48 Replies to “Bathing a Newborn Baby (with Umbilical Cord): Step-by-step Video”

  1. For the first 2 day the baby should be bathe the coat through the birth canal protects the skin, and the hair dont uave to be wash for the ffirst few days

  2. A baby is either boy or girl. We know what parts they have. Why didn't this video show how to clean the private parts, that is just as important as the eyes and navel.

  3. Almost 9 years ago when my son was a newborn he truly hated bath time lol Now I'm soon to have a little baby girl and im learning all over again. ❤

  4. Use the inner part of your wrist instead of elbow as it is more sensitive.
    Use methylated spirit for the umbilical cord as it dries on it's own fast. Do not use water.
    Don't put the soap in the water cus you'll need to change it then.
    The holds are correct tho

  5. It is definitely not necessary to bathe a newborn every day. Thourough cleaning with a cloth or cotton pad and warm water is sufficient. Soap isn’t good for the sensitive skin either when they are newborns.

  6. People do not follow this video first she washed the baby hair with soapy water left it in his head then wet his umbilical cord just use you all mother and father instincts you’ll be fine

  7. The baby's umbilical cord is not off it can cause infection if you put your baby in the tub like that… My pediatrician toold me to sponge bath my baby till the cord falls off. To not dip her in the tub

  8. You’re forgetting to show a good rinse of water to the baby bec. that water still has baby soap & thats not good to him.

  9. The nurse never washed the baby hair with shampoo neither pour bubble bath in the water but just washed the baby with pure water….She never washed the creases under the arm or neck neither between the legs….. "NASTY"…

  10. If you do not want your baby's eyes to get wet in the shower, check out this product.
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  11. But you are not supposed to wet the umbilical cord this way..it can cause infection and rashes there.And you didnt wash the hair well after shampooing, you kinda just left it there.

  12. why am I not surprised every time you see a show from chins, japan korea they only show with boys, never girls, they dont like baby girls in those countries, thats why now they are literally stealing girls from parents and grown women to bring them to another village and have them married to a guy, women are very scarce in china for ex, since they had the one child policy they only made boys, any girls were immediately aborted before being born

  13. Im so excited! Thanks for the learning. I'll check other vids too, my baby will be out this April. Wish us a good luck! 🙂

  14. I really dont know how to bath a baby.. im 5 months pregnant, please pray for me and my incoming baby.. 😊😇

  15. Very good clip on baby bathing
    Thank you …one of my old friends just used to stick baby under the running water 😁

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  17. actually we shouldn't wipe the umbilical cord with water .instead we can wipe the base with spirit swab .and should keep dry always .

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