BCF Technology sheep scanning video 4 — Identifying lamb with the Ovi-Scan

the most important thing when you’re scanning ship is to have a good contact forget that with a gel food system gel on today the growing in early you good contact what we can see in the screen here the dark is the amniotic fluid I’m standing here here we have a boy in the rib cage with the head to the left coming back coming back another body in the cross-section they’re doing that idiot chick it is throughout the pregnancy as we scan through these other factors of course Allegiance stay off the brush attachment it was a very blade head scan through scan through there’s a neck keep scanning through coming up to the body right through right through right through here’s the second body coming just joined up with the head lovely pictures to measure the edge of that llama if we look at the widest part of the body you can edge the trunk diameter corresponds with it the metal circle on the top left of the screen which is about 80 bees she’s probably somewhere between 75 and important thing for scanning is to make sure you see all you terrain content so you continue to scan until you lose all the pregnancy but still have a good contact and you combine one body two bodies right through there set aflame Jail contact woody second buddy second head 43 second buddy front 5/8 buddy buddy

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