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– Hi, my name is Catelynn.
(dinging) I’m 16, and I’m from Algonac, Michigan, a small town right across
the river from Canada. That’s my boyfriend Tyler. We’ve been together since seventh grade. You’re a little flirt,
especially in music class. – We used to write notes
back to each other! (Tyler laughing)
– Yeah! Even though Tyler and I
are used to surprises, nothing could have shocked us more than when our parents fell in
love and then got married. So technically, we’re step siblings. But we say that they’re the weird ones because we were dating first. (air whooshing) Even though it seems
like a recipe for drama, for the most part, everyone gets along. But it’s about to get a whole
lot crazier around here. Because I’m pregnant.
(dinging) (air whooshing) Now that the day to meet the
adoptive parents is here, I’m even more nervous, I
just hope we like them. (suspenseful music) – Hey, Brandon and Teresa, this is Tyler. – Hey, Tyler, Brandon.
– How are you doing? – Good to see you.
– Hi, hi. – I get the first hug.
– Yeah, you two can hug. – It’s good to meet you.
– It’s so good to meet you. – Teresa.
– Hi! – My heart’s racing!
(laughing) – You can sit here, you
guys have a seat here. – [Brandon] Well, it’s good to meet y’all. – I know, I’m really glad–
– The build up to this, I mean we’ve been hearing about
y’all for the last few weeks, and it’s just time to meet,
just time to get in front of ya. (Catelynn laughing)
– And say hello. So we’re glad to be here. – How many weeks are you now, Catelynn? – 31.
– Yep, 31 weeks. – So we have nine weeks
’til D-Day, so we’re just gonna spend some time
getting to know each other, and I’ll just ask questions
and put y’all on the hot seat. So I wanted you guys
to kinda tell them two what you’re thinking in
terms of pictures and letters and kind of updates and
getting information. – Personally, I want
to be able to send her birthday presents because
I will do that every year. I’d be like, “Gotta go shopping! “Gotta go get something for
her,” so I want her to know that I’m still there, I didn’t
just not care about her. – Makes sense, I think having
correspondence, interactions, certainly pictures and
kind of letters we can do. It makes all the sense in the world. – I have a feeling we would
take tons and tons of pictures. – What are your goals,
and what kind of things are you looking towards in the future? – I really want my daughter
to live in a household where she’s raised in a
household, and she’s not moving. I moved my whole life, I don’t really have a really good stable household. My mom, she’s had problems, and I had… I had to go move with my
grandparents, lived with them for seven months ’cause I
couldn’t live where I was living. And, (laughs), sorry.
– It’s okay. (Catelynn sighing) (sad music) – I just want her to have
better than what I had. And I know that I can’t do that, so I’m just doing the thing
that I think’s the best. And I know that you
guys can provide for her a lot more than I can, so I don’t know. – So Tyler, you’re gonna help
her, hold one of her legs? – Okay.
– Okay, I’m gonna have you come over on the left here. We have Tracy over here. We’re gonna bring them up and down, gonna take a deep breath in,
and you’re gonna push down right on your bottom like a
bowel movement would feel. Do you feel like you need to do it? – Yeah.
– Let me get some gloves on. Then, we’ll try.
(Catelynn sighing) Just breathe, the baby’s
head’s nice and low, so you’re gonna do great
with this, all right? Put my game clothes on. (laughs) Now, remember what I said,
knees this way, more, perfect. Now, take a deep breath
in, hold your breath, and push out right here, push. Even more, you’re doing great Catelynn. Harder, harder, perfect,
you’re doing awesome. Baby has hair, okay.
(Catelynn groaning) Let it go, another breath in. Push down hard, two, three, stronger! Four, good, five, right there, hold on! Seven, eight, push, push, push, nine! Ten, let it go. Hard, push down.
(Catelynn breathing) Pull those legs back, push down. Right there, four, hold
on, five, moving her, six. Keep going. Seven, don’t stop! Eight, nine…
– Good, Catelynn, keep going. – Okay, another try, another breath. Big breath!
(Catelynn breathing) – There you go, there you go, honey! – Lots of pressure, nine.
– Yeah, there we go, honey! Let it go.
(Catelynn crying) You’re okay, Catelynn.
– It’s okay, it’s okay. – You’re doing good, you’re
doing really good, honey. – Now, I want you to open your
eyes, and I want you to look. Right down there, open your–
– I don’t want to see! – Okay, then, just push.
– No, she doesn’t want to see. – Just push, go ahead, push her out. (calming music) Here she is, you did great!
– Hey, baby. – I love you so much.
(crying) – [Doctor] Catelynn,
wanna take a look, no? (baby crying) – [April] Catelynn, you should look. – We can do this, honey, we
can do this, I know, okay? We can do this.
– Standing by. – [Tyler] We can do this, this
is all for her, all for her. She’s going to have
such a good life, honey. And she’s going to be so happy. Why aren’t they taking her out of here? – I’m fine.
– It’s okay support her, honey Don’t think about yourself. (laughs) – I’m all right, okay? (baby screaming and crying) – She sounds cute, I
just don’t want to look. – You did really good.
– I tried. (dinging) You’re making my heart race, what? – Well, I got you something. – What?
– Before you open it I just wanna tell you that… (sighs) That I love you a lot, and I wanna be with you
for the rest of my life. Okay?
– Yeah. – I want you to be mine forever. And I want you to grow old with me. And all the stuff that we’ve been through, we had a daughter, and
made adoption plans. And it was one of the hardest
things that I ever had to do. You were there for me through everything. You’ve always been there for me. (sighs) I wanted to ask you if you would marry me? – Honey, oh, my God, are you serious? Oh, my God, yes, I will.
– I love you so much. – I love you too. Oh, my gosh, honey, I
seriously will marry you. It’s so pretty, thank you so much. Honey, I love you so much. (romantic music) – I promise I’ll never let you down. (camera clicking) – We’ve been waiting to see
Carly for an entire year, and I can’t believe we’re
actually gonna see her today. Okay, my stomach’s starting to turn. Just seeing her for the first
time is kinda nerve wracking. Don’t know what to expect, you know? – [Tyler] Yeah. (soft guitar music) – Oh, no, I see them.
– Where? (gasps) I see her! – [Teresa] Hi, Catelynn and
Tyler, you wanna go see them? – You getting a little nervous? – Hi, you guys! I’m about to run over there. (laughs) – Hi, guys!
– Hi, Brandon. – Say hi to Catelynn and Tyler, hi! – I can’t believe it.
– It’s been a while, huh? – Oh, you see that? Look! What is that?
– It’s Sammy! (Carly babbling) – That’s for you!
– Say thank you! – Can you give it a hug?
– Give him a hug. – [All] Aww!
(laughing) – So sweet, look, you
wanna give Catelynn a hug? – [Brandon] Oh, that would be so sweet. – This is Catelynn.
– Can you give her a hug? – Kinda gotta let her warm
up to us a little bit. – Here, let’s go over in the
shade, it’s hot out here. – Oh, yeah, let’s go in the shade. – It’s hard to believe it’s been a year. – I know. – It’s been a busy year
for everybody, but… – My mom bought this for Carly. – Oh, that’s from April.
– Did you see that? – Isn’t it beautiful?
– You like it, huh? – Are you hungry, do you wanna
put something in your tummy? – Ooh, tummy!
– Is your tummy hungry? – Oh, wow, Tyler.
– She’s so cute. – Are you guys hungry?
– Oh, yeah, we haven’t ate. – [Tyler] Oh, yeah, you’re hungry, huh? – Look just like Tyler, wow! (laughs) – What I see mostly, Tyler,
from you is the eyes. The way her eyes are shaped or something. – Hi, Catelynn!
(Carly babbling) – [Brandon] There’s that
scrunched nose, look. She scrunches up here nose a lot. – I used to do that when I was little. – All the time.
– All the time she does that! – I used to always go.
– Yeah! – I have so many pictures
of her like that. – That’s what I used to do, that’s weird. Isn’t that weird?
– Isn’t that funny? – What else do you need?
– There it is. (laughs) Look, look, look!
(laughing) – I need to get a picture of
the two of you doing that! (Brandon laughing) – That is funny, you are funny! – So, what’s been going on? We got a years worth
of stuff to catch up on – Finish school for the year?
– Graduate in December. And then, I think I’m gonna
go to a private facility, and just do my paramedic training there. It’s like an academy style so it’s faster, and I just get my certificate
in like 15 months. – [Brandon] So getting
those updates from us. Was everything we said
true, all the things we’ve been showing you, how
she’s been making progress? Seeing the pictures.
– What else do you need? (laughing) – Look at these two.
– That’s awesome. ♪ Come on and let your fate decide ♪ ♪ How long your heart will take the ride ♪ – It’s time, it’s time,
(sighs) no more high school. – I’m excited now just
to get life rolling. It’s just weird to say that
it’s legitimately life now. It’s time to grow up and–
– We’ve already kinda had to grow up though, you know? – I mean, just as in now I
have to write out my own future and nobody else can do it for
me, it’s all up to us now. – It’s pretty surreal.
– Yeah, it is. – [Announcer] Tyler Baltierra. (audience cheering) Catelynn Judith Lowell. (audience cheering) (tense music) – All right, let’s see it.
– Blinking. – I can’t, it’s just taking forever, dude. – (gasps) It says yes! (upbeat music) You’re gonna be a daddy,
you’ll be a good dad. Well, you’re gonna be a dad! I always wanted to be a mom.
– I know. I can’t wait to hold it.
(Catelynn laughing) – You’re already thinking
about holding it? Are you sure you’re ready for
it, I think I’m ready for it. – I’m ready, I’m ready! Oh, my God, we gotta
start planning (beep). Okay, so let’s think, I think
this is what we should do. I go and get my degree,
and then I’ll graduate when the baby’s around–
– What am I supposed to do? Be a stay at home mom?
– What you’ve always wanted. I think it’s important, my mom
couldn’t stay home with me, and so I really want my baby
to be with a mom at home for at least the first three years. Once that kid goes to school,
then you can go to school! And I’ll already have my degree,
that’s what we should do. All right, how do you wanna go about this? Do you wanna announce it
on Twitter, do you wanna– – I’ll announce my pregnancy
when I feel the time is right. Not now, too soon.
– So think about this, wait babe, we’re supposed
to get married next year. So how’s that gonna work?
– I wouldn’t mind being married before the baby comes. – So what do you wanna do?
– We could always just go to courts!
– I’d never do that. I’m in the hospital having my child. – Right now?
– Right now. ♪ In days ♪ ♪ In nights ♪ ♪ Yeah, we are all in this together ♪ ♪ Isn’t that right ♪ ♪ Come rain, come shine ♪ – Ready to push this baby out?
– Yep, she’s coming. – [Tyler] She’s coming. (baby crying) – [Woman] There you go, Nova! – Don’t make me cry already. – I knew I was gonna cry
when I walked in here. Can I even get near you?
(Catelynn laughing) Aww, honey, you look stunning. – Thanks! – Have you been here
since 10:30 getting ready? – Yes!
– Oh, my gosh! (laughs) – I could not sleep last night. – Really?
– Uh-uh. – Let me see this dress and everything. How are you?
– Good, I’m nervous. – Are you?
– Yeah. – Don’t be nervous, everything
is beautiful out there. Oh, my goodness, and I saw your groom, and he is very handsome.
– Good. (laughs) – This is where you’re supposed to be. – I know.
– And walk down that aisle and be the most beautiful
bride ever, ever, ever. – Thank you. – I never wanted my wedding
to end ’cause it was just all your favorite people in one
place here to celebrate you. And I wanted to tell you
that we are so proud of you. – Thank you. – We’re so proud of you, and you’ve just, we just love you. – I love you guys.
– So much. Thank you for everything
you’ve done for us. Thank you for letting us celebrate. – Thank you for coming.
– And Carly is like, “When are we gonna see Catelynn?” (Catelynn laughing)
“When do we get to go?” And can’t wait to get in here, so… So they’re excited to be here too. ♪ Everything must go ♪ ♪ Nothing’s gonna last ♪ ♪ But then again ♪ ♪ That’s what’s beautiful ♪ – What’s the matter?
– You look pretty. (laughing) – [Catelynn] Thank you! (laughs) ♪ We’re tasting the sunshine ♪ ♪ Together in its light ♪ ♪ There’s no end in our sight ♪ ♪ We’re tasting the sunshine ♪ – All right, guys. – Ready?
– Yep! As ready as I’ll ever be, hold
on, Dad, I think I need to go Do you? I don’t know.
– One more kiss. – Knees are gonna be knockin
while you’re standing up there. – You ready?
– Oh, my gosh. – Okay, here comes nothing.
– I can’t get in through the door.
(laughing) (“Here Comes the Bride”) – Please rise. You may be seated. I told Tyler I’d be ready for this moment. (laughing) – Thank you, uh-huh, thank you. – Catelynn and Tyler, we’ve come together in the presence of God for your marriage, to share your joy, and to
promise you our support and love. Tyler, do you take
Catelynn to be your wife? – I do. – Catelynn, do you take
Tyler to be your husband? – I do. Right?
– Yeah, that’s right. (laughing) Now, Tyler and Catelynn have written their own vows to one another, and
Tyler will share his first. Okay, from middle school
sweethearts at the tender age of 13 to two teens in a crisis
facing the odds together. (moving music) To becoming parents and
building a household together, to playfully goofing around
together like children as if no one is watching, all
of these things and many more are the reason I want to
make a promise to you. I promise that as long as I’m
alive, you will never be alone you will never question
if you are beautiful, you will never doubt that you are worthy, and you will never
wonder if you are loved. You are my angel, my
soulmate, my best friend. I believe you were brought into this world and destined to be loved
by me, cherished by me. I anxiously wait to be able to
love you forever as my wife. – I have a tissue for you. – [Bridesmaids] Whoo! – I can’t top his!
(laughing) From the moment I first laid eyes on you, I always prayed that one day
that you would be my husband. And as I stand in front of you now, I am just so blessed that
that dream came true. We have created two
beautiful children together and shared so many important
life goals with one another. From this day forward I promise to care for you through
the good and bad times, be loyal to you always, and
share happiness and laughter. But most of all, I promise to
give you my love and support and to cherish and respect you
throughout our life together. – Tyler, what do you bring
as a sign of your promise? – Thank you. Oh, whoops, sorry!
(Catelynn laughing) – We got it!
– Take two. – And Catelynn, what do you
bring as a sign of your promise? Catelynn and Tyler have made
their commitment of marriage together before God and all here present. By solemn vows, I now
pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your beautiful bride. (audience cheering) – You are so beautiful.
– Thank you. – It is my distinct
pleasure to introduce to you for the very first time, Mr. and Mrs. Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra. (audience applauding)
– Score! ♪ Something new ♪ ♪ Something new is in the air ♪ ♪ Paradise, won’t you
come and meet me there ♪ – Aloha.
– Aloha! – Look at this, okay! – It was hard to say goodbye
to Nova, and I’m really trying not to let my anxiety
get the best of me in Hawaii. – I haven’t heard from
your mom since we landed. – Should we try to FaceTime Nova? – Yeah. (phone ringing) – Hi! – Is Tooty sleeping? – No, she’s right here. – Hi, Tooty Fruit, what are you doing? You wanna see Daddy?
– Hi, baby! What are you doing who’s that?
– Hey, baby! Thank you for the kisses, I love you! (Nova babbling)
– Daddy! – Giver her a kiss for me, Ma!
– I will. – You wanna see something cool? This is in my back yard! I’m in the middle of
this dolphin sanctuary. You see them out there? – Wow, cool!
– Isn’t that cool, mom? – Yeah! (upbeat music) – It’s nice to see how
happy Nova is with my mom, and so far I haven’t
had much anxiety at all. ♪ I don’t wanna be ♪ ♪ Anything other than your love ♪ Head out this way, babe, towards the cows! Turn him to the right and kick him! – You gotta be firm with him a little bit! (Catelynn laughing) – How does it feel to be
with somebody who’s stubborn? ♪ No, I don’t wanna be ♪ ♪ Anything other than your love ♪ – You’re doing dishes? What a good wife doing–
– Oh, shut up. – Do you know what’s coming up soon? – Our anniversary?
– Yeah. – We have to eat our cake too.
– Yay, cake! One year old frozen cake! (laughs) – Yeah.
– Just slam it. I want you just to slam it on the counter. – [Catelynn] Look at it. (groans) Why do people really do this? It’s vanilla bean. – You do the first bite.
– No! I’m feeding you first, go! (rock music) – [Tyler] Get a bigger piece. Bigger than that, that’s bull
crap, mine was way bigger– – No, it was not!
– Yes, it was! – I can’t get anything.
– Let me get it for you. – [Catelynn] I got it. – [Tyler] There, that’s better. (Tyler laughing)
– Ew. – Come kiss me now! – So good! – Do you know why we’re
making pink and blue cupcake? – Because. – Mommy has a baby in her belly, so you’re gonna be a big sister! – I’m gonna be big sister?
– Yeah! And tomorrow the party is
’cause we’re gonna find out if it’s gonna be a little
girl or a little boy! – Yeah! – Would you want a little
brother or a little sister? – I need a sister!
– What if it is a boy? Would you be happy to
have a little brother too? – Yeah, I love him.
– You love it? (Tyler laughing) – I can rock it.
– You’re gonna rock it? – And feed the bubbas.
– And help feed it. – So cute!
– It’s gonna be so cute. – Yeah.
(Tyler laughing) – Wanna help me mix now?
– Yeah. (mixer whirring) (upbeat music) – [Catelynn] Getting
pregnant was very unexpected since we still have a lot of
work to do on our relationship. I know Tyler’s been frustrated
in our marriage for a while and has been seeing a therapist. – I just need change, yeah.
– Need something to change in the relationship for you to feel good about the relationship. – Yeah, because if someone asked me, “Are you happy in your marriage?” I would say, “Absolutely, not.” And I haven’t been for a couple years. – [Catelynn] He decided he wanted to try living separately for a month,
I was devastated at first, but now that I have
started my own therapy, I’m more comfortable with the idea. – You had filled out that
marriage questionnaire when you went to New York that time. – Yeah.
– What is the status of the idea of you guys
doing couples counseling? – We wanted to go to couples
therapy and things like that, so obviously I still want to do that too, but I wanted to see my
counselor a few times before jumping into that. And then, we went to Sedona and stuff. Basically, all I want to
share with the cameras is that me and you learned
that, we’ve been together for so long that it’s like,
who are you as a person by yourself?
– When we were down there at that retreat, that’s why I said I think I wanna live separately. I just felt like it
was the best place to– – No, it made sense.
– Bring it up, I guess. When construction is
done at the new house, then we’re gonna do our trial separation where we’re gonna live
separate to figure out– – Am I jumping of joy for it? No. – I don’t think any of us are. You took it kinda hard.
– Yeah, I mean, but– – The intention is not
to bring up your anxiety or to make you feel any of
your core wounds, you know what I mean ’cause I know–
– No, I know. – All right.
– But in that moment, it did trigger me, it did bring up wounds, it was scary, it was sad, it was hurtful. Things that I’ve been
through, like when people say that they wanna separate,
they wanna leave, it seriously does feel like somebody died. That’s like bringing up the old
wounds from the miscarriage. And that’s traumatic.
– Yeah, I know. And that’s why it was so
hard for me to even say it. Because it was like I
knew it was literally the worst possible thing
that you could hear. – Feel like in my mind, it
makes it harder for a mom to be trying to do that and
take care of a three year old, and then being pregnant,
it’s just a lot of stress. – No, right, yeah, I get it. (sad music) Okay, bag, car, all the things. We have to go!
– What’s wrong? – [Tyler] No, nothing’s
wrong, nothing’s wrong! Hurry, hurry, hurry!
– Why? – [Tyler] Quickly, baby
sister coming today! – [Nova] What’s wrong with your baby? – [Tyler] No, nothing’s
wrong, nothing’s wrong. – We have to go to the hospital quickly. – [Tyler] Yeah, real quick, here. ♪ I see it different ♪ ♪ Everything now after
I have risked it all ♪ – Oh, stop. (gasps) Look at her, she knows you, Nova! ♪ So magnificent ♪ ♪ Is this love above the
eyes just standing strong ♪ – I wish she’d open her eyes. – Do you feel good, do
you feel comfortable? ♪ I’ll never let you go ♪ – What are you doing? (gasps) What are you doing? I know Nova’s been through a
lot of change with the new baby but I want her to know that she’s loved, so I’m planning something special for her. Come here my little potato sack. So one of my friends called me. I guess a family she knows
is trying to get rid of they have a pony that
they’re trying to get rid of for only 500 bucks, it’s
like a miniature pony. So they stay little forever.
– A miniature pony? – Yeah.
– For what? – A pony for kids.
– Why do you want the pony? – I mean, I would like to get
Nova a pony, so her and I, I can teach her.
– Okay. And we can learn together,
ride together and stuff, so we can spend time
together just the two of us. – (sighs) Okay, I mean, it’s
another animal to take care of. So, I mean, it comes with
a whole bunch of stuff. – What, like the pig that I–
– Like the pig! – Might have just got myself a pig. – What? You bought a (beep) pig? – I bought a pig. (dramatic music) Come here, piggy, oh no, oh no. (pig squealing) Oh, no, you guys, I need help! Am I (beep) crazy? Like this is gonna be
a lot of (beep) work. – The pig?
– Yeah. I just feel like I need help. – I just wanna know, you know I mean… Are you feeling good as
far as your postpartum? You know what I’m saying,
like you’re not… – No, I feel good, yeah.
– Okay, well. – I think the biggest way I would know is if I was sad all the time, or
if I didn’t want to go out, or I wanted to sleep all the
time, the biggest thing is that it’s okay to take time for yourself every once in a while.
– And not feel guilty about it because–
– You’re doing it to make yourself a good parent. – You know, just freaks
me out a little bit. – Postpartum? Yeah, it can be scary. Just you wanna buy another
animal, so I’m like (groans). And I feel like, oh (beep)
what does this mean? – I’ll think about it first, obviously. Not just gonna–
– I trust your decision. So whatever you wanna do, honey. – I know it’s more responsibility,
but I’ve done a lot of work on my mental health
and I don’t think another horse will add more stress, and
it’s the right thing for Nova. – Look, Daddy.
– I know you’re doing so good. (Catelynn laughing) – Horses say neigh, right?
– Yeah. All horses say neigh. – You like riding your pony?
– Yeah! We can keep her?
– Yeah, we can keep her. She’s yours, come on.
– Yeah. See, make that noise. – I can’t. – This is just nothing.
(laughing) It’s just there, oh,
this is her other foot and then other foot’s right
here, it’s in the same hole. – [April] That must’ve been
hard leaving Nova the other day? – Yeah. – I was worried at first
after you having the baby. I was worried about you having the baby and how it would be for you, but you look a hell of a
lot better than you did after Nova, honey.
– Really? – Yeah.
– So with Nova you had a lot harder of a time? – Yeah, I did.
– Not saying that you… Mentally you look better. (laughs) – Mentally, all around the whole picture. – Yeah, the whole picture.
– The whole picture. – I love it!
– You got her? – Do you just pass her like that? – You just gotta, you
got it, I got her head. – [April] Is Nova still enjoying Vaeda? – Yeah, Nova likes the baby.
– Yeah, she does. – She’s good with her.
– I think the newness has worn off, she’s like,
“Yeah, okay, whatever, dude.” Yeah, the baby.
– She’ll still be like asking to hold her and stuff, but– – She holds her for like
five minutes and she’s like, “No, I’m done, you can take the kid now.” – ‘Cause she can’t play with her yet. – Yeah, and then we got
her her pony so that way me and her can go out there
together and do things. – Yeah, now you can help her
now that you’re not pregnant. – Yeah.
– So that’s good. – Tyler was proud of me ’cause
I usually jump on things, but I really did think
about it, I thought about it for a good four or five days, and then I went and saw the pony, and then I waited another
couple days before I got her. – ‘Cause at first I was like I
don’t want the (beep) animal. Then, I realized I just
felt like, you know, it’d be something that
Nova can just kinda– – Well, the pros were like I
can teach Nova to do things. – It can be a bonding
thing for you and her. – Yeah, something we can–
– That she won’t have with anyone else.
– Right, exactly. – Plus, it’s like Nova’s
own thing too which is good. It’s her own thing.
– And if Vaeda gets into it, she does, and if she doesn’t,
you know what I’m saying. – And Nova’s obsessed with horses, so it was like Nova’s own
little thing, you know? – Even though she’s coming in the world, and our whole lives gonna change
and this whole big family, you have something new
too that you’re able to– – Take care of.
– Nurture, take care of. You’re mothering this new
baby, she can, you know… Now, you have something you can nurture.

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  1. i dont understand why they wouldnt hold her or even look at her if they were going to spend time w her later on before they left the hospital anyway. that really got me

  2. Wth the doctor kept asking if they wanted to look?! Like wtf. She had to have known that they were giving her up for adoption. Seeing how her and Tyler reacted after she gave birth was so heartbreaking.

  3. omg theresa! I swear shes like a woman who stands strong in Caits life and loves Cait and Tyler like they are almost an adoptive son and daughter. The bond is amazing

  4. Sometimes it's good to remember where you come from. Remember WHY you gave up your child. Without the MTVchecks you would be greatful towards the adoptive parents for saving your child. They came to rescue when you couldn't. Just remember

  5. Catelynn wanted carly tyler didn't that's why she regrets it because she did it for him. No wet tears this way we all go through struggles in life.

  6. 24:56 after catelyn spit out the cake, he said "kiss me now." That was so cute how he kissed her. So comfortable with each other. Love them.😊💜

  7. I knew since day one cate really didn't want to give her baby up for adoption I would watch the show cause I too was a teen and pregnant at the time and I could tell she didn't want to and I always use to think she was gone oneday regret putting her child up for adoption especially when she would go on to have other kids

  8. I'm sorry…(everybody is entitled to their own decisions) but when they didn't want to look at baby for their personal issues it broke my heart. An innocent life that knows nothing about anything being avoided like that. Not her fault they had an accident. I don't judge them, they were teens but I feel sorry for the innocent bubba.

  9. Such a good reminder that Catlynn and Tyler are the most savage, loving, thoughtful people on this planet! To know that they couldn’t give Carly what she needed and give her to a family that could was amazing. I love them …they should be so proud of themselves.

  10. I can't imagine how she felt giving birth and not holding her baby. As soon as my son was born I was fighting to see him and it felt like a million years before they brought him to me. When he started crying I was so desperate to see him so I completely understand how Tyler felt when he wanted them to take the baby out of the room. He wanted to see his daughter and he knew that if he did he wouldn't be able to let her go. I think that Caitlyn's mindset was made that day and she is hurt very deep by giving her daughter away

  11. YAY keep making these!! Also. how come on your website alot of the teen mom episodes are unavailable? It's super annoying.

  12. This video makes me cry a little. also carly is a cute kid. also she will be 18 years old in like 2028 then she can see Tyler and Catelyn and her sister Nova and her other sister. I forgot there others baby name now

  13. I’m watching this while holding my newborn son. I just had him yesterday. I just can’t imagine doing what Cate and zTyler did. What a beautiful yet heart breaking decision.

  14. Nunca entendi porque hicieron eso si trabajando para esta serie iban a ganar plata y a hacerse conocidos. Y en caso que la serie no siguiese, podrian conseguir trabajos mejores gracias a los contactos o pedir ayuda. Me da mucha pena por ellos porque hoy siguen padeciendo esta decisión.

  15. I cried so much when Carly and cátelyn were doing the nose thing together and bonding OMG I WAS CRYING SO BAD ! 😢 that was sooo cute

  16. I will never not cry my face off at her birth. They were so strong and selfless when they were kids themselves. The ultimate love. 💕💕💕

  17. Omg I already started crying like 8 minutes into this. Cait & Tyler you are such amazing parents, an amazing couple and you two are such strong individuals! I love your story & you two really are an inspiration ❤️💙💖

  18. I remember this episode snd i like them a whole lot caitlyn and Tyler are my favorite couples and caitlyn is my favorite teen mom the kids are pretty

  19. I'm sorry but Tyler at what, 16 /17 proposing….I remember back when I watched with everybody else, no man can top how sweet and romantic and loving that was. I got tears from carly's birth and that proposal…and then his wedding vows!!! I look over at my big galoot (my man luv him), and nope, never gonna hear words like that. Tyler needs to teach a class on it lol….😍😍😭😭🥰

  20. It’s hard being with someone, even someone you love so much. Being apart doesn’t always mean the feelings are gone.

  21. I cant believe how little catelynn sounds God i love her strength shes incredible i love her so much for have the courage and strength to do what she felt was right for her baby her and Chelsea are my favorite because they're the only real ones and are so open and honest shes absolutely incessantly because I was 16 and pregnant and had to place my first for adoption I miss him but love that I know hes thriving

  22. The amount of strength these two have is beyond anything I could ever hold. They are truly the definition of selfless love of a parent. So impactful to so many people. 💛

  23. people don't realized Katelyn has never gotten over that lost, even its adoption it's still a lost and nova looks exactly like her sister so it will be hard for her knowing what she knows now she would've kept Carlie

  24. And then on other videos people are bashing cate saying Tyler never wanted to marry her wasn’t sure about it but the proposal seemed optional and heart felt

  25. Everything with the AP’s is so predatorial that it honestly is a little nauseating to watch. So many broken promises. Cate & Ty didn’t expect to be thought of as parents, they just expected to be thought of…. and B & T wouldn’t even give them that.

  26. Cate saying they can just get married through the courts & Tyler saying I would never do that, then you see the heartfelt wedding😭❤

  27. The hard part I would think about their situation was going into the 16 and Pregnant show, not knowing they would be going into Teen Mom and end up with lots of money… I assume this thought has crossed their minds.

  28. Catelynn and Tyler have always been my favorite!! Been watching them since I was so fucking young, it's crazy

  29. I knew she would regret her decision and I also knew back then those Adoptive parents were just telling Catelynn and Tyler what they wanted to hear in order to get them to give them their baby. I had that gut feeling then by the looks they gave and the tones in their voices how fake they sounded.

  30. What Caitlyn and Tyler went through, now that is what they should have on this show rather than these spoiled little bitches that feel entitled. And PS, to all of the people that are always criticizing Caitlyn for going to the rehabs for her depression, do you get it now??

  31. I can't believe we've literally watched these two grow up over the years. Omg this is so beautiful. Literally two broken souls joined together as one. I hope they stay together forever.

  32. It's gotta break their hearts how things turned out. They thought they wouldn't be able to provide for her and are more than capable now. I wish them nothing but happiness.

  33. I’d rather struggle then ever give my baby up for adoption, yes everyone struggles time to time. This is caits biggest regret .

  34. What a tear jerker! I watched this when it first came out but watching it again after all these years and all that has happened really touches the heart. Still think that these two are the smartest people in this whole franchise! Cate and Ty are great people and I admire their strength and love! xoxo

  35. I cannot stop the fucking tears like even when Catelynn has JUST given birth she's so strong-minded that she does not want to look because she doesn't want to get attached. Never have I felt so much for someone after giving birth. You are a queen and you are so selfless. I've always loved that about you guys.

  36. Never seen such a beautiful and strong couple from such a young age sticking together and making life work love um xxxxxxxx

  37. Looking back at the adoption I wish they would have found other parents knowing now what we know. My heart hurts for them Bc they did the best thing for Carley and Brandon and Theresa are jerks to them. They were given the most precious gift that someone can give you and they’ve turned around and cut them off. They’ve not held to their world by any means! 🤬🤬🤬

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