Barcelona IVF: facilities

Barcelona IVF your assisted reproduction clinic is located in one of the best neighborhoods in Barcelona right from the start our aim is to be beside you throughout the process of achieving pregnancy you'll get personalized care from your doctor and the team that plays its part in the different stages of your treatment from the first visit your doctor will assess the clinical aspects of your case recommend the necessary tests and monitor you personally throughout the treatment here at Barcelona IVF we have a patient care department that will give you support whenever you need it because Barcelona IVF is a landmark Center to which couples come from all over the world we deal with them in their own language on our premises we have a surgical area with an assisted reproduction laboratory in which to carry out your treatment conveniently and easily to ensure the best results Barcelona IVF is committed to the latest assisted reproduction technology techniques such as embryo scope IMSI blastocyst culture blastocyst culture and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis with trophectoderm biopsy enable over 90% of our patients to achieve pregnancy because we know how important it is to you here in Barcelona IVF we work to make your dream come true you

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