Bed Rest after Embryo Transfer – Jun & Keshia's IVF Journey – IVF Vlog 8

hi what are you doing up on imaginary problems you gotta focus on what's real man hey what's up everybody so if you read the forum's they tell you all these tips to help with your embryo transfer and who knows if they really work they're probably all just kind of like wives tales I don't know these women swear by it so you know what we're gonna do it my you know why not what we did is we picked up here let me show you you got some pomegranate juice here okay we've got some avocados I picked up another pineapple and we got the core they say to eat the pineapple core and to kind of eat stuff that's not too cold also so I'm just letting it kind of chill out here on the counter and get to room temperature what else we have Oh got some gummy bears that's for me though hey hey huh got you some pomegranate juice yeah it's organic so it probably tastes like let I continue up it smells don't smell very good okay we're at home now how you feeling Keisha excited feel excited so technically you're pregnant since you know you got two embryos in you so hopefully they just stay there her hips are elevated we don't want them things falling out all right socks everyone says keep your feet warm so we got socks on right now yeah did it hurt oh really didn't feel it that's good all right so I got your pineapple core we got that getting to room temperature to get out the fridge we got some avocados couldn't find the Brazil nuts I guess I got to go Whole Foods or something like that I couldn't find it at three grocery stores so but I did get the pomegranate I got two different pomegranate juices I got the palm one in this organic one that's not from concentrate the pop one probably tastes good because it was expensive as hell for a little small bottle yep all right look at her she got bed rest for the next 24 hours just waiting for the embryos that properly attached mm-hmm this girl think she pregnant originally honey I'm craving our now so we had to go get some chicken katsu look at her she got the station set up right here she got the iPad she got the computer over here dang she's just ready to watch movies on Netflix and chill literally just chill do not move okay bye honey bye

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  1. You two are too cute!! Best of luck and I'll be praying your 2 embryo babies stick stick stick!

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