Bill Nye: Can We Stop Telling Women What to Do With Their Bodies? | BEST OF 2015

Many, many, many, many more hundreds of eggs
are fertilized than become humans. Eggs get fertilized and by that I mean sperm get accepted
by ova a lot. But that’s not all you need. You have to attach to the uterine wall, the
inside of a womb, a woman’s womb. But if you’re going to hold that as a standard,
that is to say if you’re going to say when an egg is fertilized it’s therefore has
the same rights as an individual, then whom are you going to sue? Whom are you going to
imprison? Every woman who’s had a fertilized egg pass through her? Every guy who’s sperm
has fertilized an egg and then it didn’t become a human? Have all these people failed
you? It’s just a reflection of a deep scientific lack of understanding and you literally or
apparently literally don’t know what you’re talking about. And so when it comes to women’s
right with respect to their reproduction, I think you should leave it to women. This
is really – you cannot help but notice. I’m not the first guy to observe this, you
have a lot of men of European descent passing these extraordinary laws based on ignorance.
Sorry you guys. I know it was written or your interpretation of a book written 5,000 years
ago, 50 centuries ago, makes you think that when a man and a woman have sexual intercourse
they always have a baby. That’s wrong and so to pass laws based on that belief is inconsistent
with nature. I mean it’s hard not to get frustrated with this everybody. And I know
nobody likes abortion, okay. But you can’t tell somebody what to do. I mean she has rights
over this, especially if she doesn’t like the guy that got her pregnant. She doesn’t
want anything to do with your genes, get over it, especially if she were raped and all this.
So it’s very frustrating on the outside, on the other side. We have so many more important
things to be dealing with. We have so many more problems to squander resources on this
argument based on bad science, on just lack of understanding. It’s very frustrating. You wouldn’t know
how big a human egg was if it weren’t for microscopes, if it weren’t for scientists,
medical researchers looking diligently. You wouldn’t know the process. You wouldn’t
have that shot, the famous shot or shots where the sperm are bumping up against the egg.
You wouldn’t have that without science. So then to claim that you know the next step
when you obviously don’t is trouble. Let me do that again. Let me just pull back. At
some point we have to respect the facts. Recommending or insisting on abstinence has been completely
ineffective. Just being objective here. Closing abortion clinics. Closing, not giving women
access to birth control has not been an effective way to lead to healthier societies. I mean
I think we all know that. And I understand that you have deeply held beliefs and it really
is ultimately out of respect for people, in this case your perception of unborn people.
I understand that. But I really encourage you to look at the facts. And I know people
are now critical of the expression fact based but what’s wrong with that? So I just really
encourage you to not tell women what to do and not pursue these laws that really are
in nobody’s best interest. Just really be objective about this. We have other problems
to solve everybody. Come on. Come on. Let’s work together.

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  1. I don't think the issue here isn't with early term abortions. I am pro life however I am not against early abortions. The issue is when you have a more fully developed fetus with a nervous system and is more than just a micro sized egg that is fertilized. Don't claim that women don't have an option either and that they had to wait until they were X amount of weeks. Trust me I've been there. I considered abortion when I found out I was pregnant at 17. I called an abortion clinic early on and they were willing to come and get me in order to have an abortion. Early abortions aren't what needs to be discussed here.There is more to this than just throwing it all under "Respect women's bodies". Still love Bill Nye just have to respectfully disagree. 🙂

  2. Agreed, Bill. We need to consider the gray areas as well though. Sure, it's silly to assign a newly fertilized zygote personhood, but there is a difference between that and a 9 month, or even 3 month, old fetus. I'm fairly Pro-Choice, but it comes off as intellectually dishonest when pro-choice people omit such important details of the debate.

    Yes, there are some religious nuts (who are way in the minority) who want to fight for the human rights of a cluster of cells, but that's not what's truly at stake in this debate, is it Bill? To just focus on that obviously irrational minority in the PL camp only serves to make a straw man of the Pro-Life position, and yourself a fool.

  3. Worst logical fallacy I have ever heard. Completely moronic argument and totally out of touch with the whole argument against abortion.

  4. Similar to how there is no crime if a person dies with no negligence, a fertilized egg not attaching to the womb is no crime because there is no negligence/action being taken. Same circumstances with a miscarriage versus an abortion. It's about the means to an end–not just the end. That being said, I think women have a right to choose, so it's pretty much null.

  5. This first comment is outright stupid. An anti-abortionist could very well say that every fertilized egg has the same rights as an individual. But that does not mean we are to be prosecuted for things that are beyond our countrol. It's like saying that you think every human has the right to live, but since humans are dying, you are stupid and unscientific. We could say that since the fertilized egg is probably going to be born if we do not abort it, it is going to become a child, and then a grown up. When we abort it we are depriving it of these future experiences, which we would presume to be more positive in general than negative. Therefore it is wrong to do an abbortion. And the second thing he says is that we should leave it to women. Why exactly? Should we also leave suicide to those willing to commit it? Since it is their choice, then no problem, right?

  6. I have to say that I'm disappointed after watching this video. I’m big fan of Bill but most of his arguments are simply an eristic trick – You cannot compare natural miscarriage to abortion. This is wrong on so many levels and so obviously a manipulation that It makes me sick.
    Same goes for simplifying and making all anti-abortion people white, misogynistic christian males. Abortion is an ethical problem and so it exceeds the limits of religious believes (I’m for example atheist which bears no meaning in this discussion). Also many anti-abortionists are women and to simply ignore them, say that they’re brainwashed or culturally submissive is condescending, unfair and discriminative.
    Personally I think that using abortion as a contraceptive is simply wrong. You cannot justify stupidity and lack of responsibility and legalize medical procedure which leads to taking another’s life simply for the comfort of said stupid people. Yes – and I wrote life, because I agree with many ethicists that it’s impossible to say when the life starts after conception and it’s very dangerous when men gives himself right to rule in this matter.
    Argument that people ‘will do it anyway’ so ‘why not make it legal’ is invalid. Also one other reason I’m against capital punishment simply because state cannot sanction murdering of its own people (same logic applies here).
    Notice that I've only related to "abortion as a contraceptive". I strongly believe abortion should be legal when it's necessary for preserving health or life of a woman, if fetus is damaged, have some chronic disease or if pregnancy is a result of criminal offence (ex. rape).
    To conclude – what Bill said in this video was manipulative, condescending and unworthy of scientist.

  7. You know what I love about 2016, I can tell by the comments that all the smart people, all the big thinkers are going to usher in true equality and female accountability, and really disturb the status quo.

  8. I don't agree, if a women has te right to abort a child in other words kill it. why is she punishable whhen the baby is out of the womb and let's say 1 year old and then killed.

    If the baby is alive in the womb and you abort it, it's called murder in my book. But if it still is not developed yet or has a heartbeat, it's open for discussion in my opnion.

    so my point is. nobody has the right to kill inoccent lives, I don't care if it's your child. That would actually make it worse..

  9. Bill, I can see how strongly you had to hold back there and keep your composure. You did a great job. Thanks for the vid. I couldnt agree more.

  10. so…..
    if she doesn't like the guy that got her pregnant, she can kill the embryo and her responsibilities don't go beyond that?

    Ok, but what if a guy gets a girl pregnant, but he doesn't like the girl? I'm not saying that she should be forced to abort the child if she wants it, but shouldn't the man at least get to financially and socially separate himself from the unwanted child?

    Am I off here, or should Bill Nye be addressing both sides of the coin?

  11. "Can we stop telling women what to do with their bodies?"
    No. Women aren't more special than men, first of all, so stop trying to separate people into groups. Second, society tells everyone what to do with their bodies, constantly.
    I wonder if Bill posed that question in the first place, since it's irrelevant.
    The editing made this a mess, and I can't tell if Bill's logic fails, or we aren't getting enough of his opinion for it to make sense.

  12. I don't recall hearing the argument on the "fertilized eggs that don't attach to the uterine wall" should be protected with the same rights as a human. Pro-life activists fight for the livelihood of a developing fetus i.e. the baby. Another comment on this video pointed out that a murdered pregnant woman indeed is, legally, a double homicide. The legal system is just as inept in the definition of a human as you, Mr. Nye are. I will always fight for the right of a developing baby as if it were a baby on the outside of its mother. It's alive. It's a human being.

  13. bill misrepresented "pro-life" arguments and therefore will be immediately dismissed by them. this video is merely "pro-choice" back-patting.

  14. I only have two issues with abortion:A. Why do we give women the sole right to determine our future generations? There are dumb bitches out there…B. If the woman gets an out (which is really all that abortion is, an out for a woman) so should the man. As of now a woman can want the baby but the man may not yet the man is then legally forced to care for it whether or not he wants it. If the man doesn't want it he should have the option to opt out of the responsibly like the woman does.

  15. OK. Let's be "fact-based". Fact: A fertilized egg is simply a genetic blue print. Fact: a human embryo is fully human. Fact: Society has decided that the killing of certain undesirables (criminals, fetuses) is legal. Fact: huge resources are spent by both sides trying to sway legal, moral and ethical opinions as to whether or not it is desirable to eliminate said undesirables.

    Opinion: If aforementioned undesirables are open for elimination, why not open the field (the infirm, the aged, the developmentally disadvantaged)? What exempts these categories? In fact, now that we have the technology, why not pre-screen for only genetically acceptable attributes prior to conception?

    Yes, we can be "fact-based", but at the end of the day it is our choices, moral and ethical, that determine the type of society we form. We can choose to kill, and live with that- or not. Personally, I have no problem with Society's choices (in fact, as an animal lover I've seen lots of human abusers I'd add to the list)- so long as I am not the one being eliminated and I don't have to pay (in the form of higher taxes and subsidized health care) for the "choices" of others . But while we are at it, let's be truly fact-based rather than euphemistic ("pro-choice", "capital punishment"). It's killing.

  16. The question of whether or not the fetus is considered alive is frankly, irrelevant. The fact is, the fetus is dependent upon its mother's body in pregnancy. If the mother chooses not to use her body to grow a dependent, then that's it. She doesn't have to. End of story.

    It doesn't matter why she doesn't want to use her body for it. She doesn't want to do it. It doesn't matter that the father wants the fetus to grow. It's reliant on her body for nutrients and delivery, and she doesn't want to do it. All of the opinions and emotions of men and women everywhere shouldn't matter. They aren't in her body, she is. And she doesn't want to do it.

    If a child requires a bone marrow transplant and you are the only suitable donor available to save her in time, nobody can MAKE you give her that transplant. Even though her life DEPENDS on it. Some people might give you the stink eye after the child's funeral, but it doesn't matter; it's your choice. Likewise, if a fetus is unfortunately spawned in a woman that doesn't want to endure the risks of pregnancy and childbirth, nobody should be able to MAKE her use her body to carry it. Even though its life and future DEPENDS on it. This is regardless of the actions that lead up to the pregnancy or the opinions of others.

  17. Women have the right to keep their legs closed. Women have the right to decide to abort within 20 weeks. Women have the right to seek an abortion in a clinic with hospital rights in case something goes wrong so they aren't SOL. Women have the right to use contraception which costs alot less than the beer and drugs that are regularly and easily afforded by women.

    Now if a woman became pregnant via rape or incest or both then that scenario is an EXCEPTION. However, if that is the case does it take more than 20 weeks for the woman to decide in that case whether to keep or abort?! Ofcourse not.

    The problem here is that the RAPE excuse/exception is being applied to babies created by casual and consensual sex too.

    Women create life within their bodies. Men cannot do that. That is the way it is. It might be unfair to women but nobody said life was fair in all circumstances. Until such a time that humans can be completely created outside a woman's body women must bear a moral and ethical responsibility to the being within their body just as equally as that being would be outside of their body and intentionally killed.

    Babies don't ask to be born. Because of this fact those that created them should be held accountable for their creation AND their intentional destruction.
    How convenient that a woman can sue a doctor or hospital if their pregnancy results some sort of damage to the wanted child but that same child has no rights to their continued existence if the mother or abortion doctor decide to kill them.

  18. I'm pro-choice, but what embarrassingly bad and small minded arguments. It's only the evil white man who fights against pro-choice, huh? Absolutely pathetic, Bill. Science conclusively agrees that it's not a separate life (body) until birth? More like the opposite, charlatan. The main pro-life arguments are only coming from religious nut-cases? STRAW-MAN.

    The solution is to get rid of the problem of abortion all together by developing more effective, more convenient, more easily reversible, and healthier birth control (men's or women's). Before that happens I'm okay with it, and would be okay with it as a rarity even after. But it still sucks. And yes, it is, very obviously, a separate life–separate cognitive behavior–at some point well before birth. Big Think… sheesh. Stop proving yourself to be a misnomer.

  19. so, Bill argues that it's the Mom's right to abort, because she might not want the guy's genes, etc. Her body – her choice? But – does that mean he thinks until the moment of actual birth, the fetus isn't a person? Is he saying that the baby is just another growth, like a tumor, until its born? I'm just not understanding the connection he's trying to make that thinking of a fetus as a person is 'bad science'. Forget about the Bible or any other old text – a fetus looks like a person pretty early on. Just because we couldn't see it in-vitro 100 years ago, doesn't mean it wasn't a person back then, too. I generally like Bill, but this argument doesn't seem like science at all. Maybe there's a pro-choice feminist he's trying to get busy with? (Sorry Bill, I couldn't resist…!)

  20. Everyday there are protesters in my backyard with bloody anti abortion posters. They shout bible verses at passersby. Tip: Don't move in next to a planned parenthood.

  21. SO many problems with this.

    Rights aside, Bill Nye shows that he literally doesn't know what he is talking about, and shows a deep lack of scientific understanding when he says there are fertilised human eggs or human zygotes that did not become human. They already are. A human zygote doesn't become a new species when it implants in the uterine wall (or when it develops a beating heart, or starts breathing. etc). They are already human. Sorry bro, either study up on human bio and embryology or stick to mechanical engineering.

    And also, whether of not there should be laws regarding pregnancy abortion, people tell people what to do all the time. That's what all laws are do. And further, science doesn't help us determine philosophical issues like what we 'should' do, only what 'is'' and 'how things occur'.

  22. This has got to be the stupidest explanation I have ever heard concerning abortion. It's not about men "telling women what to do", but about talking someone out of committing a horrible act. And I'm talking about reasons for abortion like, "I'm not ready", "I'm too young", "gotta finish school", "can't afford it". Should have kept your legs closed in the first place, now you're going to make a life form suffer because of your irresponsible actions. Even if it was rape, why is it okay to kill a living being? Bill said, "she has rights over this, especially if she didn't like the guy that got her pregnant? Really? Most abortions (in the US at least) are done within the first trimester of pregnancy because it is safest for the "mother" (if you can call her that). So what if a mother decides she doesn't want the baby after giving birth for the reasons I mentioned before? Is it okay to kill it? By Bill's standards it is. It's her right, right?I mean doing so won't pose a health risk to the mother, right? Why is it right to a kill a being inside the womb and not outside? Makes no sense. Ah, because in the womb you can't witness the horrible act? Ok. Maybe that's why some women dump their baby's alive in the dumpster, because there is no difference, who knows. Oh, but they say they aren't human beings before they are born. That makes it okay. Try watching a video that shows a little creature moving and kicking while it is being cut up alive. Does that mean someone can chop up their dad because he is so old and needs a lot of medical attention and they can't afford it or don't have time? Same thing, right? They can just sign a paper and let the authorities know and that's it. Open your eyes people, it is murder. It is no different killing a creature inside the mother than outside. I know two people that told their girlfriends to kill their future baby because they weren't ready. Bam, that easy. Why? I want to know what makes it right? I know NOTHING makes it right. But I still haven't heard a "good" enough reason to consider it. No one has the right to take someone else's right to live, I don't care if you believe in God or not.

  23. the thing that I don't like about this is that it is considered just as a women's problem, but it's a huge men's problem too. Why can't we decide if we want a baby or not too? Why can't we be part of the decision? if the father doesn't want to be part he may have the right, if the woman still wants to continue with her pregnancy after, fine, but don't ask help for something that has become your own decision (if abortion was legal and only dependent on women's decision over their bodies)

  24. What, you're against prevention and abortion? Very well, I've got a legaly binding small contract here: I, mister Y, consent to be responsible and to take care all by myself of the possibile child to be born from this encounter and this from fertilization till death and I free Mrs. X of any responsibility in the present situation and I sign:Still interested?

  25. I agree with bill
    and I think you should not waste your time in this comment section ,go to the next vid asap guys

  26. Sorry but Bill Nye could have argued against Pro-life a hundred different ways, but this video isn't even attempting to confront the real arguments being made by the opposing side. Not all Pro-life supporters are religious at all. Bill, answer us scientifically :
    1.) When does life begin?
    2.) When does an unborn child begin to assume the natural rights and protections of any other human being?


  27. It's NOT the EU fault for this… The bible & Koran are BOTH from the middle east; they BOTH treat woman like sex slaves. We have to get god out of government!

  28. If I recall correctly, the whatever numbers of sperm cells that don't get to fertilize an egg would be a natural phenomenon that occur in all animals during sexual reproduction, not like abortion…

    Bill Nye, you are rational on most issues but are mentally of aborting age when it comes to abortion.

  29. I am a little disappointed in this video because it seems to be filled with more emotion than reason. I typically look to Bill Nye as someone who peers into the other side, helps use reason to persuade moderate dissenters, and then backs it up by science and maybe even a little philosophy. I feel that this clip does a disservice to his brand by coming off as a bit too ideological, emotionally charged, and polarized.

  30. This argument really focuses on the opinion that abortion should be illegal from conception. However, it does nothing to draw a better line of when life begins. Perhaps abortion should be illegal from the second trimester, or from the ability to survive independently? The conclusion it draws is a long leap from its essential point, that at conception, a child has yet to be brought into existence.

  31. I'll preface this with the fact that I'm pro-life, but my pro-life leanings are not derived from religious beliefs, so I'd just like to state that before I discuss Bill's point here. I believe in abortions in the instances of rape or threat to the mother's life of a serious nature. Nothing more.

    First, Bill makes the point that "lots of eggs get fertilized and only some of them make it to the uterus wall". Sure, but if its rejected, its a natural bodily process. Shoving something up into the uterus to terminate a fetus is not a natural process. The body accepted it and without intervention it would continue to likely grow, unless it developed a defect that caused failure. Abortion is a process that we invented and it terminates potentially valuable human beings before they can prove themselves. They are alive and killing them after conception is simply ending a life any way you look at it. A prenatal life, yes, but still a life and that's something I can't stand for killing at any stage. If it doesn't survive on its own and is pushed out of the body, that's a natural selection.

    Second, I know that the "its my body, its my choice" argument is brought up all the time, but a woman and a man have to make the choice to have sex, knowing full well that the choice to have unprotected sex puts them at the risk of getting pregnant. If they don't want to have a baby, but would like to have sex, use contraceptives. There is still a risk, but at least you're greatly mitigating the risk. Getting pregnant while on contraceptives is simply an acceptable risk at that point that you're accepting when you have sex while on them. Every action in life has risks and consequences.

    If I decide I want to skateboard grind on a railing, I'm putting myself into a risk of physical damage to myself. I might not injure myself and if I wear pads, knee guards, and a helmet, I'm mitigating risks like I would with contraceptives. However, I'm not 100% protecting myself since I'm still choosing to commit the act.

    The biggest problem is that women get footed with the bill, so to speak, when a man walks out of her and tries to skirt responsibility. This is UNACCEPTABLE. Men should be held accountable for their contribution and reap the consequences of their actions 100%. Obviously, he cannot carry the baby or help with the birthing in a physical manner, which sucks, but is an unfortunate part of being a woman. Sorry ladies, but its a biological thing. If I could have taken that burden off my wife, I would have. I really would.

    Really, I wish that we'd stop talking about abortion and start talking about how to fix the fact that men just taken off on their partners when the going gets tough. I don't know what the correct solution to that is, but killing a child because of a decision that you want to call backsies on is not one of them. It makes no evolutionary sense to kill our potential offspring. Plain and simple.

  32. Although I agree that life does not begin at conception, it surely begins before birth because a heartbeat can be detected as soon as six weeks and the fetus can determine pain thus also allowing it to cry within the womb as early as 28 weeks. Abortion should remain legal, however I also consider the cutoff to do so absolutely necessary

  33. Rape and Incest was not the woman's choice so I can see the freedom of choice there. Otherwise, the woman ALREADY CHOSE. She chose to have sex, you just want women to have ALL THE CHOICES. Men want a choice in what is done with their body too, but women choose to kill the part of the man's body. The developing child wants a choice too. But once again the woman chooses to ignore what that child wants. Just like how women are trying to prevent development of male temporary birth control. They don't want men to have a choice on when to have a child, just like they don't want men to have a choice on when NOT to have a child. This is all about women thinking their choices are the only choices, and everyone else has no choice.

  34. Why? Because bodily autonomy is a fundamental right? I would love to hear what Mr. Nye says about the second amendment, another fundamental right.

    Everyone knows Bill Nye is not a scientist. He is a television character that was developed for children's programming. Right?

  35. Just like I said before, when this video was first published: embrio is not a human, just like egg is not a chicken,and acorn is not a tree. You can't talk about murder when it's not human, not a person. Simple as that. And BTW, I'm not going to lie; pro-life people piss me off, not because they have different opinion than me, that's OK, but because they try to impose their opinion on everybody else! Don't like abortions? OK, then don't have abortions, but don't prohibit choice.

  36. Why would it be illegal to kill a new born baby an hour after leaving the mother and not illegal to kill it an hour before it is born. Where is the fine point of time where it becomes a human. With science today It may become possible for a fetus to become viable at just months after conception. I am not coming from a religious point of view. It just strikes me wrong to kill babies.

  37. Insinuating to children that abortion is akin to nature eliminating a zygote is dishonest. Nature eliminates fully grown adults all the time but we don't allow homicide because of it. We also don't write law around the exception to the rule. Sometimes homicide is justified but we don't allow elective homicide because it's necessary to shoot someone in the head in certain situations. Bill needs to think this through a bit more.

  38. Also, as a scientist, Bill should understand that a child in utero is a separate biological entity…not the mother's body.

  39. God damn Bill Nye went full potato on this one, possibly one of the most moronic, ignorant arguments I've ever heard.

    He's trying to justify abortions by saying that many fertilized eggs, which would be considered as an individual according to some laws, don't actually reach implantation and instead die naturally. This is NO different than justifying murder under the presumption that people die naturally.

    Stick to your elementary school science videos, dude. Thank God I didn't learn any of your argumentative tactics from watching your videos in school.

  40. White man telling white men, to shut the fuck up. What an efficient way to feel smart without looking at a very complex problem from a lot of perspective….

  41. Bill Nye, you are a degenerate scumbag that takes life for granted. Attempting to persuade the human race into embracing "Being God"? Like we didn't have enough problems with capital punishment over here in the U.S.. All those science videos I have featuring you? Yeah, I'm burning them. Why was this garbage on my recommended list???

  42. But what is worse than not getting to live? This doesn't come from a religious stand point , I'm not a scientist and don't claim to be however I believe that as soon as the heartbeat is recorded all options of abortion should be eliminated, abortion when at the cellular level is absolutely understandable, and completely agreeable, but if you can answer me my question of , "what's worse than not getting to live" I would gladly look at your insight.☺️ please don't insult me I'm looking for a true conversation.

  43. My sister got pregnant when she was 16. Her closest friend was trying to convince her to have an abortion. My sister almost went through with it. She decided not to.

    That was 17 years ago. My nephew just had his birthday. My family and I love him very much. He's a kind, caring young man that anyone would be proud to call their son/ brother/ grandson/ nephew.

    My sister realized who her true "friend" was. She hasn't spoken to that "friend" for over 16 years.

    I'm proud of my sister for making the right decision. Why is it the right decision you say? Ask yourself, when has death over life ever been the right decision?

  44. Oh man, he cracks me up.

    What he didn't mention as well though is that 15-25 years after abortion was legalised in the US the crime rate dropped dramatically.

    Why? Because all those abortions prevented people from being born into families that didn't want them or couldn't provide for them (financially, emotionally, whatever). And the peak crime time for people is at the vulnerable 15-25 years of age, when they're fully aware of the world and the place they've been forced into (broken homes, abusive homes, poor neighbourhoods…).

    Mark my words. All these abortions clinics closing at the moment in the states, be patient, wait a decade or so and the crime rates in those areas will start climbing back up.

    Unwanted pregnancies lead to people living what feels to them as an unwanted life. And sad people do sad things.

    Google it. There are only a handful of explanations as to why the crime rate is so much lower now it used to be. And legalising abortions sits exactly at the right place on the timeline.

  45. well it takes two people to make a child so obviously two people need to make a decision together…but of course women only care about themselves and will take the child and force the man to pay for it

  46. Science is awesome tool of understanding life and all around it. If only everyone would take that as the basis where they move forward from. No matter where our journey ends, it would mean all the things between are nurtured with facts. Imagine, world with people that seek facts and understanding over blind faith with no real proof that anything that current religions believe are real. Just imagine..

  47. Just another video of an engineer speaking outside his field to push his progressive bullshit.  The only reason people give two shits about what he thinks is because he did a kid's show at one time and gave a hummer to Al Gore.

  48. its a reflection of shear stupidity on the part of mostly men
    and using religion as a reason to suppress and control woman
    yes it is very frustrating and that fact that this is still an issue
    with all the problems facing this world and over population
    keep up the good (common sense ) work
    richard in the tropics

  49. Is it possible that in some cases a slight evolutionary divergence can explain what leads to the diagnosis of Non-Specific Infertility? I've tried to have children with many different women and have only succeeded with one who has a similar genetic background.

  50. That's it, I'm a Bill Nye groupie. I don't want to appear creepy but I'm just mad about you. Come to Boston and let me buy you lunch.

  51. When an abortion happens, it is not just the killing of a few cells. The real problem is that it is killing our own kind without even giving them a chance. Abortion allows people to lose self control because if they make a mistake, they can just abort it. People don't have to be careful anymore. Abortion has greatly contributed to STD epidemics and teen pregnancies, and the general loss of decency in our society. It really takes a lot of desensitizing to convince a mother that her child is worthless and she has a "right" to kill it. The fetus might not have air breathing lungs but it is human. It doesn't just "become human" during birth. One of the problems abortion has helped cause is the lack of academic achievement in minorities. Abortion was originally intended (by Margaret Sanger) as a population control device specifically for American black communities. The fact that it is inside a woman's body doesn't give her the right to destroy, it gives her the duty to protect. How would you feel if your mother did that to you?

  52. I don't understand why people call this a logical argument. Ironically it seems Bill Nye has a fundamental lack of understanding of the human reproductive system. Whom am I going to sue? This question is arguing miscarriages are a willful act, something that any intellectual would understand happens naturally and is not a crime against humanity. Everything else he states in this video is opinion. The only fact he states relates to women who miscarry, something which happens all the time and is not part of this issue whatsoever. He mentions microscopes; Yet another sciency topic that has nothing to do with the moral dilemma of deciding whether or not to follow through with a pregnancy. It's rather comical, you can't just state random facts to deflect from the issue and call it a sound argument. He does make a reasonable claim about abstinence-only teaching and lack of access to birth control, but this is prevention. The real issue lies with what happens after conception. The fact that this video keeps popping up is rather infuriating. Bill Nye is a joke. Why does society place actors on pedestals and find themselves mesmerized by their unqualified opinion?

  53. Bill, your inference that every egg that doesn't implant would be a victim of murder, according to the abortion opponents logic is not legitimate. That's like saying if someone dies in your home, that automatically proves you are the murderer. Are you as guilty of the infamous straw man form of argument as those right wingers who consider themselves skillful in debate? You won't convince people you are right by sinking to that level.

  54. I am absolutely support you Bill Nye 😁😁😁.
    We have many problems to solve rather than telling women what to do 😅 😅😅.

  55. I am so surprised as I look at Bill Nye videos! He is supposed to be so smart – yet his arguments are not only poor – he also is very obviously biased and has a problem with anything related to a Christian world view.

  56. Stop telling Women What to to do with their bodies? Does this include drugs like methamphetamine? All of society regulates what we can do with our body, assisted suicide not even allowed (which I disagree with). I'm not completely apposed to abortions, but today with multiple contraceptives available, NuvaRing, Pills, shot, female condoms, Femcap, Today sponge, male condoms, etc.. there is little excuse to have abortions in the 3rd trimester which democrats are pushing into legislature right now. I can see both sides.. If I were a woman and raped obviously I would kill the parasite; but it shouldn't take long to make this determination.

  57. So his argument is: a fertilized egg being a jail able offense? Embryology and human development are easy to search.

  58. I didn't realise that Engineers are now in the Baby killing game. You learn something new every day. Usually I prefer the science Bill.

  59. The problem with his argument is that a baby ISN'T the mother's body. It is a separate body growing inside the mother's body. If it was her body, she would be the one that dies in an abortion.

  60. embryo and woman's bodies aren't the same thing sorry

    bill you're one of my favorite childhood role models

  61. Fact; Bill Nye can’t see the answer because he has his head planted up his keister. Say Bill, just because a new human being is small doesn’t mean it’s not an individual with its own unique genetic make up and should be given all the rights afforded any individual.

  62. Bill, can you first stop pretending you’re a scientist, then shut up?

  63. I don’t get it, millions of eggs that are fertilised are passed through without becoming humans. Yes, that happens.

    But what has that got to do with enacting laws that prevents babies being killed?

    Don’t know what I’m talking about? I think pro life people are quite clear, don’t kill babies.

    Bill, you’re a scientist, then you know that life begins at conception. Basic characteristics of living things.

    I’m not having a go, you’re entitled to have a belief that abortions are morally right, but I don’t see how the facts in your “science” supports the view that babies should be killed.

  64. No dummy. The doctor who performed the procedure. Unless you’re saying you’re a woman then why are you talking about it?

  65. This has got to be the worst pro-abortion argument I have heard. We need to start separating the hubris that has developed through this wave of "women's rights" with the humanity of an unborn child.

  66. Does the Bible really make old white men think that every time a man and a woman have sex a baby is made? I never knew that! Yes, that's wrong, and I don't know any normal adult, no matter how old fashioned and ignorant, who thinks that sexual intercourse always results in a baby, otherwise there'd be a lot less intercourse. WHY say such a thing? My old fart doctor, a dyed in the wool conservative, even knows that that is not the way it works. It IS hard not to get frustrated with all the back and forth conflicting nonsense designed to make a point that really doesn't pose a challenge for folks like Bill. Bill will NEVER be faced with the decision to have an abortion or go full term because he's a man, and men don't have to worry about being pregnant, at least as current medical science goes. IF his wife of two months had gotten pregnant, the decision would still have been hers to make regardless of his position, but that wasn't an issue for Bill who managed to avoid the complexities of intimacy. Arguments, like science, ought to be based on facts not attitudes.

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