Barbz Call Out Nicki Minaj for Copying Lil Kim's Bun & She's PREGNANT (Video) 🤰

so for the beatsie Awards Lil Kim the queen bee came out in her flawless look as usual setting trends and had her hair up in a very high bun or whatever which was live on June the 23rd and two days later on Tuesday Nicki Minaj who has been accused by him of stealing her identity before showed up with the same hairstyle and guess whose fanbase pointed this out the barbs themselves so y'all can't sing that thing stuff can't say this is bloggers weenie motifs and these are some of her top Barb's which is Kiki lips before they took to their pages and said Nicki are you morphing into him to which some barbers responded she showed him how the hairstyle should look another barb said she couldn't wait a month or two for that hairstyle another one said it's not about who did it first it's about who did it better and they kept on going and going and of course other barbers were getting mad and making a big deal out of it and saying is a bunch of fake Barb's out there to which the burb said not me to tell me if cardi wore the same exact hairstyle as Mickey a day or two later I wouldn't be saying a fan or Nicki leads the pack girl I mean just in December Kim was saying that Nicki's they'll be copying her and stills everything she does down to her team and her mold so to wear a very similar hairstyle less than 48 hours later it's just too obvious but then again like Nicki said before she does take a little bit from Kim Plus even though they've had their problems it's very clear that she still loves Kim style anyway since we're on the topic of Nicki and buns the Barb's are super convinced that she has one cooking in the oven as we speak she's supposed to be on that one tonight not tonight but Fallon tonight tomorrow night and shop the promo fur in her bun of course and she were black and the Internet is convinced that she's trying to camouflage her growing stomach she even shot a scene waitressing at Red Lobster as part of the promo and people are convinced that she's actually showing they've been reposting this video all over social media they believe that sugar Mickey is prego which is not surprising because I mean she's been very open about the fact that she wants a baby and wants to get pregnant so if so congratulations to her and she'll probably announce it on Jimmy if so or the up and leave your thoughts below and don't forget to Like share and subscribe to this channel for more like it follow slash Pepsi blog and don't forget to hit that Bell to join the notification game be sure to visit in love not only do they have outerwear but they've also added tops and dresses to the collection and between you and I had got me a new book thing so you know I'm finna buy a whole bunch of these starting with this Tammy in a delicate I got some hot dates to go on plus I got a steak fly for the summer as it should you so head on over and shop shop shop so you drop drop drop at Pat says calm that's T 80s easy calm also would you like to protect your energy and balance your chakras then visit King bee essentials calm which is a one-stop shop for health metaphysics they offer crystals and protection jewelry that has you covered to be stress free each product has a detail description of what it's used for you can also type your problem in a search bar for example if you need help with anxiety luck or procrastination just type it in and it will link you to the product once you find the one that you like be sure to type in the code Patsy for 10% off at checkout you can't pass this up and oh look this one is on sale and it's Cleo so you know I'm gonna buy it as we speak right ki ng L y es s e n CI al s calm at sea long calm sign

29 Replies to “Barbz Call Out Nicki Minaj for Copying Lil Kim's Bun & She's PREGNANT (Video) 🤰”

  1. Idk what the problem is. Especially about a hairstyle that many of us done or know people to done.. Nicki did this style before and so did kim. Also these fans must not work they have way to much time, yall act like Nicki is following Lil Kim and all her movements. I wouldn't be surpised if her hair stylist was influnced by kims style also that pic where kim said nicki look like Nicki said that the photographer and magazines wanted her to embodied Cindy Crawford which i kind of saw the resemblance but she definitely looked more like Lil Kim then Cindy also it makes no sense for a black woman who is a rapper to dress up as a white supermodel

  2. Sooooo Ari (herbo) baby mama has a different hair stylist from Nicki I thought they but used tae. Many people more then Kim wore that style. Cardi did in Love hh like seriously.

  3. She's not the one doing her hair … That's one and the shit is not the same .. Nicki's bun looks better

  4. Like you said in the beginning, who has time to pay attention to shit like that?? My goodness. Grow up, people. One is 40 and one is pushing 40. Let it GO.

  5. Most of us that wear weaves or wigs has rock that hairstyle, long before we saw it on Kim or Nikki! So who were we trying to copy?

  6. Why she call out on Nikki like are you mad that she coped you about what hair style you have on your head😒

  7. You niggas are dumb af. Nicki has had this style before. And nickis appearances are filmed in advance. This shot don’t even sound smart.

  8. Don't get me wrong, Lil Kim paved the way for a lot of things, but she did not create wild hair colors and different updos, I'm sick of this shit.Y'all nappyhead hoes need to worry about yall doo OKAY.👌😙

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