Biology Class 12 Human Reproduction | Foetal Ejection Reflex | NEET 2020 | Dr S K Singh

[Applause] [Applause] everyone this is doctor is kissing or discuss carrying yep native production scale next parts a or a part Baja the important had neat or ins for interviews he I be the company sorry or topic OHS Ithaca has some chai or it's a related of MCU because I think other coach MC you up on here the mature comment box me posted image Rose corresponds tumor or something important is a high key to say bother a comment art a ham or much email I think he said Mary Mother Co a problem here father game problem has a strawberry problem here though as a doctor mara I could have been the key ops of CO this is free put up India of a name so much he directly up video called car key or up in a problem course at then discuss solution about took a hit them and a description box me a bolo app for that the Google Play Store page okay was a install during a a bolo a Pechanga the much of all ecology Jackie Jo P related query ever ho Thor barrack tha Mary suppose actor Jake time slot Mila have a timeslot may she shankaboot Kirk a question posed like they're so awesome a hopper discuss cutting a Oh mother key or Joe growth and development head child care they can get so this is a development developmental developmental history this is called developmental history key kebab Joe child hey Grover the hair orcas a case a process for thing is can there take him so after the first month of pregnancy just a first month keep a lady pregnant whoa Jackie here though escaped under Joe BB hair Joe am blue hair was kinda hardcore formation or Java or hardcore formation wisata at the dojo doctor whom gave a stethoscope say was kept dominant quote patch carrying your son to him at the usually a second month may a heartbeat appear Raja versatile a stethoscope such as they say appear near the Ottoman but USD say I'm a passenger that shabeeha melters on yoga rocker tanta bomb a potential data he was called mother he carried D K so this is the first sign key fetus live here or Jupiter say mother K warm may present her and by the end of second month of the pregnancy just a second month of pregnancy ho t hear the limbs and digits are formed so embryo and there's your limbs within her heart or pair with my audience who form karate here by the end of second month of pregnancy this is important by the end of third month that is called first trimester first trimester Jessica da matta third Monday Seca the motor most of the major organ system are developed most of the missus is the organ system are formed is commissary worki gastrointestinal tract of formation who Giada have circulatory system car formation hoja the mother Toradora structure boniato many potestas and over eco formation ho Tata or you decide which other a key to fetus a male hey a female hey Zara chasing off a desire to the other by the end of fifth month of pregnancy this is very very important or her question I have I said caution a Portuguese the futile movement con cement may hota hai jo Freitas with a mother a cave wall make on Samantha may move kurta have a penis una hora que yo mother up capacity hey Kimmy Rajjo fetus a kicker dado Kwanzaa month make ricotta whoa fifth month may the fifth month to keep pregnancy what the hell was me okay cut the hair or movement it start without the air ticket so appearance of head on the head this is also take place at the fifth month of the pregnancy fifth month may of potential data Hickey escaped sir page over here here's the affirmation ho Giada had by the end of six month that is called second time mister body's covered by the fine here's putting body Cooper fine he recovering pajota her eyelids separate without their eyelids confirmation hojjat ahead so this all event is called developmental history and this is take place inside the warm inside the uterus of the female or after six months to nine month the growth and development of all the organs at a place this majubi organ been aware I was growth and development what about the who the other or Jessie oh nine month he Gujarati health or the delivery maybe take place so delivery Judea was come up with a process but hang it keep what is the mechanism to the that childbirth take your bow that Chisholm ever Tonga yeah but what doesn't the placenta about America without the County placenta gets a cow hotel or is kjq functions of their hand push normally is gay body may be taught us about Carla there so now we're talking about the placenta the placenta Cockerham definition giveth correctly what is the placenta the placenta of water it is a fish you fees you chemical it is the physicochemical connection it is a physicochemical connections between k scabies muhabba fetus fetus and mother's mother blood thicken mother behind or uterus you can say right so it is the free geochemical connections between the fetus and the mother blood if you commit a technical matlab han keiko protections provide craig Ikaruga placenta scale our which chemical exchanges whom you again feeders or mother k blood said to mother k blood given that Juve nutritive material hoga juvenility material hooba-dooba nutrition hoo-ha and this nutrition's can transfer into the fetus by the help of placenta taken or manager Sapna piranha medium but I hate a propeller placenta cobalt ahead the placenta got permission Jahoda hair at the sixth DS of the fertilization that is implantation job implantation Jota what he pebbles in tag of omission Jota picking the placenta are formed inside the at the point of implantation so placenta up core definition so much my argument that hum bath Karen he supposed a uterus have a you to say a placenta has a panther Hawaii membrane has opposed and this is called fetus again and this fetus is connected to the placenta the placenta ik keep a structure what I hate you have a placenta the end this is a membrane though Joby I'm local courts a diuretic fetus opposes a fetus ticket I'm legal courts attach of the undersells placenta so the the origin of placenta is very important Muslim placenta fagio structure or jaha paid placenta at i/o Giada important at the homology low line placenta Jota is called placenta previa a level F term so they had yoga anemia but hang it okay the ibaka the knock of the Garima logic is you have a uterus hey opening a cervix in your hospital isn't our cover ho yeah halfway sorry your lower part of the which other cutter Nakata this lead to the placenta praevia placenta accreta there are a lot of complications but usually most of the cases were placenta uppermost part merit ahem so now we talk about okay what is the function of listen town there is a lot of function of the placenta so the function the first function key of their bad Kisuke brought the important that is called nutrition's nutrition's come at lebih who the heck is OB feeders over okay if it was co nutrition mean latching a kikyo grow whore I put a nine month up for a mother pay depend her mother K applied by depend her mother can the to be blood can the nutrition say was fed up enter right so humid Erica and they're both on I suppose mother K blood can the glucose hoo-ha amino acid Obama or home pregnancy may purify t means for therapy provide curtain between saga so all this material all this nutritive materials hence transfer from the mother's blood this is the mother's blood mother's keep blood can the jovian nutritive material how feeders can their transfer over so this is transferring to the fetus and this transfer is taking place by the help of Pleasant out of because let's integrand there there are a lot of artery and venous anastomosis and osmosis comic la botella he offers me a meal everything here figure so anastomosis came I just say do be mother can the nutritive material Jovi mother kya at finally kya hoga we absorb of our bodies absorb ecology or after Kay Joby mother Kay bled Maya they can transfer into the fetus so that the fetus is well grow time to time take a verse cat time to time is growth and development at chess a hoe or a chess a function so the second function this is very very important that it's called respiration CS respiration cookie lungs avi common occurrence bahar I gotta be calm carry right the lungs have become Nicorette the lungs become conical EKG oxygen she so oxygen Camilla Camilla got mother's give blood again their oxygen Malaga so mother's blood and their mother's blood and their oxygen present with her hair Kiki bloody can they're a poppet I hate America and the heart rebooting a vein so there are three Juho T here mother hung ogre blood shabbath current those marks are generated a blood shadow Jota the way oxygenated placenta get through transfer over off Rita scope milega that is a respiration it's Kayla WA Jovi nutrition will occur third nutrition's Duma who use Canada oak which part is crucial maybe help over the placenta which okagawa Juby fetus is split karna taiga a placenta go through Careca or body came mother's cape blood may I go blood safe bhajana Gonzaga and the most important most important function that is called endocrine function so endocrine function is very very important endocrine functions Pleasant urge over there which hormone secreted ahem again yesterday I say hum endocrine functions both in a question or monkey bugger Humberto just Rosen the Storen is secreted by the placenta progesterone is secreted by the placenta and one more hormone that is called HPL h PL that is human placental duct ocean or SC g SC g human chorionic gonadotropin tiny quotients both important here or Artic ocean key plays and taja both a conversa hormone secreted by the placenta is secreted estrogen progesterone HPL that is human placental act ocean and a CD that is called human chorionic gonadotropin so this is secreted by the placenta and this is called endocrine function so this is all about the placenta and function placenta now we are talking about the fetal ejection reflex and after that we discuss about how to childbirth stay place how to childbirth is take place chicken so the fetal fetus ejection ejection reflects both important here that our body may have the other questions annika probability who they have their abode meaning after B is say quotients neatly maybe quotient which again freedom ejection reflex they can arm separation like is fetus could inject out gonna have mother Mother's Kabaddi SEPA Hanukkah and I had the sahaja need me I have a question here ki Fateh rejection to reflects a look on produce cut that so obvious that fetus reduce Careca off less placenta produced Garriga so fetus and placenta that is send of signal to the mother spirit rate 80 grand a mother's k purity glencoe signal daga pituitary gland KO signal they got pituitary gland and this pituitary gland secrete a hormone that is called oxytocin and this oxytocin act on the myometrium of the uterus this is a my material myometrium of the uterus figure or myometrium as I say at Cayuga thicken my my temples sa actually I got the Miami team contract or relax when I started Agha but Jesse contractor relax when I started I got the Jew membrane of him inhabiteth or rupture hoga or child but the really huge ago so this is a call feeder ejection reflex fatal ejection reflex make out that the fully develop fetus and placenta send a signal to the mothers pituitary gland mother competitive light goes signal send Geeta and this mother sweetie gland that release oxytocin hormone and this oxytocin is act on the myometrium which is the thicker layer of the uterus there's a middle layer of the uterus and the by the action of the XO oxytocin this my omentum is start contract or relax there is a start contact and relax or just give us a membrane breakdown hoga a child but NEC Jagga next class my home subjugated child but what I can say here is kike mechanism houghton Hank as a process hotel room taking him or something importantly I can but you follow the rules in and I gave me pay me about maja pay up Kelly a pediatric version like erm those video get description box my fornicated me commit a profile will jogger was profile page a kombucha follows your Routh array or Muhammad OPD of judge SMA July on mode of video doluma through PD for Camila got your notes me like a mirror or off a coffee method car heaven eat cakes on PD other Polly Juarez video codec recharge subscribe PJ cabal are you can whatever the vigor or please like and share this video thank you so much

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