Bellefit Helps Mom After Unplanned C-Section.

hi my name is Kristen and I wanted to share with y'all my experience with benefit I want to start off by saying I'm a huge fan benefit help me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight seven days after giving birth yeah seven days I was shocked I gave birth on June 12th to this little man I'm feeding him right now I had an unplanned c-section I started to wear my benefit corset the day I left the hospital so three days after I gave birth when I first put it on I could hardly close it it was on the the outer facets within two days I was able to completely close the girdle and within two weeks I was ready to order another one size down so I started off with a size large I took my measurements and realized wow I can now fit in a size medium so I ordered a Bella fit Thaung corset love it love it love it and almost ready to get down to a size small Bella fit is super comfortable I was surprised I was very skeptical I learned about it Facebook ads I saw Facebook ads when I was pregnant and I contemplated it for a while I researched it researched it researched it and then when I was about 36 weeks pregnant they recommended that I take my size so I bit the bullet and I bought it super glad that I made the investment so much so that like I said earlier I bought a second one and probably might buy a third one currently right now with the help of benefit I am seven pounds skinnier than I was pre pregnancy I have not went to the gym lifted away done a sit-up I'm not allowed to until now my waist is smaller than it's ever been before a baby and I truly attribute that to my benefit love benefit I recommend it to all you pregnant mamas who want a quick and easy recovery have a great day y'all thank you

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