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  1. You can purchase my Bengkund Binds here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheArtOfWellness
    And please check out my Bengkung Bind playlist for other helpful videos that I have made on binding.https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPRlEtjj_hHSpJituNfibnz_9S9vSWW_b

  2. Hi
    I have done c section it has completed 6weeks 2days stomach is fully tighten when i bind now it will reduce r not at ngt time also it should bind r not
    How mny days it will take time to reduce
    Can we bind from stricturs
    Can i start now and how many months i have tie

  3. Hi I had c section Caesar before 9 month and my baby died after delivery 13 days and I an looking like 8 month pregnant everyone asking me now can I bind belly and will me benefit and like your flat belly

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    I bought your balm and bengkung combo from etsy. I had emergency C-section on October 22nd. Thankfully coming from old school my doctor suggested me to tie a saree( a 6 yards fabric typically worn as a garment in India) around the waist and the women here in India only know to tie that. These ladies who come home to tie the saree and give massage will do this work for 1.5 months from the delivery time. So that makes 6 weeks and I am already tying the saree around the waist. Once she is done with work I am thinking of starting bengkung from 6th week. Should I wear it a whole year to actually get back in shape? Of course followed by exercises. When I saw your one of the video you showed your post partum belly which is totally flat and no stretch marks at all. My belly doesn't seem any closer to that. So my question. I delivered twin boys and been busy so commenting on this video this late. Waiting for your reply.

  5. Hi Jennifer! Its me isela, thank you for your fast service on my order. My bind came on the 29th, i must say you have amazing customer service. Very kind, and helpful 🙂 im glad you posted this video, its like you knew i was going to have a c section. My inducement went south, and i got a c section. I think im going to try it out as support without the balm right now, to see how it feels. Not tight at all, but enough support my hanging belly over my incision. Im in great pain, but seeing my little one, its worth it. Thank you again, and keep uploading please. I pressed the bell. I really need you right now in my postpartum state. May the creator of the universe bless you always. -isela

  6. I bought one of your binds to have for my 3rd baby born in April. I had a c-section and actually put it on my second night in the hospital but definitely NOT tight at all, just enough to make me feel like my guts wouldn't fall out. Unfortunately I didn't get to wear it much. My little guy ended up taking a helicopter ride to a NICU 100 miles away (I actually think it was Providence that had me watch your one video about your son's scary medical problems before I had Calvin, cause I kept thinking oh my gosh, this is like the Jennifer lady's experience) so I was very distracted and hormonal, etc. But I did actually use it during my physical therapy exercises to repair my diastasis recti. It worked way better than the towel they recommend. I may try using it again after watching this!

  7. Would there be any benefit to binding 7 months PP/C-section? I bought your wrap and oil before giving birth to be ready but I wasn’t consistent

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