you call your own child
out her name repeatedly? And not just like,
“Oh, you’re a bitch,” it’s “You’re a stupid bitch.
(bleep) you.” Like… who does that? Once I started
getting old enough to realize like the (bleep)
that she did wasn’t right, I don’t wanna be
around her anymore. That’s how (bleep) up
she’s been to me in life. She was never there
for me, so… (sniffling) No. That’s not my mom. She never has been
and she never will be. I’ve done everything
I need to do without you. I learned how to be
a woman without you. I know.

49 Replies to “Barbie Wants Nothing To Do With Her Birth Mom | Black Ink Crew: Compton”

  1. That hits hard man. Honestly I feel like a lot of people can relate to her and look up to her since she’s still thriving and living her life. This shows that the only person you truly need to be there for you, is yourself. Mad respect for this woman 💕.

  2. It's so said to see parents not wanting to be involved and yes it effects you big time. Folks really just don't know.

  3. It’s sad to see situations like this and I pray she gets the healing she deserves her mama also, I pray she heal herself and fix those wounds. But her confessional look tho 😍😍😍

  4. A deadbeat dad is bad, but to be a deadbeat mom means your a cold individual. It seems so much worst. 9 months of feeling that child, giving birth….

  5. I know these streets. They aren't even in compton. They're in Leimert Park. That's South central. Twenty minute drive from Compton on an uncrowded freeway.

  6. I feels her pain… I don't talk to my mother… I don't consider her a mother🤷🤷…but I love my step mama 😊

  7. The producer is dumb af, how are you to ask her if she wants to reconnect with her mom if she already stated that she didn’t and she was crying. They have No consideration for people’s feelings

  8. “ Got through my first date without him, right? I learned how to drive, I learned how to shave, I learned how to fight without him, I had 14 great birthdays without him! He never even sent me a damn card! TO HELL WITH HIM!!!”

  9. Barbie is sad your mom didn't be there wend you kid and know she whats get back your life its her loss and l would want around a mom like her and if that was l just be around family and friends that truly care about you

  10. Lady, love and forgive your Mom!
    It's for you not her.
    God works in mysterious way's.
    Everyday is a blessing.
    Am En E!

    One Team
    One Dream

  11. Honestly I don’t know how it feels cause I have my mom but I think eventually she should forgive her that lady gave birth to her and if her mom truly wants it then yes but if she doesn’t then keep away

  12. I say again-This is just a show about some clowns building a tattoo shop and "getting permission" from thugs?? Kill this show NOW!!! And folks got the nerve to say nobody tatts on the ORIGINAL BlackInkChiRaq&BlackInkNY???

  13. No let it go, sometimes you got to cut people out ur life, girl live she made a choice so now she has to live with you're choice don't cry. No more.

  14. I have a deadbeat mom, nothing hurts me but I refuse to cut her out of my life, shes still my mum and kept me for 9 months so I can now have my own, just for that I'm grateful. I'm now a mum of 3, just had twins in July 2019 and I couldn't be happier. Her bad behaviour thought me to be better and I am

  15. Tired of the “Well that’s still your mom” excuse. I don’t care, I’m 16 years old right now. My parents have never been there for me, I’ve been in foster care for 15 years because neither one CHOSE to do the right thing by me and they continually put their vices and lovers over me. #IAMGOOD You have to let that toxicity out of your life.

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