Bellybuds® | Music to the Baby while Pregnant

Crystal: Hi, I’m Crystal DiAngora and I’m 39 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I am
a yoga and pilates teacher. I always understood that it was really helpful for the development
of he brain for a child to hear music in the womb and just knowing what a big part music
plays in mine and my husband’s life, he’s a DJ and a musician, so knowing that it was
going to be a part of our baby’s life we figured why not start with it in utero. Baby-nesting
time – perfect opportunity to listen to some music and play some music for baby. The first
time I used Bellybuds, um, I think it was while I was cleaning the house, and it didn’t
even really feel like there was anything on my skin. I could actually feel a vibration
and I liked the idea that the baby was feeling that vibration and the music directly because
I know that even when I’m playing music in the car or when I’m listening to music that
it’s affecting my baby, but I didn’t have a sense that it was so direct as when I had
the Bellybuds on. I was able to wear Bellybuds while I was cleaning, while I was hiking,
I wore them while laying in bed reading and that was more of a calming intention, um,
before bed because that’s when my baby gets most active, so I thought this will be a good
way to lullaby the baby. I’ve played music while I was gardening in my backyard. Also,
while I was meditating I played the mantras I was listening to and chanting. While I was
hiking and while I was meditating I used the splitter to be able to listen to the same
thing that I was playing to my baby and it gave me a sense that we were more aligned

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  1. The weather is heating up. Remember to pack your Bellybuds when you're out enjoying the weather! Your baby is listening…. #bellybuds #summer2014  

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