13 Replies to “Barry Cunliffe: “The Scythians: Nomad Warriors of the Steppe” | Talks at Google”

  1. I fell into this, as one does on the internet.
    A magic moment.
    From the evocation of the steppes, to the rituals at Persepolis, to the dedication of Soviet archaeologists, to the comparison to his daughter’s tattoos, to compound bows, magnificent

  2. The Europeans kept records of all the riders coming from the east , the Chinese kept records of all the riders coming from the west ….. all along , they were recording the same people …..

  3. Most of the artifacts from Scythian burials been straight up robbed by the Russian mob , auctioned off to rich western collectors on the black market ….. Viewing them is off limits , even for study ….. I immediately recognize Scythian artwork , not long ago I recognized some , that was claimed to have been found in England ….. .

  4. It sounds like he was saying that Scythians invented horse riding. They were around 1000 to 200 years BC.
    "Horses were first domesticated on the plains of northern Kazakhstan some 5,500 years ago" – well before the Scythians.

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