25 Replies to “Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Transgenderism And Pro-Abortion Arguments”

  1. I love how he never finds himself defending an opinion pinned on him. If it’s not something he took time to form his opioid on and pursue it’s consequences he won’t defend a statement.

  2. What a moron. Ignores the biological research showing transgender brains to PHYSICALLY be the same as the sex they should have been born. Physical condition, biological condition – this guy argues you can't be what you are biologically not – so by by his own definition trans people are the opposite gender to what they where assigned at birth due to ACTUAL physical brain structure. He just made the the case for the other side.

  3. Ben how could you lie on BBC that you’ve never seen any of the videos that are titled with you “DESTROYING” someone in a debate. It’s literally on your channel.

  4. "You can't sacrifice the truth because some people are actually going to suffer from the truth"
    -Ben Shapiro

  5. Yeah, I’m a boy, and I’m proud
    Yeah, I’m a girl, and I’m proud.
    I never wished to be the opposite sex, because we both have are ups and downs, and being different then other people, I like feeling different. What we do not like, is pretending to be someone else. Why would you pretend to be someone who you aren’t? The fact people allow murder to happen. Thousands of people or babies who could of had a future life or prevented a Great War in the future died because of parents. It doesn’t matter if you got impregnated by someone against your own will, murder is wrong in general.

  6. Ben Shapiro should be tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail. (As a trans male, I take incredible offense.)

  7. Agree if you have a penis your a boy or you have a vagina your a girl end off that 2 genders people should be happy with what there born unless they have a mental problem

  8. Um.. no. That’s not how it works. If someone needs me to explain basic logic to them, I will. If someone is trans, they are the gender that they claim to be.

  9. First breath?!!!! That’s sick. I’m pro choice but not if the baby is already developed. Hell, once I see a human shape that’s it, times up, you had your chance to abort.

  10. Bullying to a certain point can lead to suicide with teens. But these people are making it seem like the minimal form of teasing will automatically make the victim want to take their life. I’m with Shapiro on this.

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