Beto 2020: Abortion, Supreme Court Term Limits, and Climate Change?

so the question is about abortion and reproductive rights and my answer to you is so you would in that sense if there was an unimaginable the baby in that essence so are you for or against third trimester abortions so the question is about abortion and reproductive rights and and my answer to you is that that should be a decision that the woman makes I don't know how many countries are on the face of the planet 192 muscle metals how could we who used to be the indispensable nation be the only country that has removed itself from any obligation to work with anyone on perhaps the most pressing problem if you think of our leadership those who preceded us right those who run the beaches in Normandy those who face an existential threat to Western democracy and our way of life they showed us the way we can all come together we can unite we can marshal the resources and we can convene in the countries of the world around otherwise unsolvable problems that's who we are that's why they call us the indispensable nation well that moment is now for us on this issue so if there's a time to reassert global leadership and make friends instead of enemies it's today because the challenges are too great to do otherwise thanks to your left yes there's nothing in the constitution that defines the number of Justices that will sit on that Court so some who proposed do you want five Democrat justices and five Republican justices in those ten then choose another five justices between them I like the creativity behind that maybe it merits some debate and discussion I feel though that it is succumbing to partisanship and just says you know what screw it we're a partisan country and so our Supreme Court is just gonna be partisan forever do we add to the number of justices on that court in another way do we set term limits for those justices so there's some predictability and when they will rule up I'm more partial to do that as a solution but whatever we do at a time that almost every single one of our democratic institutions from the press to the courts to law enforcement to access to the ballot box is under attack want to make sure that we do this deliberately consciously soberly I say this in a bar and and that we bring in Republicans as well as Democrats

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  1. The bible view of abortions is the life of unborn children are precious in Jehovah's eye. Psalms 127:3, Psalms 139:16

  2. “I’ve got some ocean front property” in Arizona…as written
    by Dean Dillon, Royce Porter and Hank Cochran….

    National Public Radio Weekend Edition Sunday, did a piece on
    climate change and coastal flooding that flared an interest in me as to how land
    in beginning cities where farmed out, the ocean front properties, if any were
    reserved for the affluent, where they built their mansions, on mostly low land to
    be near the waterways where the mooring of water vessels would be cheapest, however,
    for the poor, the less affluent, the high ground was reserved for them in way
    out of the way places, far and away from any water, even lakes and streams, as
    it would turn out the high ground, with the advent of global warming the high
    ground are less prone to flooding, is now suddenly becoming more expensive and
    prized, as little by little the poor are being encouraged to move out and away…

  3. Perhaps he's suggesting a ban assault rifles unless they're used in a clinical setting to perform late term abortions

  4. As elections are in the future, we cannot elect another moron to act as one of our leaders as we have been doing. Everyone cries climate change, term limits, immigration change, healthcare but absolutely no one has provided the most important part of the change, the solutions. Talk to me about canceling drilling for oil when you have new energy to run my car, the trains, airplanes. Talk to me about term limits and why they are necessary, not because your party does not have the majority because when you have the majority, you do not say a word, this is a selfish reason, not an operational one. Talk about immigration when you enforce the existing one, new laws that will be ignored are merely photo opportunities, also not operational and healthcare, well no one seems to agree on anything but I do that you can make it affordable but not mandatory. This type of insurance is about control, not our welfare, Obamacare actually hurt the American people with higher premiums, costs and reduced benefits. It is time we hold our elected officials accountable, all of them not just one person. We need solutions not just B.S.


  6. I hate how Americans forget the 10th amendment and think we have to settle everything in DC!

    The 10th amendment says ANY power not expressly given to the federal government in Washington DC, by the constitution, is a power given the the states. Last time I check there was no amendment banning weed, or abortion, or gay marriage but also no amendment expressly leagalozing weed, or abortion, or gay marriage

    So why don't we leave it up to the states so everyone's happy? If California wants abortion, or weed, and gay marriage then more power to them! They can have it all as long as they let other states ban those things if they choose to

    The 10th amendment basically says whenever 2/3 of Congress, and the President, can't agree on something (because that's how many votes you need to pass a new amendment) then the issue goes to the individual sate legislatures and they settle it there.

    How does that sound to everyone?

  7. Wow. What a piece of filth the way he totally reworded Millie's question. What an insane sack of shit that fake Mexican is.

  8. you might be a nice guy, but i can't vote for someone who feels they must apologize for something they have no control of [ the color of their skin]. not all white people owned slaves, so why should the ones who always felt all people should be free, apologize? if your family were slave owner, then maybe you have guilt , then apologize for that.

  9. He is the American version of Justin Truedeau and Emmanuel Macron…and as we all know, they are both doing such great jobs in their respective countries. And yes…that is HUGE sarcasm.

  10. This guy thinks he’s the white Obozo with the rolled-up sleeves. Funny how the left gives Robert, an Irishman, a pass for his cultural appropriation (Beto? Seriously?).

    This guy is a true clown.

  11. Trump the traitor must be aborted from our house and then publicly executed.
    Right after his trial for treason and crimes against humanity we line him and his family and cohorts up and shoot them down in the name of American justice.

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