Bedlam – Chemical Imbalances Vol 1 ( Mentality Records Version )

there's been before in cases I guess I for you [Applause] it's private another plate the way that it's going as it now by others – hey you she goes rich but I ain't no Punk of the fish Persky provider in other ways I'll smoke in the sky 7 you bowls if it's cool to get hot baby's rice noodle bowls of the wrath either buddy some stupid my last box like is in front of the liquor store yes Malik see the beat burner cost box and bag lady sleeping on he messed with other fellow under Lana on Samantha steel hypodermic needles on the thick at the river serenity dog that sorry to eat one for dinners now chemical stands by the cannibals like a serial killer shows don't purchase trees dance the sky its cost [Applause] nicely officer Roenick is knocking at my front door does the spirit town with dead bodies on the front the Genesee spa of the fun high strings hanging down at Collinwood but silent Edgewood in the heart of the pump is or dead always Florida my party house spirit in the puddle of blood bunch of my tears Bob the jumpers in the pockets of persecuted well if I'm stuck up in the county jail will you tune them up with the forever for watching this amassed I'll pass out living a bit the progress fuck Jim took this bumps gonna put on the tie sticky night and the same city oh I'm old school tu Welsh's give it me alone Letterman stream on the crash has gathered the loggerhead missiles just by the spunky Banerjee's of blood start burning down my face and that walking corpse wandering this evil place in seconds like his dog but the sidewalks about your although Wisam getting sized rain is follow on GMO said it's economic plan and the Motor City the no bus no pities Eastside Westside say sex is what was up by Lucas the don't give up but you prepared to easyboys alcoholism sweet mullet laces joint shuttle myself a super small hillock Disick Aston will survive passed on but jason said as my sister got great fuck up getting shot up the record wait a second the second zone [Applause] [Applause] jealousy [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] for your brackets on your this is the ranch disaster why don't you hold on god bless see related ofensa rudder back there smell great sex with the demons I hear that the remote stupid one of a dummy head most of these poor people suffer severe chemical brain analysis can make alliances most of these poor people simple pieces here chemical brain and houses most mostly for people senses Random House most of these poor people suffer losses these chemical brain and pounces this when I die bury me with two turntables and my needs so I can block the soul I can rock the dead hey come here bitch hey give me some man I can hear the blood squirt in the center of my brain is in alcohol that guy's enjoys lists with kids above the station of prescribed medication leaving me so dong-chul hanging from my chair visions of Lincoln but off the nails of the crucifixion making Catholic bitches suck my triple sister no rest for the wicked staring at the dark near Purdy's death trap in the world the man is spilling dead chicks hang from looks on the c-care fallen out love in LCS beer bringing your daughter to that motherfuckin slaughter jumpin her boats up on the hill skirts of a city perfect to be better well balancing my sinful thoughts feeling case for all the rage first comes birth and then I'm caught to all the torment ation that's imbalancing my mind abandon all your reasons are your lies our decline I live my life and know your motherfucker you are straight brush your teeth down your throat and scream wicked shit for life is the lashes through my mind no release no escape police carried to the greatest hollow demon single faith panic syndrome I hear voices they slowly change tiny coming from the evil bowels that's more powerful than night knee I'm created to malfunction and produce soul okay I'll take revenge on guys population that have all betrayed us tell me how it done with you break for life now you're fucking dead your novel the Holy Bible you remember what it said let reflect evil from the mom to watch the sky fill up with playing chemical imbalances embedded in my DNA chemical a family 25th 22 years ago while was born premature resented by my family rejected unbolted Mustang for sure but nevertheless behavior modification to the test manic-depressive compulsive obsessed repressed protests this figure is enough but you've been reading like me three shots of morphine straight to my mama spine so she could not see what she hit remember you like this was something of the unknown it's great from the c-section to be Asylum welcome project the temples only time meets you prevailed and tried to get all the face out of my hair Bahamas were bleed and bloody and the sheets were turning bloody red and stand up living this life every day spin and grinning hoping so can provoke in no joke and analyze my life is blood-soaked did watch the teeth dripped out my face head his daddy peace motherfuck thanks you've been graced it seems there's no way to pull myself up but of this place to say case I never break loose from this mentally fucked up state of mind better men bomb to come back again double browse I've done commit in severance in Oh do you know the pain cotton mobile assist watch a dead pussy dart blood drain chemical imbalances step into my fucking prison spontaneous combustion condenser conduction that communication the amplitude of basis through speakers operation and the patient of mine engines and places these discovers overpopulation that the basin of the world that did devastation self-preservation my identification the maqam illustration is an Anderson to dementia nation the termination of alike without regeneration self-mutilation God where is my soul they shall make me understand elimination assassination cancellation of civilization annotation leads to captivation examination of operation of the fuck the maturation of the sedation of Revelation territory and that's it the bandits or chemical [Laughter] what animal knowing about him now I'd say a Wolverine he has an insatiable appetite he always kills and eats more or kills more than he needs to sustain himself in other words he's excessive because I finish read like the wicked Bobo reach this world has condemned like Iraqi war head first so I can't a man a age spread the virus to the nation like a wounded play nobody say from the destruction the planets illustrate but good would be kinda makes we got the blood why ejaculate insider watching supper electro recover to the safely to your mother for the guy life Carson Daly now tell me can you bring the radio I'm in my life under creep in the sky never see my shadow make the paper rise never looking at my I've never seen my mind we never hear the word of speech in tongues I keep repeating Roman o-jama settled and a the sitting a second ah this is through the hood watch the light firecracker watch a world suffocate demonic a sieve in a trance I know what week signing I'm against Silas way with behind the boys red roses taking thorough stretch Jonny Quest Red Rum John Timm stretch drugs come wet rag broke through the nervous banjo gotta sweat wrong step my mother raised a normal straight look trying to Quentin red roses wrapped in speck joke at the boy in red roses the neurospat lovely trial I sweat red Roy drug-induced a hideaway Tacoma each stick to hear my baby cry from the steps of the six be reckless boy I remember the self-inflicted pain a prisoner to myself until the day I die in vain and I finally beat this Derby behave like a religion if I find in the wicked devotion is a barrier everyone like a gateway to hell I got my three days Facebook fuck raise projects the name is same but we're not so fucking great to go whenever my my I can buy my way that's what I'm talking hoping one day I may provide you with a place to yours in the afterlife you have to be the fuckin ball the fuck is in a buzz back row treason those pants went red brother dropped in strength the red rose in the red red rose man come on man let me out there I'm chemically imbalanced in this bitch bigger boat race you ready for the berries in your bag it gives the bodies on the ground do we have to go to church of repentance of the little message that always somebody somewhere especially your body to bless you generous closet use it goes like this relevant history then we take it over this world cuz we got your picture spinning in circles ain't no mind spin and it's worth we taking it down to the way up seven bases in the trucks across the city competition that's why this desire nothing like it and I was alone we beckon the world to join this wave in the rain yo that was in the planning six eight seven two and don't forget to contact your local retailer and tell them you want some of that virus shit that leaves the blood stains on your headphones [Applause] shit [Laughter] the Negroes and so loboteca to my mind a long time ago everybody loved it I want some support on the hustle the can to get saline by the match and burn the buckets and now I guess family sucking y'all lookin kind of scared in this motherfucker what y'all scared everybody gets up up to the stage and give it up for bedlam straight out of Saginaw motherfucking Michigan madness prozac your motherfucking staples get the fuck up Abed love the triple threat the motherfucking Saginaw Michigan pine box it Halloween hello bad love can we get it bedlam Red Rum bad some Redrum bedlam with the wicked shit huh is this a song with the wicked shit [Applause] we get up to the a job for my dad really to installing sensors which will then from the depth of the lifeless boy remember self-inflicted pain as they approach their plea from the sizes Jesus negative behavior epidemic proportions are like a religion in my mind I got freedom Assad and the purpose of us is a concrete blood-stained spread look wait it's all about that weekend shit in the West putting the whole debugger to check in the Holy Bible a short appear on the face Helen you lie to recite a chair the walk here walk eater when your body is consumed mr. hummingbird Spanish tell us about your girlfriend which you did it's murder yo yo yo yo we got something love for your mother gets caught staple bedlam Redrum that your bedroom bedlam Batra wrong wrong wrong [Applause] happy birthday so happy Halloween hey before I go though you guys want to see a 350-pound psychopath fucking breakdance you've got the fuckers wanna see that shit you bet I just want to stash it I wanna hear some more shit let's talk us guys [Applause] which letter fuckin stop it's the summer mixed up [Applause] [Applause] it's shit's coming

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