49 Replies to “Best Relaxing Baby Sleep Music ♥♥♥ Super Soothing Bedtime Lullaby ♫♫♫ Sweet Smiling Newborn”

  1. This is the only thing i could get to work for my baby cousin i sat on my bed for about 5 hours trying get her to sleep an this is the only thing that would help. I tried other sleeping songs and this is the only thing that would help.

  2. honestly this is a miracle worker. my 2 week old neice will be whining and crying for like 20 minutes and as soon as i put this on she's out. crazy shit man💗

  3. I been playing this song for my daughter since she was born. Shes 8 months now and anytime i put it on she calms right down💜

  4. Thank you so much this is so great this has helped my 3 day old son sleep ! Helps him relax as well

  5. I thought I was gonna pull my hair out my one month old would not stop crying I saw this song and was like why not and guess who was knocked out 6 mins into the video 😩❤️ thanks.

  6. I cant believe this really worked for my 3week old son !😭 I've tried other songs and the never worked for him . He literally knocked right out and its on been on for a minute!! Thank you!😭🙏🏼💕

  7. I'm playing this for my six-day-old granddaughter at the hospital NICU while she's in my arms. She's sleeping and enjoying this music!
    Thank you!

  8. My niece was crying so much that my mom got mad so I put this and she went dead asleep thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 6day old baby was fussy it forced me to find some kind of alternative. She went to sleep within 5 mins. will use this again

  10. This is the only music that calms my 4 months old baby. This music is like magic to make him sleep or stop crying. Really soothing.

  11. OMG!! He was calm immediately this tune played and now he's in a deep sleep I made a cup of hot chocolate and came back he's still enjoying his sleep thumbs up

  12. This song helps put my daughter to sleep. It seems to be the only one that soothes her. Ive been using it since she was a week old

  13. Lol i tried this on my 3 week old brother and he hates it he is so wierd and prefers rap😂😂dont judge tho

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