out of your oven brand-new hmm gender prediction okay so well it's time for a test let's see what happens careful let's be on it oh where is how do you read this what Shawn doesn't match is there any color over there yeah right but is that a second line or no that's totally a second line I didn't know if that's always there has to get more good take another one I can't compete right now I don't want to be that can you tell that or something yeah what's the presence well first of all you have something you have to read out my face to see go ahead nothing I wasn't laughing she is weird you put inside a frame and I have soft cheeks to kiss I don't yet have a name you can't get pulled off my tiny hand you can't get hold my tiny hands nor whisper in my ear it's still too soon to sing a song more comfortable so near June 17 that's what mom says I'm do your new grandchild and I can't wait it's your patience while I grow I promise I'll be worth the wait because of all the love it won't know so what I have to give to you now is a wishful wish to you for me that cannot wait to be a part of this 2017 that's what mom says undo but what is it what's the camera for what is it I don't know I'm taking them Oh camera fell forward what am i doing what is it it's a loaf of bread with a camera on camera in the ovens work ignore the camera what else can I think all would you just take it out of a look at RIT I don't wear out of your oven included in this tool box are the directions for the tax so that you can do it on your own if your mom's not there to ask but all the safety goggles pull-up each surgery would set off the items needed to begin this labor of love I'm making you fit Mellie they're usually oh so sweet just wear the mask a clothespin is an option no reason to prolong put on a new clean diaper make sure it's nice and set pick up your little second customers here we go they're gonna have a baby you


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