26 Replies to “Best Pregnancy Announcements Compilation #3 [NEW]”

  1. Asian lady reaction LOL I’m a Grandma OH yay I’m so happy LOl that like my grandma and my grandpa wish he was here to see how old I’ve gotten through the past 😞

  2. やっぱより驚いてるというか感動してるのは女の人が多いね。

  3. 英語わかんないけど感動って伝わる

  4. Can someone do a follow up reaction video, showing the response when 5 years later mom files for divorce for the big money?

  5. Some people overreacted. It's just a baby. It's so hard to get pregnant in USA?

  6. The asian family blowing the candles out made my heart so happy. First video i see the dad looks just as excited as the mom….well not confused lol

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