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hey what's going on it's Ian Hart clear and I'm pretty postnatal certified and also a back pain relief expert so and co-creator back pain relief or life so today what I'm going to take you through is back weave during pregnancy this is something that's common it comes about with most people in pregnancy they have a tendency to have a that tight back or the experience back pain and here's the reason why lower extremity muscles certain muscles in the shorten or tighten and at the same time to come over active and look over at that means it's constantly being used more than opposing muscle groups so in reality we're creating a muscular imbalances because of pregnancy so the hip flexors which are the muscles in the front of your hips they attach from say where your quads are to where your pelvis is get tight your spinal erectors which are the muscles all the way up and down your spine your lats which attach to your pelvis and then in inside the arm when they get tight they turn your shoulder in so if you think of the weight here having forward it pulls your body forward and then your piriformis piriformis is a smaller muscle behind the glutes deep I'm not going to try to explain where it is right now but they become overactive then you have the opposing muscles that generally become long weak and tight you have the abdominals the abdominal because they are moving while you expand they become weak and these are muscles that need to be kept active your glutes become weak as well as you start to change that position the glutes become inactive plus people's to be less active well they're pregnant so the glutes aren't used as much and then the hamstrings as well so I go into this further and other videos that you can check out on back pain relief during pregnancy but right today what I want to show you is two exercises that can help you get relief right away so those exercises are what we call a posterior pelvic tilt because we want to combat those imbalances that are occurring posterior pelvic tilt or what we call this a knee pull and the glute medius activation which is called the clamp or a nice a dropper so we're going to show you those videos okay here we are I'm about to show you a few movements that help me help you relieve your back pain put you in the anterior pelvic tilt so tilt your pelvis so we're stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles the first movement is going to be the needle but before you do the knee pull I want to make sure you the proper position so your head should be propped up with some type of pillow or ball as you see that music hands are flat on the floor feet are flat on the floor knees bent feet about a foot from your buttocks and then you start by pulling your into your chest so you're tilting your pelvis you're activating your axe and then feeling a stretch in your lower back and then kicking the leg forward and then repeating the movement so it's going to be three sets of eight repetitions on each leg so that would be your right leg would be deep reps and then switch and do the next leg and right away I start to feel stress relieved off my back pain or on my back that's a right friend of these movements so you feel stretching all over bed as tight so three sets eight repetitions all right now the next one is gonna be spoke in East Side drop down look what this is gonna be is pushing the leg out to the side doing this stretch on the inner thigh go your glute medius activate push out for the south and then repeating through Sesame when you do this your attic nice and tight and keep your pelvis your back flat your pelvis tilted in neutral position so we're gonna do three sets of eight repetitions I'll show you how to what's on the other side right around feel this helps the back all right so you just sell those two movements the knee poke and the knee side drop out now those two movements right away will take stress off the lower back and actually help you activate your abdominals which we said a week so when you do those two movements what I want you to do is three sets of eight repetitions so do your left leg for eight reps do your right leg eight reps and then repeat two more times which would be a total of three sets then do the clamp three sets of hate repetitions and if you would like to further a program that would tremendously help back pain during pregnancy what I'd like you to do is go ahead and click the link below we have a program it's eight exercises not only is it gonna help your back pain but it will help your hips as your body and your anatomy starts to change during pregnancy so the link is below at back pain relief 4 life calm and you can decide if it's for you we have a bunch of testimonials of people who have tremendous relief so go ahead and click that way check and see if that program would be good for you and again this is Ian Hart co-creator back pain relief 4 life and pretty postnatal certified coach

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