BEST to WORST: Stillborn fueled dumpster fire weapon tier (Torpedo, Mines & enzyme missile)

I bet y'all been wondering which weapon is the best which one's the worst now I haven't shut up or nobody asked you anyways I've compelled a rather interesting list and even managed last people want to be the best and what's the worst weapons in elite dangerous so to kick off this series and contrary to the title for everyone's enjoyment I'll start with the most outrageous and disgusting birth defect result health spa and move from there I've split all weapons in six different categories where each weapon can swap places with others depending on the context you care cuz let's be honest just asking what the best weapon for me would be pointless a given scenario and context matters yeah but whatever it was doesn't give to paraplegia cooperated roadkill catapults to care enough about context as this so then quickly before we start the list here are excluded weapons these are really just tools not weapons well maybe mining Lance is meant for combat oh I'm sorry I couldn't just finish that sentence with the straight face this oh what a good show seriously though three of these weapons are mining tools point defense is a utility that technically can deal damage and flak launcher though used in combat is only good against her go it's warm while no other weapon can kill it making it a to no Wi-Fi alright that's good okay well let's move on then to what I call that stillborn field of dumpster fire weapon tier every weapon in this tier is under balanced miss designed broken and useless and unless you think that shoving your head up that wood chipper is a good idea or you just simply want to aggressively meme as if it's going out of style do not use them from this list oddly the weapon that I deem to be divorced in one of my past videos is not force anymore still the video is well worth the watch so check description for the lake from this pile of twice used tampons and moldy cum rags torpedo turns out to be the least smelly and parasite riddled 1c torpedo would be the most usable from this list but fuck me is it still useless not surprisingly methods have changed about it a little or rather developers have screwed over other one and so hard the reporting's need surgical anal intervention before they can walk again when was it Oh my opinion just like my anus after a good spicy meal quickly shifted after a fellow content creator by the name of ex Aegis notified me about the change or a bug cause I hope it's a park for the mine launchers see now mines take about five seconds to arm and those that are not weapon savvy arming time means that if this projectile hits anything in that time it all deal any damage so think of it as an arming time for a bukkake battle in a microwave it will blow up at some point but not right now so basically you can't even use mines as a defensive weapon anymore which they exclusively are first off mines are useless against NPCs there's no disputing that making you a question what was the point in the first place but whatever now due to this change you will never hit your enemy unless for some reason your enemy felt sorry for you and robbed lemon juice and bear mace in their eyes during a fight or a gank the attacker literally has to be five seconds of time behind you which let's be honest is near impossible for a ganker ship plus all the mines show up on the radar eight fucking kilometers from you what kind of a mine shows itself like that without developers do we really step on fuel dumpster fire weapons I have no idea it feels like they're not playing their own game with them and I'm the last person to suggest that line of thinking believe it or not I've defend the developers and people used to say that but now seeing so much shit and not only in weapons segments of the game I simply cannot deny it and I hate it I have to say that yet it's not over oh no not yet you know what would be even worse if you had to do person or simply grind a game for an unlock over weapon that is complete the enzyme a missile a dumpster fire missile that causes some small damage and adds the space aids light version to the target for a limited time by that I mean it applies additional damage over time not only deals basically a negligible amount of damage it's also a nun homing single sized weapon that as an extra insult requires you to spend hours of quality leave gameplay you know grinding before you're allowed to even use it it's just disgusting useless and said insulting so yeah I'm faking is the worst weapon despite my long rant on Mars as you see mine's still can be I guess deadly if you get lucky but it ends I'm missile even point-blank perfect shots all the time will not kill a single ship I still cannot believe that this one gimmick is what the designers of elite dangerous thought would be worth your grinding time and moreover see an actual use in combat when I say this weapon is useless I mean it is fucking useless in fact I think that you are better off with mining lands than this weapon no you know what I don't think it's our faqs that's how bad this piece of STD launching venereal disease spreading dumpster fire is congratulations humans you try to replicate the target alien loogie missile well you made a cheap Chinese knockoff version that is comparable to Lily dangerous development as a whole the initial execution was great but every other new addition or update seems to pile up more crap on top and here we are having our time totally not wasted that's the very last thing I think this shouldn't be said but I guess developers are so ticked that it must be every single weapon on this list has to be rebalanced immediately so there you go the stillborn filled dumpster fire weapon here do let me know what you think or whether or not you would add these specific weapons or take out some of them which should raise couple of more questions for you as a person but regardless leave a comment down below and of course share video and all that stuff anyways next up we have trash deer weapons it's getting better well slightly

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  1. I like using enzyme missiles for the burning effect, corrosion and visual effects and sounds. I wouldn't use them in PvP unless in a fight with small ships, to hopefully make my opponent go into silent running to melt some modules.

  2. Since Engineering FD seem to have given up any/all attempts to consider purpose and balance of mechanics, modules and weapons… They just keep spewing them out with little/no consideration, but just to create outcomes for more and more shallow busy work.

    It's appalling design IMHO!

    Even just the design choice to create xeno and conventional weapons basically into two branches was pi$$ poor!

  3. When in a wing mission to a planet surface to destroy those drones, my friend would be in an SRV and I would fly over the base dropping mines from my ship. They said it always looked so cool, but I couldn't do it anymore after the 5 second delay was introduced. I used a cheap ship like a sidewinder or viper III, so in case I didn't get the drop correct it wasn't a huge setback. The only way I see mines as viable now is if you make every hardpoint on medium-large ship a mine launcher and just blanket the area in them. Although if they add a magnetic field to them through engineering so that they follow and blow up, they could be really scary.

  4. I haven't been using mine launchers for awhile now. Isn't their experimentals (such as reverb cascade, rad cannister, shift-lock, overload and ion disrupt) still apply their effects on hit regardless of whether or not they were armed? Beause I definetly can't call them a dumpsterfire if the answer is yes. …Unless they're causing it in the enemy ship and now all his systems are rebooting and 2k MJ shield generator just turned off and went 0% for no reason with their cockpit sparkling like it's 4th of July.

  5. mine launcher in space without any movement is useless. look at Strike Suit Zero homing mine launcher, that's how mine launcher in space should be.

  6. I still like the Enzyme missile but yeah they could be better. Still keeping one on my FDL missile boat 🙂

  7. The developer who set the 5 second fuse on the mine must have had a cock shoved up his nostrils when he coded that shit.
    It might work on a submarine, but on a space craft moving upwards of 200 m/s?

    What the actual fuck.

  8. Honestly, I think the Mining Lance was built solely for the explorer who runs into guardian satellites. Since it can still activate the space beacon.

  9. Point defense isn't a weapon? My friend who I brought from full shields down to 52% hull in a matter of seconds would like a word with you Yamiks

  10. its been half a year since i last played Elite – but do the enzymic missiles still not penetrate shields?
    and did they fix the turreted (aka multicrew version) of the flechette, because you didn't list it here. I mean, you have to do the personal narrative for them seperately, and then they are fixed weapons without a target reticle for your Gunner, with the ability to insta-disable your own sensor and other subsystems, because your gunner didn't knew how "Flak" works (holding trigger)

    you didn't list them in you "Tools" list either.

    last but not least – when was that mine launcher nerf?

  11. I saw the enzyme missile being used with awesome effect the other day! Sadly, it was by an NPC in a CZ. Luckily, it was on my side and helped take out the enemy Spec Ops.

  12. Yeah, they advertise the Mining Lance's combat potential, but that's not the reason to get it. What it is is a long range mining laser (which can't be engineered), which makes it easy to chip off chunks of asteroids at a distance as a way of faster prospecting (you fire the prospector limpet at the rocks where the chip has something really good, because that increases yield).

  13. I feel like the enzyme missiles either need to hit harder, or that acid attack needs to hurt more because at this point I could kill a sidewinder faster by throwing paper balls at it

  14. I beg to differ on torpedos though. They may not be the best weapon for a bounty hunter due to their nonexistant ammo, but you CAN use them with reverberating cascade to obliterate almost any shield generator instantly. At the very least they occupy an enemy long enough running away that you have enough time to make a selfie with the pirate before jumping away. For an armed hauling or exploration vessel such as a Krait, Python or bigger, reverb torps are pretty useful.

  15. Alos, the ammo limit on torps is horrendous, but the resonance cascade means it is one of the only weapons that can do this:

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