49 Replies to “Best Relaxing Baby Sleep Music ♥♥♥ Super Soothing Bedtime Lullaby ♫♫♫ Sweet Smiling Newborn”

  1. This is the only thing i could get to work for my baby cousin i sat on my bed for about 5 hours trying get her to sleep an this is the only thing that would help. I tried other sleeping songs and this is the only thing that would help.

  2. I thought I was gonna pull my hair out my one month old would not stop crying I saw this song and was like why not and guess who was knocked out 6 mins into the video 😩❤️ thanks.

  3. I cant believe this really worked for my 3week old son !😭 I've tried other songs and the never worked for him . He literally knocked right out and its on been on for a minute!! Thank you!😭🙏🏼💕

  4. OMG!! He was calm immediately this tune played and now he's in a deep sleep I made a cup of hot chocolate and came back he's still enjoying his sleep thumbs up

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