BEAUTIFUL LIVE BIRTH! (Ellie And Jared Birth Vlog)

(gentle music) – [Jared] You ready to do this? (Ellie chuckles) You ready to have a baby today? Let’s do it. You’re beautiful. – Thanks. (gentle music) I truly feel like, out
of all of our babies, if I’m gonna poop on the delivery table, this is gonna be the one. My nerves are unreal. – [Jared] You know, (Ellie laughs) it’s a completely normal thing. Don’t even worry.
– I know! But it will, it might happen this time. You’ll be there.
– I will. – To save the day. – [Jared] With toilet paper and all. (Ellie laughs) (gentle music) – Guess who our nurse
is gonna start to be? – [Jared] Yay! – Hi, how are you?
(Jared chuckles) I know, I know.
– This is the best surprise! (gentle music) – Well, this is gonna be
home for the next little bit. Are you, tell me what you’re feeling. – Um, unreal. – [Jared] Yeah? – It’s not gonna feel real for a minute. – And that’s the funny thing
is like this whole pregnancy, it like hasn’t felt real. But I think it will once we
have the baby in our arms. – Baby time. When she asked for the
name, I was thinking we don’t know for sure, but
we’ll put Joel Mecham for sure. Right? Were we for sure? – [Jared] Mm-hmm. – We’re for sure on Joely. Joely Mecham. – [Jared] Yep. – We’ll see him. Decide.
– A little bit later. – Let the kids decide. – Yeah. (Ellie chuckles) (gentle music) One of the most iconic things that I take from the deliveries is when
Ellie has a little handkerchief to wipe her tears, to
have with her in her hand throughout the delivery. And today is no different. So this is Ellie’s handkerchief, and I just kind of feel
like it’s a special, like, token or something for the deliveries, and I wanted to give it to you right now. – Thank you. – [Jared] Yeah, I love you. – Don’t I always have like
some sort of jewelry on? (chuckles) – [Jared] Yeah. – Like with Jackson I had the
necklace that Bonnie gave me, and today I have the earrings you gave me. – [Jared] Mm-hmm. – What did I have with Calvin? It was three in the morning. – [Jared] I can’t remember either. – But there was something special. Thanks. I’m crying for so many
different reasons already. – [Jared] It’s a good thing
you have a handkerchief. – Pat pat. – [Jared] Pat pat. – That way it keeps me pretty. (laughs) (baby’s heart beating) (moving music) That hurt breaking my water. – I can see. Your face was like in lots of pain. How are you doing? – Well he’s like, he’s so low. He’s like, I gotta make sure I got it. – [Jared] Mm-hmm. – That was not fun. – Yeah, so Ellie’s waters broke. Now they’re getting
the anesthesiologist in for the epidural, and
it’s like now is the time. – It’s so real, but it’s not. – I know, it feels like
we’re in a dream right now, and that’s the best way to describe it is like this is just a dream. – It’s not gonna be real until I hold him. – Yeah, it’s been an interesting year. – I mean, the contractions are real. – Yeah.
(Ellie chuckles) I don’t have it, I don’t
feel anything, I feel great. I should probably go to the bathroom, but other than that, I feel great. – We were talking to our
doctor about just like babies and our last year, and just
so many people this week that have like lost their babies. – [Jared] Yeah. – Like, it’s just been a
crazy year of emotions. – [Jared] Yeah, it really has. – And like our friends and
family have all had their trials, and it’s like, I just want to see him. – [Jared] Mm-hmm. – The doctor noticed I
got a haircut. (laughs) – How funny was that? – That was cute.
– He’s like, “Hey, did you get a haircut?” And I’m like, man, you
are, you are on point. – There’s a reason I like love him. – [Jared] Don’t look
at your hair. (laughs) – Well now I’m like
what does it look like, it looks great, I made sure
to put tons of hairspray. – You’re more worried about how you look when you deliver the baby– – No I’m not!
(Jared laughs) No I don’t, that was rude. – I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I have to be careful not to
like hit your leg, I’m sorry. – That is not true. – [Jared] I know it’s not true. – I did paint my nails, which is unusual. – [Jared] That is. Wait, what about your toes? – [Ellie] That was when we got a pedicure. Thank you, Jare. – [Jared] Yes, you’re welcome. They look great, and they
even match the hospital stuff. – Yeah. – You were just, you just knew. Make a good team. – I love you. – I love you. – What do you think the kids
are gonna do when they see him? – Well, yesterday we were in the bathtub, or the kids were in the
bathtub. (Ellie laughs) – We were all taking a bath. – And we were kind of saying, like, the baby’s gonna come soon. What are you going to do
when you see the baby? And Jackson was just so sweet, he said. – And he thought about it. – He did, he like put his head down. – It makes me wanna cry. – Yeah, it was the sweetest moment. He said, “I’m gonna say… “I’ve been waiting for you.” And I kinda get teary-eyed just
thinking about it right now, but like, it was such a sweet
tender moment from Jackson, it’s like he’s knows, like he’s– – And then guess what Calvin said. – [Jared] What’d he say? (Ellie laughing) – Calvin goes, I’m like,
Calvin, what are you gonna say when you see the baby? He goes, “I poop in the toilet.” (Jared laughs) I’m like, you do poop in the toilet. – Good. Be proud, young man, you deserve that. – Oh, that’s so funny. (moving music) Well, thank you, Dr. Pelican. (Jared laughs) Is that your name? – Palfreyman. (Ellie laughs) – I’m gonna call you Dr. Pelican. – [Jared] This epidural is
working a little too well, can you turn it down a little bit? – [Doctor] I’ve been called worse. – Hey, at least I said thank you. (Jared laughs) – [Doctor] That’s right. (inspirational music) – Remember this guy? (Ellie chuckles) (Jared laughs) Like, what the heck? – What?! (Jared laughs) That’s what they’re there for,
is to entertain the husbands. – Right, they are. Look at it. (grunts) – That’s rad. So I’ve had the epidural
for an hour and a half, and at first I was like,
oh yeah, I feel it. And now I’m like, like my
contractions are every two hours, or every two minutes, and
I feel them, and like, it’s like, the epidural
has like totally worn off. And I’m like having a little
anxiety that it’s like not gonna work for me this time. – [Jared] Well, we’ll check with him. – Like I can feel, am
I having one right now? – [Jared] Yeah, it’s like
gearing up right now. We still can push the button. Do you want me to push it? – No, because I’ve never
liked to, ’cause I still think it’s good to.
– You want to feel some. – But it’s just, I can
still be in here for hours. – [Jared] Mm-hmm. – I don’t know, is this gonna work? (chuckles) – Ellie’s contractions are
varying between two and half and three minutes, so I feel like things are progressing pretty well. – We’ll see where I’m
at when they check me. – [Jared] Mm-hmm. – If I’m at a five, that’d be cool. If I’m further, holy
shiz, we’re having a baby. – And if you haven’t
progressed at all, holy shiz, we’re gonna be here a while. (both laugh) Here’s your Jell-O. – Yay! (chuckles) My second one, thank you. – And I made sure not to
get the sugar-free kind, because who likes sugar-free Jell-O? – Yeah, I’d be ticked. – [Jared] Yeah, the baby likes it too. (Ellie chuckles) Nice closeup shot on that Jell-O. – Mmm. I’m nervous.
– Oh yeah. – I’m nervous. – [Jared] You’re doing great. – The Jell-O helps. – [Jared] Yeah, that’s what
dads are supposed to say. “Oh, you’re doing great.” – What are we gonna eat
for dinner? (laughs) – So just another update. It is 12:15, and Ellie
right here, say hi, Ellie. She is at a seven, six and half, seven. And that’s typically when
things start really progressing pretty quickly for Ellie. She is pretty restless, kinda shaky, and how else are you feeling? – [Ellie] Just that. – Just that. So I imagine here within the
next 45 minutes to an hour we may have a baby pretty soon. Got your ice chips, here you go. Just one little bite. (Ellie laughs) Sorry. – I want it so bad. – Sorry! That’s mine. – I’ll just eat my ice chip. That looks good. – [Nurse] It looks like eight
centimeters, 90% effaced. Like, just a tiny thickness there. Yeah.
– Okay. We’ll just keep on waiting. – [Nurse] So yeah, I think you’re gonna make your move here anytime.
– Okay. – [Nurse] Yep, you are complete. – [Ellie] Ow. – [Nurse] The head is right there. – [Jared] Yay! – [Nurse] Yay. (Jared laughing) – [Jared] You okay? – I think it’s just nerves. – You’re gonna do so good. Are you ready for this? (laughs) – [Nurse] Yeah! – [Doctor] You’ve been ready. You’re gonna be awesome. You guys are pros at this.
– Yeah, you got this. – [Doctor] Okay, let’s try. – [Nurse] You ready? Okay, big breath in and,
push, push, push, hold it. Push, push, push. Good, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten. – I’m sorry. – [Nurse] No, you’re doing so good. Okay, one more for me. Big breath in, hold it and push. – I’m sorry! – It’s okay, it’s okay, Ellie. – [Doctor] Everything’s good. Go for it. – [Nurse] Okay, push, push, push. One, two, three, four, five, six,
– Oh, that one you can feel. – seven, eight,
– He’s turning a little more at the end.
– nine, ten, good. – [Doctor] As good as it
feels, let’s just let him sit for a second, okay. – It’s just nerves, I’m just– – [Nurse] Yeah. Okay, ready? Eight, nine, good, okay. And push, push, push. Good, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Okay, so close, see?
– Almost there. – [Nurse] Big breath in,
and push, push, push, push. You got this, Ellie. There he is! – [Jared] There’s our baby! – [Nurse] 13:51. (baby gurgling) – Oh! Oh! Oh, you’re so! – That’s our baby! – Hi, guy. You’re so tiny.
(Jared laughing) – [Doctor] Wait, we better look. – Yep.
(Jared laughs) – [Nurse] Now you know what you’re having. – [Ellie] He’s breathing in there? – Yeah. – [Ellie] He’s breathing? (baby cries) – [Jared] There we go. – [Doctor] We’ll get his cord out. (baby crying) – Good job, Mom. – Oh my goodness. – Good job, Ellie. – You’re teeny. (chuckling) Of course you are. – [Doctor] Yeah, right there. (Jared laughing) – Oh my goodness. – Ellie, we have a baby. Look at him. (chuckling) – That’s right. All I wanna do is hear
him cry so I’m like, ‘kay, you good, you good? (gentle music) (chuckles) Good gravy, that’s so funny. – Does it feel real yet? – No. (both laugh) – [Doctor] Surreal. (gentle music) – Like, I couldn’t even
get my breath to push because I just was just
like this is like… You know? – Mm-hmm. You did so good, though. He’s here. – (chuckling) He’s eating like crazy. (Jared laughs) In three days I’m gonna be
crying every time I feed him. – [Jared] That’s okay. – I’m like, can’t believe you’re ours. Jackson is gonna love you. – I’ve been waiting for you. – I know, guy. You seem smaller than Cal. – Mm-hmm. He seems just like a little guy. – Look at those eyeballs. – Mm-hmm, just looking around. – He’s like, I’m like trying
not to like shiver and shake. (baby whimpering)
Aw. Thanks, Dad.
– You did so good. (gentle music) We’ve done skin to skin
before, but this is the longest that we’ve ever had the
opportunity to do it, and we’re just sitting here and enjoying our sweet little baby. – Opportunity and just
learning to say what you want. – Yeah, exactly. So we don’t even know how
much he weighs just yet. I was thinking between
five nine and six two. And I’m gonna definitely
say like 19 inches, maybe 18 and a half inches. – He’s a tiny little guy. – [Jared] He is. He is tiny. – I literally was so antsy. And so… Restless. Like he was rubbing my shoulders, and he just started singing
and it was so awesome, and I totally fell asleep. I’m just glad that we did it
the way that we did this time. Like, you literally sang me to sleep. And then I woke up and I
wasn’t jittery and it was, I just felt very content. – [Jared] Good. – And I just am happy. And I want you to hold him. – [Jared] Okay. – He’s almost done I think. (Jared chuckles) – He a hungry little boy. (gentle music) Well, the official numbers are in. Our sweet little guy is
six pounds two ounces, and 18 and a half inches long, barely. He is a little guy. Look at that hair. Welcome to the world. – This is life, this is real. – Mm-hmm. This Is Us. Now on ABC. NBC, shoot! – This is real. – [Jared] Mm-hmm. Does it feel real? – No. Kind of wanna kiss him.
– Kind of a dream. (Jared chuckles) Ready to go?
– Mm-hmm. – [Jared] I’ll follow you. (gentle music) Hey little guy. Look at you with your eyes
open looking at the world. – Look at his little body. – [Jared] Mm-hmm. – I mean, he is the tiniest
little thing in the world. Wow. – [Jared] And guess what. – [Ellie] And you’re ours. – He’s all ours. He looks just like Jackson. Just smaller. (laughs) – You look a lot like Jackson. I think he’s gonna like you. – [Jared] Yep. – You seem very content right now. – [Jared] Mm-hmm. – Sometimes being delivered is scary. – [Jared] Mm-hmm. – And sometimes it’s
scary delivering babies. (both chuckling) So I feel you. He is so… sweet. Can’t wait for your brothers to meet you. – [Jared] I know. – [Ellie] You got your first wet diaper. You got your first one. – [Jared] Congratulations. – [Ellie] How come your
diapers are cuter than Mommy’s? – I don’t know. How many, only 10,000 more
diapers to go until you graduate. – [Ellie] I know, huh. Oh, you are so sweet. – [Jared] You can ask
Calvin all about that. – [Ellie] Oh, that’s a yawn. Okay, I’m gonna change
him and get him fed. – Yeah, and I think
that’s where we’re going to end the video. We have our baby boy. – [Ellie] I don’t want the day to end. – I know, it’s been so perfect. Thank you guys for tuning in with us as we welcome our sweet little
baby boy into the world. Make sure you guys are subscribed and follow along our family journey. And we’ll see you guys next time. Thanks for watching. Bye. – Look at our miracle. Can’t even believe it.

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