Beaumont Chiropractor Describes How to Avoid Complications During Delivery

Hey guys! Dr. Tiffany Coronado here at Thrive Family
Chiropractic and Nutrition in Beaumont, TX. And this is part 2 of our chiropractic and
pediatric series. In part 1, I talked about the hormone relaxin,
and it’s role in causing many of the common aches and pains during pregnancy as well as
how chiropractic can help. In part 2 I’ll be talking about how chiropractic
care can help decrease the chance of needing necessary medical intervention during labor
and by medical intervention I’m talking about augmention with pitocin and other pharmaceutical
drugs, the use of forceps and vacuum, as well as the big one: C-section. To begin, I’m going to describe an obstetric
term called dystocia. Simply put, dystocia is difficult labor. There are 3 contributing factors to dystocia. The first one is called passenger (what is
baby’s position during labor?). The second is passage (are there any abnormalities
in the pelvis that can cause problems?). And the third one is power (are the contractions
strong and are they coordinated?). In this video I’m going to talk about the
first two: passenger and passage. To begin, let’s look at passenger. What is baby’s position during labor? Now we all know that the best position overall
is for baby to be in vertex position or head down. But what many people don’t know is that there
are many subcategories in this head down position. The one position that is best is called left
occiput anterior. Or baby’s head is down, the chin is tucked,
and the back is on the left side of mom’s body, with the back of the head or the occiput
is facing outward. Now there are so many other subcategories
that you can look into. A great reference for that is
but the one that we want is left occiput anterior. If baby is in any of the other positions,
it can slow down labor, cause dystocia, and and lead to needing a c-section or other medical
intervention. So now let’s look at passage. Are there any abnormalities in the pelvis? Well, in video 1, I talked about the hormone
relaxin that makes the pelvis, gives the pelvis the ability to open up wider allowing baby
to go through but with all the pressures that we have put on our low back and pelvis during
pregnancy, the positions we are in for long periods of time. Are we standing, bending over, twisting it
can actually work with the relaxin to cause misalignments in the pelvis, closing down
the birth canal making it harder for baby to go through the birth canal and come out
whenever it’s time. So, what is chiropractic’s role in all of
this? Well, regular chiropractic care during pregnancy
from the very beginning or whenever mom gets started is to help correct any of the misalignments
in the pelvis, balancing the muscles, ligaments, bones as well as the nerves that supply the
area allowing baby to naturally settle into the best position for labor as well as allowing
mom’s pelvis to be at its most open, most aligned, allowing baby to go through smoothly. Chiropractic care during pregnancy has been
shown to be safe from pre-conception through 40 weeks and beyond. I would love to be a part of your healthcare
team during pregnancy. I work with OBs, midwives, doulas, we all
work together and want to see you have a happy and healthy pregnancy as well as delivery. Thank you for listening to the video and look
forward to meeting you soon. Stay tuned for more videos on pregnancy and
chiropractic as well as videos on kids and chiropractic and general chiropractic. Alrighty, thanks guys, bye!

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