Best days of your menstrual cycle to start a new healthy habit or break an unhealthy one

everyone thanks much for joining me this is Gabrielle liqueur and founder of hormone ology creator of the hormone horoscope menstrual cycle track or apps and author up 28 days what your cycle reveals about your moods health and potential available in Amazon ebook and paperback thanks for joining me for another hormone ology tip it might be a little noisy in the background all my neighbors have collectively decided to cut down all their trees and do all their yard work at the same time now so we'll just try to power through so speaking of powering through I want to talk to you today about the best time in your cycle to start a new healthy habit such as an exercise regimen or eating nutritious foods or to break an unhealthy habits such as smoking or eating junk foods there is a time in your menstrual cycle that is optimal for adopting a new healthy habit or breaking a bad habit and that's because this span of time these days in your cycle help boost your success so let me explain so the magic time in your cycle when you'll be tend to be more successful when starting a new habit that's healthy or breaking a bad habit is day four which is four days after your period starts because day one is the start of your period so day four through ovulation so that's most of the first half of your cycle because ovulation as you may know is somewhere in the middle of your cycle so Dave for through ovulation are the best days in your cycle to adopt a new healthy habit or quit a bad habit and I will explain why there's one good reason rising estrogen estrogen Rises and Rises throughout the first half of your cycle and from Dave for through ovulation it's an elevated level and rising and when that happens this hormone is filling you with more willpower than you have during the rest of your cycle now you know when you start a new healthy habit or you break a bad habit how important it is to have willpower well research shows that our willpower is weaker during the second half of our cycle the day after ovulation through the day before your next period and especially during your pre mental phase and that's due to plunging estrogen but during most of the first half of your cycle estrogen is rising and it's boosting willpower so this is a time when you want to capitalize on this hormonal benefit and start a new healthy habit and break a bad habit now it's not just willpower that estrogen is revving on these days estrogen also boosts your confidence your optimism your mood your resilience these are all traits that help you move forward to continue a healthy habit or to continue resisting a bad habit so you know that when you start a healthy habit you know you might be really gung-ho at first say you start a new exercise regimen and it seems really great the first day the second day a third day you know it could get a little boring or you're a little achy and you need that extra push that extra motivation to keep going because it's a new habit and when anything is new when any habit is new that's a healthy habit it takes a little bit more effort to keep at it you have to keep pushing yourself and pushing yourself to make it an actual habit so when your mood is revved and your energy is revved and your confidence is reppin your optimism that this new healthy habit that this exercise regimen that this new eating regimen that you know whatever else you know there's a new meditation regimen will have benefits when you're optimistic that the benefits are going to pay off you're more likely to continue doing it you have that motivation so rising estrogen helps with willpower and motivation but it also does something else research shows that during the first half of your cycle you have fewer withdrawal symptoms related to breaking a bad habit or starting a new habit that may hang it may have a few aches and pains for instance if you're a couch potato who just started an exercise regimen then you know that there can be some aches and pains when you first get started because it's so new and your body is adjusting your muscles are adjusting your joints are adjusting but the great news is that during the first half of your cycle as estrogen Rises it reduces the sensitivity to aches and pains on top of that it reduces withdrawal symptoms so say you're quitting smoking or you're quitting junk food which is addictive the withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and sleeplessness are reduced during the first half of your cycle compared to the second half which means it'll be easier to stick to your new regimen your you'll be able to resist temptation you you'll be able to resist the coffee or resist the junk food or resist you know the the sugar or resist sitting and watching TV rather than exercising you will feel better you will have more motivation you'll have more optimism during most of the first half of your cycle day four through ovulation that's the sweet spot to start a new healthy habit or start quitting a bad habit now I recommend starting as soon as day four hits because then you'll have four five six seven eight nine ten all the way to ovulation to make that healthy habit stick to reinforce it day after day after day after day because the more you do it the more automatic it becomes the more it becomes a habit that you just follow now I have followed this tip myself many many times one particular time that I do it is when I overdo it on caffeine now I'm a tea drinker and I love my tea and you know tea has a lot of health benefits but everything in moderation so sometimes I can go a little bit too much with the tea and when I realize I'm drinking mmm 8 9 10 cups a day and I have to you know pull it back I say ok j4 I'm gonna start cutting back day 5 cut back even more and so on because I know that the withdrawal symptoms during that phase of my cycle when estrogen is rising are going to be less bothersome than if I tried to stop stop drinking tea during the second half of my cycle now I've gotten myself down to a very healthy 2 to 3 cups a day which is my sweet spot but I use that tip every time I get a little bit out of bounds with a bad habit to get myself back in and it works like a charm I mean why wouldn't it you have the hormonal winds at your back making things easier by boosting motivation reducing withdrawal symptoms reducing aches and pains and boosting willpower so I hope you use this tip yourself the next time you want to adopt a new healthy habit or break an unhealthy habit and if you do use it please let me know how it works share it in the comment section or email me at Gabrielle at my hormone ology calm and if you have any questions about how your hormones impact you every day of your cycle visit my website my hormone ology calm or write to me and I'd be happy to answer also of course you know pick up my apps the hormone horoscope menstrual cycle tracker apps and my new book 28 days what your psycho reveals about your moods health and potential it's available at Amazon and ebook and obviously paperback and it's really my favorite hormone ology tool because it's just so comprehensive it has so much information in it but it's written in a way that's easy to access the information you want to know about money on day 14 boom it's right there there's money in day 14 you want to know about mood you want to know about libido you want to know about your health you just go to the day you're on in your cycle and go to the category it's as easy as that I love this but can you tell her I'm always raving about this book I really love it alright so if you have any questions let me know otherwise until next time thanks so much for watching

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