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hello myself no pressure at pravakara and reproductive specialist and chief consultant at Aires International fertility hospital questioned by infertile E as in we are getting lot of patients or with previous to previously IVF failure so and the couples who are having aged more than 40 years are perimenopausal or menopausal age new patients so we first is they come as soon as they come they will ask what is the cost for infertility alone and what is the cause for failure for previous I have for you smoothly depending on their age phase factor as they age advances the quality of life and the quality of fundamental acceptance also goes off or it comes down so there might be two reasons for failure when one is poor quality of Embree which has been transferred or premature in your day 3 embryo which has been transformed and the second is endometrial acceptance so we will first make sure that the embryos which has been prepared should be a very good quality that is a plus quality embryo and it should be transferred when the endometrium is in the acceptance phase for that and the metal except ivities sa receptive can say that is error test which we can do in a patient with previous more than two hours and you know where we can see the receptivity jeans when they are appearing normally the window of implantation he is between 18 days to 22 days of the cycle so which is the exact day on duration and hours at from programming or tablets or from the day when we start the fog on our and the sustained English Channel tablet we're starting the day and duration we will calculate and evaluate with the genetic analysis and on the same day we will do the transfer and that way we can give positive results with error with previous IVF failure patients recently we have got a lot of patients with whom we have done error and the error positive result with the aid of positive will indeed the same type the preparation of the endometrium and though the class work and the patient becomes pregnancy patient about pregnancy is positive you you hi everyone myself dr. G Thea I'm medical officer of chaos equation branch so we are here to disk is about IU I the treatment in which we do intrauterine insemination this is called Rui so we are talking about IU I the success rates of ioi and how are you I is done when you talk about Rui it is the primary step that we do or primary treatment that we do in an infertility treatment so then a couple or a young a couple comes for a IVF treatment and we suggest Rui we what we do is we we prepare the cement sample and if we inject the semen sample artificially into the you trying count what happens here is in a natural cycle once the Semin has to call this or the sperm has to travel a distance from the cervix to the place where the egg this situated or the fallopian tubes whereas in ioy what we do is we just decrease the distance between the center sperms and the over so that to in a natural in a couples who can conceive naturally or but they don't have any much problematic conditions they can have a baby in that way so in this way the Rui success rates of IUI goes to about 15 to 30 percentage we talk about the success rates of iey so this is what we do in our UI treatment and we have a question that how many times that we could do Rui Rui usually we give it only for two to three times y because Rui in in are you violence you are artificially injecting or in simulating the seven to the uterus so that's what you call the infection thus our chances of infection may come if you do from more than three times so it's I do I mean it is optimal to do i y from around two to three times you you can type your treatment in a pack on board a conga cell over her little clock in the cell of a patina Kabbalah a mockery catchy in collaborative like a ship already the punter a broker Shepherd throw me in the Mondrian ending earlier computed Marbella or anxiety and the Kabbalah robots in an Qunari episode loss of memory and the hormonal secretions arukou silymarin Carla and in the anxiety another : during that book by Leila Hatami the carnival Erica another and the ants a tinker the Wonder could eliminate or a marketer eliminate pond on board on under mouth Muro my yoga time area – Kataya a harem of course dr. Mahalakshmi one deter physical ER and the patient's already contra embryologist current a healthier work rather and I didn't amok amok in Modena and the treatment completed it so no longer area I wonder no more Nullah particular evening I wanna say pretty much in opening party or awareness from sorry or in else education and the patient Socorro and the patients then Monica Korea Sunday and a little novel to you marketer cake rather an hour bisschen come in Spanish 11 division mañana Ning in Natalia our neroon if operating it in the treatment some income will be cobalamin demands a team and we kind of work up a travel energy an otaku a kind of reckoning as an help Anna pouring it ningke Dom look support phone okay together on all or one reversion cultural Goran de pintura de toluca pruning a very compared to support one another – the canto questioning particular Josi either under Niram cutting either are putting rhythm and on the patient's a telework order to murder one another pair of 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and main among the number one IVF existing each in every event solemn sorry told we are anonymous Eric marked were Qatar Maru are no sneaky boy on more about him in and Allah say you know say you could have the aprender there in Chicana told me hadn't shown in a car and acknowledged thorn or a ciggy she told we are done with it yeah then a long look at kuru hotel even all of Anna's are putting another country potentially my empathy Nana reappeared on the result negative and on a permit or Gaelic mockery Matala na when the negative of Aragon bacon Deepak Gupta on you for a counseling product in NACA harness Maliki negative organ to the fury of a chip out of Tamura Anglican on the CD release a year banana candy pop three B's I with existing each in a failure one down below our data more aware tree Viper Ithaca re hamana why put a unit you day in day out so we can purchase our only Hospital cochamo after meeting dr. Mahalakshmi touch ideas for suggest asaru so when certain procedure was acting the Inca Claire got a positive result santoku Ranger movie ending the marriage a Malik roast man Hickman Kochi juicy darkening antibody near partner parade another treatment its nadir I would success in this you you mr. frumble or my name is Uma I have come more evening from last six months my doctor my Lakshmi the facilities are really good

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