49 Replies to “Best Pregnancy Announcement Compilations || CompilationTV ✔”

  1. Love to watch all of this announcement because it nice to see all the joy . Congratulations to you all and god bless you and your beautiful family to be .

  2. I don't want kids and I am ok with that. I'm just sad that I can never put this emotion on my dad's face.

  3. 3:46 It's not easy for some of us to let go of our daughters not being our baby girls anymore… For the most part, we can handle the idea that she has a life of her own… but when she has a baby of her own it can come as a bit of a shock to realise that she's her own woman in every sense of the word. He would've relaxed about it once he got used to the idea… It's hard to not empathize with the guy a bit.

  4. Lol most probably walk up to my boyfriend/husband like:

    "Oi! Dickhead! Your sperms got a bit excited and now I have a featus in my womb. Better stick around or I'll train it to do Karate and beat yo ass in the future."

    But I also imagine my dad pinning him to the wall and making him promise to protect me and the child. Lol.

  5. 1:29 no offence but of all things she had to wear white jacket also the cutest thing I’ve saw today

  6. Video was great, but audio was bad. Kept having to turn it up or down. Very cool though 👍🏼

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