25 Replies to “Best Pregnancy Announcements Compilation [NEW]”

  1. Announcing you're pregnant while in the background there's a sign that says "All my children have paws." XD

  2. I saw this last year and today I just watched 3 hours of pregnancy announcements just to find this one @1:09 . This girl is hilarious!

  3. I’m just 18 but if I ever get pregnant…. damn I know my grandparents and cousins and parents and sister and aunt and uncle would lose their shit.

  4. I feel like half of us are no where near having a child, let alone finding a mate. But we end up here anyways. Where's my singles at

  5. make a new video in 40 years , when everybody is freezing and starving…………is the kid grateful that you got a kid that you did not need,

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