Become a Childbirth Education Instructor with Birth Boot Camp

so you want to be a birth boot camp instructor let me take a minute to tell you what sets us apart we have collaborated with many birth professionals including chiropractors and midwives doulas massage therapists physical therapists lactation consultants and we have created a curriculum that is complete it's accurate and it's up to date as you can tell by reading through the requirements you will have completed your prerequisite reading and your study guide before you come to the workshop when you come to the workshop we all be teaching you to become a fabulous instructor she can't say never but really it was like she's torqued which give you can imagine if this muscle that's what you offer it's different this plot you will learn teaching techniques you'll learn the games that you play in class and we'll see the birth videos you'll show you will learn how to take a class through relaxation exercises you are capable without even trying each trainee will have an opportunity to present a topic to the group does she like light show you have tried all kinds of other position you'll learn how to network and grow your business we want you to walk away from the workshop feeling completely prepared to bring birth bootcamp to your area oh the training was great I just loved it I got really excited about it asked my doula what she thought of it and immediately she said yes you absolutely should do it that shows birth bootcamp just because I know it's thorough education I thought it was the best most comprehensive program out there program encompasses the entire process from pregnancy your nutrition how that all affects your labor in your bird I learned a lot about how to teach birth it's one thing to learn how to do it it's another thing to learn how to teach it has really helped kind of change my way of thinking just in presenting the information to people training's given me the resources I need to find the answers this format evident is excellent i love the materials when i saw a friend's field god I I knew like the way that this is laid out and the order in which the material is presented everything about it it's already in a good format so that you know what needs to be touched on so that your students will get a wealth of information that you know great to be in a room full of other people that are passionate about the same thing really nice to be around a whole bunch of supporting women who all are there for the same goal and all want to see you succeed even though it was kind of nerve-wracking the the group teaching really did help where we got a topic and and had to you know present it in front of the class gave us some constructive criticism on what we could work on to make ourselves better teacher it was great to see how other people thought it was a great opportunity for me to practice my teaching skills it was just so much fun to get everybody's perspective it helps build your confidence that you really do know what you're talking about even though I'm faculty at a university and I teach to nursing students and having that at time just to practice what we would teach in class i think is really important you

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  1. More testimonials and info about natural childbirth education and becoming a teacher!  Birth Boot Camp- training couples in natural birth.

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