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  1. Actually, I believe that the miscarriage rate (if we're counting from conception, and not from implantation) is around 75%.

  2. It's disturbing, but this magic cocktail recipe might actually cause an abortion.

    Barley, mixed with water & dirt that contains yeast spores, could start growing something like Ergot ( Claviceps Purpurea ), a nasty little organism that contain a number of fascinating Alkaloids : Ranging from the potent neurotransmitter Dopamine – High doses of which will cause intense delirium, hallucinations, nightmares & mania. (It's one of the substances that's stimulated in the brain by LSD ), to the extremely toxic Ergotamine – Which causes severe Headaches, Vasoconstriction, (blood vessels squeezing closed), Vertigo, Convulsions & Smooth Muscle Contractions, and (with a high enough dose given over a long enough period) would very well trigger a miscarriage & the abortion of a Fetus. That's assuming it doesn't just kill you horribly, as even a moderate dose can cause permanent organ (liver & lung ischemia) and brain damage (not to mention potential blood clots & gangrene).

    Despite this, there are records of Ergot being used as an abortifacient in Mesopotamia, Asia & Mesoamerican cultures going back millennia.

    So it appears that, in the Bible, God is pretty much ok with one of his priests giving this horrific stuff to a pregnant woman in order to force an abortion (note that it's likely to be given in multiple small doses of a period of time, as a single dose potent enough to trigger an abortion would likely be lethal to both mother & fetus). I suppose that it's both unsurprising & entirely consistent, given how revoltingly misogynistic that women are treated & valued in all of the Judeo/Christian/Islamic religions.

    What the fuck is wrong with these sick hyper-religious nutbags in the United States who keep trying to turn the clock back on Women's Rights..?

  3. In cases of rape, the religious pro-lifers claim that it's wrong, unfair, and immoral to punish the child for the sin/s of the parent/s. In that case, how come we have to suffer for what Adam and Eve did, hmm?…

  4. Kill um all, let YHWH sort it out. Statistically more abortions occur naturally, making Uncle Joh the biggest abortionist in the universe.

  5. Oops, it likes like Betty’s karma ran over some religious dogma.
    I prefer to think of life beginning not at conception but rather when the Goddess activated the first single celled organism with the breath of life. At conception life continues. Obviously if either egg or sperm is dead before meeting no conception occurs, thus it is already alive before the two meet. But God (the real one, not Betty’s straw one), does have a very different view of life than we do, given that he knows resurrection is the norm after death. It’s all a matter of perspective, does the body have a soul, or does the soul temporarily inhabit the body?

  6. You filthy Heathen!!!!!!!!! just don't know what's about to happen to you Abased!!!!!!!!! degenerate Pathetic pleasure Beast . I really think you are ignorant of our Holy Messiah, but that's know!!!!!!!!! excuse. Please find a Rich, Rich, Rich Son are Daughter of Babylon and Befriend them, your going to need them . The days of Noah are here Sons and Daughters of western Babylon, I'm serious . You Will never even run a dirty Soiled Baby pamper Shop and that's Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!! on Messiah Blood Soaked Stolen Spiritual planet. You people are in for a Rude ,Rude, Rude Awakening believe that!!!!!

  7. Only in America do you find the general public controlling the vagina of it's females citizens. Some have actually murdered the doctor to prevent an abortion
    to save that seed.
    Murder the doctor save the seed.
    Insanity in the name of Jesus yahwhohumshita.


  9. I wonder if Lucifer is her God. Serious question. I would wonder if she would do the same hit job on him. I bet not.

  10. This video content and performance deserves several academy awards and the Literature Nobel Peace Prize. After everyone is enlightened to understand the real truth of the bible in time this video will be used to teach world history. The Holy Bible was written by men for an excuse to justify unethical wars and an excuse for murdering millions of innocent people: Kings 20:13 to 20:21. god delivers 100000 Syrians into the hands of
    the Israel's to be murdered. How can you justify murdering all the
    Syrians? What did the babies that were born to Syrian parents do to
    deserve to be murdered?. Also Second chronicles 13:15 to 17 God
    delivers Israel into the hands of Judah for over five hundred thousand
    Israelites including Israel children to be murdered. How can you
    justify hundreds of thousands of Israel children to be murdered just
    because they were born to Israel parents when God decides to wipe the
    Israelites out?

    Obviously the wars mentioned in the bible that were executed in Gods
    name were TOTALLY unethical and despicable. Including our ancestors
    coming to the land we call the USA and murdering the natives and
    stealing their lands.

    How do you think the Royal family became royal in the 1st place? The
    Laws were and are created by the elitists so they can legally steal
    vulnerable peoples assets to become more rich. The bible was created
    for the same reason and it serves its purpose to justify the unethical
    illegal wars.

  11. The wages of sin are death….!! When God sent the Israelites to kill it was in war….. The nations that bordered Israel were sacrificing their kids to Molech so God destroyed them. God would rather take a child to heaven then let him grow up in an evil nation to die and go to hell….. Where this ugly bitch is going…

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