16 Replies to “Best Exercises to Strengthen a Women's Pelvic Floor Postpartum”

  1. Hi! Just got over the morning sickness for the most part and now I'm looking forward to staying strong. Thank you for the tips!

  2. How do you re-build pelvic strength after a pubic seperation? Despite keigals, yoga and belly dance in the intervening years since I gave birth I still have diastasis, and a very weak pelvic floor. I was on bed-rest for most of my (very high risk) pregnancy, and I feel like I lost a great deal of tone and strength that I had and have been unable to build it back. I am almost 40 years old now.

  3. This is a wonderful topic. There is so much bad information out there! Thank you for tackling this subject in an evidence-based way!

  4. What a great video! I actually just started going to PT (at 1 1/2 years postpartum, haha) for diastisis, and this helps further explain everything that's going on. Thanks for creating this!

  5. This is the best post partum video I have seen. So many videos skip the basics and Sam was so clear consise. What I would like to know is how frequently should these exercises be completed. Daily? Reps and sets? That would be really helpful. Your videos are great x

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