Bengkung Belly Binding for Postpartum Mothers

hi my name is Claire Saks I'm a birth worker a doula a hypno birthing structor and I also make birth related crafts you may have found me from my Etsy site crafts by Claire and you may have bought one of my belly binding kits in this kit you will find a wrap a torso panel which is just a larger piece of unbleached muslin which has been double hemmed and it goes around your torso in case you're using essential oils or if you bought the herbal paste that I make just so your clothes don't get dirty you'll also get hand written instructions they're not hand written they're just instructions but you'll also get a handwritten note on this card and it tells you the care instructions for your wrap and also which birth charity that I've picked for the month and I donate 20% of all proceeds for everything that I sell in my sights to a birth related charity so today I'm going to teach you how to use one of these wraps if you are by yourself and you're going to self wrap today I'm going to be wrapping with a batik wrap I also sell these on my site but it's the same instructions that you would use if you're using the unbleached muslin wrap so you're going to start with your wrap in your hands and in your right hand you're going to have the majority of the length of your wrap and in your left hand you're going to have between three and five feet you'll wrap it around the back and you'll bring it to underneath where your uterus is you want to start pretty low on your hips and that way it will ensure that your uterus and the whole part of your abdominal muscles are getting included in this wrap so you'll suck in and you're going to make a double knot and you want to make it pretty tight and secure so now in my right hand I have my shorter piece and in my left hand I have my long piece of length and some people they want this wrap to be very very tight so if you do and you want to keep pressure you will hold it with your teeth and you'll rap with both of your hands some women do not feel that that's very comfortable and they want to have it slightly looser so if that's the case and what I will show you today because I want to be able to talk to you you'll put it over your shoulder or you can hold it until you get around here and you need it so you'll start with your left hand now with your long piece and you'll just start by wrapping it around your back and when you get to the front your left hand still has your long piece your right hand has a short piece and you're going to twist it two times so it goes back over your shoulder and your left in your right hand continue to move the wrap around your body and you'll want to overlap your layers you'll twist it twice again and by overlapping you're going to be creating more and more structure of your wrap and you can pull it really really tight or you can keep it a little bit looser and as you go you can move it down again if it's written up then you'll just twist twice you'll continue to do the same thing the goal with a bank-owned belly binding wrap is to make sure that your abdominal muscles after birth are close together so that they go back together when they don't combine when they don't close back up after a birth of the baby you can get something called a diastasis or a diastasis recti which is just a gap in your abdominal wall usually above your belly button or right right below it just keep moving it down and if that goes unmanaged and it starts becoming painful you can't get a hernia and then the only way to fix that is with surgery so if you have a gap in your abdominal wall talk to your care provider or you can look on YouTube there are some great self exercises that you can do or you can ask a physical therapist for some other exercises and some help as well so every once in a while you'll want to check and see if you have any gaps and if so pull them down and you'll just keep wrapping and twisting each time you get to the middle and once you get to your bustline you're finished I'm going to do it one more time around to make sure that I'm nice and secure the nice thing about these wraps are that they are customizable to your size so when you get to the top and you're all wrapped you feel nice and secure you're just going to double knot it one more time and then you can tuck it in to the side if you would like but if you have too much length and I do I would just get a pair of scissors and I've cut it off and I would tuck it in as your stomach if you're using this postpartum goes down in size you get rid of fluids and air and your body starts coming back together your wrap will get either longer and longer or you'll become better at tying it and you'll have more length to use so don't be surprised if you have to readjust the length of this shorter and shorter as your weeks go on anyway thank you so much for watching my video if you would like to buy one of these kits please visit my se shop crafts by claire com

18 Replies to “Bengkung Belly Binding for Postpartum Mothers”

  1. Seriously woman, God bless you & the work you do. You just saved me so much trouble. Looking forward to visiting your Etsy store. Right On!!!!

  2. hiii ,if you didnt bind from birth until your baby is 10 months can you still do so at this point ?Thanks

  3. I am 3 years postpartum, I know it is late in the game, I do have Diastasis Recti which makes doing any core exercise highly difficult and pretty uncomfortable. Could I still use this?

  4. When is it too late to start wearing this? My little one is almost 2 :/ I feel like my abdomen muscle still haven't completely closed, if that makes sense. I'm currently tying to lose 40lbs and exercising but feel I need one of these because I hate the "waist trainer"

  5. I'm seven years postpartum. I have the abdominal separation. I don't want to get surgery to repair it. Will this help fix the issue?

  6. Hi, I want to buy this wrap from your site but i'm not sure what size to get. What size are you using in this video? P.S. Love how you explain how to wrap.

  7. How soon after birth and how long do you suggest wearing this? Also do you think you can wear it under clothes okay?

  8. So I've wrapped myself twice (I'm 3wks PP) but it hurts my back and I can't sit in it to nurse my baby. What am I doing wrong? I've also got gaps before and after the "knots", and the "knots" aren't as straight as yours. Any pointers? How low on hips should this be going? 

  9. Hi, Just wanted to let you know we are adding your links to inside our module 7 post-partum module. I am sure you will be happy for us to share your websites! Hope you will share our site. God Bless. 😉

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