Best Herbs to Prevent Miscarriage

What are the best herbs to prevent miscarriage? If you think you may be having a miscarriage,
you need to get to the hospital, not the herbalist. I’m not having one, but I don’t want to have
one. If you have a condition like a thyroid out
of balance, you still need to talk to a doctor about treating the underlying condition. I’m just worried about losing the baby early. They say the maternal anxiety during pregnancy
is a healthy sign. Sure, as I lose my mind. It is just practice for when you wonder if
that silence means the baby is asleep or eating something he shouldn’t. I’d like to get to that point. No herbs will prevent a miscarriage due to
a severe genetic abnormality. Whether or not getting all your antioxidants will prevent
that, I don’t know. So let’s look at what you do know. Taking B6, B12 and folate together is actually
better and shown to reduce your odds of miscarriage if you have high homo-cysteine levels. I don’t know if I have that. You can lose the baby due to an infection,
hormonal imbalance or nutritional deficiency. A lack of zinc affects all three by raising
the risk of colds, interferes with sperm production and means there isn’t enough nutrient to support
healthy development. The solution to that is a steak or lean protein
like oysters. Actually, that sounds like the solution is a lot of romantic dinners. Just cook it long enough to kill salmonella,
since that can cause miscarriage. And certain hormone levels that are too low can cause
a luteal phase defect, where the period is too short and the embryo can’t implant. I know that the hormones that go in birth
control interferes with pregnancy if naturally high, but I have no idea how to naturally
treat it. I’ve heard of Chaste Tree Berry used to treat
this, but I’d talk to a doctor first. You’ve suggested doctors first and foremost
for all of this. What can I do myself? You can try to offset the problem by eating
seeds, nuts, green leafy vegetables and eggs. There are magnesium supplements you can take
too. So far we just have get your minerals in. Don’t forget vitamin C, since it is required
for the uterus to support a developing embryo. And it boosts the immune system. At least that’s solved via real lemonade or
orange juice, though if you want to try blue berry extract or acai juice, that’s your choice. I’ll choose what tastes better. One thing you want to avoid are herbs intended
to boost milk production levels, since that hormone interferes with pregnancy. Some people have said I need to do a toxicity
cleanse. The real world isn’t dosing you with toxins
unless you’re smoking, drinking and drugging it up every week. That only tells me what to avoid. Avoid foods with listeria like deli meats,
soft cheeses and smoked salmon unless you cook them. You can ask about maca for maintaining
healthy female hormone levels and don’t overdo the yams. What do you think about healthy essential
oils? A lot of them are actually bad for you if
you’re pregnant, though a fertility massage isn’t a bad idea. The massage oils, or the massage itself? If it reduces your stress hormone levels,
it is probably good for you.

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