Bill Hader Got Kicked Out of Kate McKinnon’s ‘SNL’ Audition

You’re going to host SNL
this weekend, aren’t you? I am hosting SNL
this weekend, yes. Wow! [APPLAUSE] Uh. Are you nervous? I’m very nervous. Yes, it’s nerve-wracking. Well, because it’s
all your pals though. That should be easier. Yeah, no that’s true. Yeah, but it’s the
red light going on. It’s live television, so. But you used to do
that all the time. I know, and every
time I was scared. Really? Yeah, well you would do a show,
and in the middle of the show, my friend from
Oklahoma or whatever, would be texting me like,
oh, that was stupid. [LAUGHTER] You’re checking your texts? And you’re like, oh, they
didn’t like Stefon this weekend. OK, great, you know,
whatever it is. You’re checking your
texts during the show? We all do. Really? [LAUGHTER] If you really want to
get us in our head, yeah go on twitter
during the show, and everybody will go,
oh let’s not do that. Oh that’s hilarious,
I didn’t know. And now I’m going to start
texting Kate during the show. Oh, usually I don’t do it during
the show because she’s working. Well she’s a good cast
member and isn’t on her phone during the show, unlike me. That’s the other weird
thing is that, I’m going in with all
these people who were freshmen when I was there,
and Kate was the new cast member. And now she’s– –blown up. Blown up. And it’s amazing. But I went to her audition,
and Lorne Michaels said, you go to the
auditions but don’t laugh. Don’t laugh– It’s a good impression. –because you don’t
want people to, I don’t know, enjoy
the experience. [LAUGHTER] I don’t know what it is. It’s so cruel. But I remember when I
auditioned, they didn’t laugh. And Tina Fey laughed. Tina Fey went, “Ha!” during my audition. And I went, wow, I
made Tina Fey laugh. And I really relaxed,
and it really helped me in my audition. So when Kate McKinnon– Aw! –started, I started laughing. Oh my goodness. [LAUGHTER] Oh, boy. That’s the nicest shirt
I had at that time. [LAUGHTER] You can take the
boy out of Oklahoma. But when Kate McKinnon came
on, she started her audition, and I started laughing so
hard that they were like, get Bill out of here. [LAUGHTER] I thought she was unreal. She’s unreal. Yeah, she’s hilarious. What did you do
for your audition? I did impressions. I did Al Pacino. I did Tony Blair. You know, the hits. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] James Mason. [LAUGHTER] Oh, lot of people
are looking for that. Yeah, a lot of people were
looking for the James Mason impression back then. I can’t remember what else,
I think I did Peter Falk. Like a bunch of things, Was that the first
time you auditioned? You got it right away? No, I actually did a
show, this was terrifying, I did a show with
my sketch group. And they flew us
out to New York, and we went to UCB Theater,
and out in the audience was Lorne Michaels, and
Seth Meyers, and Tina Fey, and everybody. And that was the
first thing I did. And unbeknownst to
me, in that theater was also Bobby Moynihan, he
was just a student at the time. All these people were there. And again, someone’s
laugh helped me. We started the sketch,
it was the first sketch, and it was dying. And Amy Poehler
started laughing. And I knew she was laughing
to help us, give us some confidence, because
the sketch was not funny. [LAUGHTER] But you heard this,
“ah ha ha ha!” [LAUGHTER] And we all kind of
looked at each other like, we just made
Amy Poehler laugh. And it helped us out. It does help, I can’t believe
that Lauren Michaels says, don’t laugh. That’s so cruel. Yeah, well because it helps,
to see what kind a confidence you have. Well, yeah that’s true. First of all, I love this
new show you’re doing. Oh, thank you. But we’ll talk about it. What do you watch on TV? I like the show, “Snapped.” Have you heard of
this show, “Snapped?” I’ve never seen it,
but I’ve heard of it. [LAUGHTER] “Snapped” is rad. [LAUGHTER] It’s about women who kill. [LAUGHTER] And there’s always a moment
in every show where they go, and that’s when she snapped. [LAUGHTER] Like they were just
completely fine and then they just snapped? Yeah. There’s no history of
them being a little off? No, they’re all off. Oh, OK. You’re just like, don’t. You know? There’s one with a 911
call where the guy’s like, (SOUTHERN ACCENT): My wife,
they’re all very regional, so he’s like, my wife,
she took a shot at me. [LAUGHTER] But I got the gun away
from her, and we’re OK. We’re OK. And they’re like, oh
well sir do you have any other guns in the house? And he goes, (SOUTHERN ACCENT):
No, I don’t think we have any other
guns in the house. Oh, yeah we do. [LAUGHTER] Really? And he’s dead, it’s not funny. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] But the show, I can’t
stop watching it. [LAUGHTER] What channel is this? It’s on Oxygen Network. OK. And I would sit, and the
Super Bowl would be on, and my friends would be like,
hey man are you watching this? And I’m like, I know, this
guy’s marrying an insane woman. [LAUGHTER] Now I want to watch it. Oh, every time they say,
and that’s when she snapped, I’m alone in my
place going, yeah! [LAUGHTER] (SHOUTING): She snapped! [LAUGHTER] He’s a dead man! I love it! [LAUGHTER] Oh my god, that’s hilarious. I love shows like that, so
now I’m going to watch that. Yeah, it’s the best.

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  1. Of course Ellen texts Kate. I hope Portia doesn't mind. Ellen is slowly morphing into an elf…an androgynous elf. She was attractive in the 80's and 90's. Coming out has took its toll. Hader is definitely a top 5 SNL cast member. Murphy, Hartman, Wiig, Farrell, Hader. Kate needs a few more years and some better reoccurring characters but she has the talent.

  2. People that do impressions are so talented. I do one, it's Kevin Wilson from 'Who Owes Me Now?' "If I may interrupt. That was not mine." I do a few more also. I love it.

  3. In a train, passing boarding school. I feelt so without my friends, lovers
    I true, think Einterteinmemt, …. I'd. Darspy just overcross serious

  4. That's why I love Amy and Tina. Hilarious, kind, sassy and great mentors to young aspiring comics.
    Can't really get behind Ellen though. Her eyes seem dead

  5. Bill hader is so amazing and outstanding I love him so much he is one of my favorite actor 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊💙💙💙❤❤💕💖💖💛💚

  6. I see a theme with Bill Hader and murderers e.g. “Snapped”, “Barry”, his NBC Dateline impersonations, Lorne Michaels name dropping serial killers impersonation… 🔪🔪🔪 😂😂😂

  7. OMG!! That’s one of my favorite shows (“SNAPPED”) too😀 It’s usually a marathon and once you start watching it you would have spent your whole day engulfed. Bill Hader rocks😀

  8. Ellen’s kinda rude sometimes ,you know with that “Yeah , Kate is hilarious” , its like—good god ,let the man finish.

  9. I watched Snapped because Bill suggested it, not as good as he describes. He’s a good storyteller.

  10. This guy is so much fun, as nutty as a barrel of monkeys and yet so very likable.. he makes the world a better place!

  11. Can we please just clone Bill Hader?? I know I’m not alone with this wish! Now that I’ve found out that his favorite shows are Dateline and Snapped I’m crushing on him even more! Oh, most importantly he makes me laugh out loud until I’m crying – he is comedic genius!

  12. He really loves those true crime shows, he always talks about them in his interviews, this is like, the sixth of them in which he merges on Snapped, think Im gonna watch it.

  13. I've not watched snapped and don't know how good it is and I'm sure bill has good taste but this sounded like an advert, a plug

  14. He has been known for opening doors for ppl in their careers
    Genuine guy
    Not bigotry, not hang-ups… swell guy

  15. I think the theory behind the "don't laugh at auditions" thing is to see if they can still perform while a sketch is bombing

  16. Tag yourself I’m that one man in the audience loudly going “awww” when the young picture of him came up

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