Birth (2004): 12:23 – 16:54

Sorry we’re late. In the dining room. Thank you. Here we are.Can you get the knife for her?Look at that.No, I don’t believe it. Nice.Make a wish, Eleanor. Laura and Anna on
each side of me. Happy birthday, Mother. Happy birthday, Mom.I’m here to see Anna.Who are you? Who are you?Let’s go into the kitchen.
I’ll tell you there.
Are you gonna play
a trick on me?No.Okay. He wants to talk to me in private.Could you believe that?What do you want? You. You want me? Is that
what you’re saying? You’re my wife. We’re married? You’re telling me that
we got married at some point in time? Yes. Well, I’m getting married to Joseph.
He’s a little bit older than you. We have a little bit more in common. But if the timing was a little
bit different, who knows? Maybe. You’re a handsome little boy. But
I’m getting married to someone else. It’s me. Sean. You’re telling me
that you’re Sean? Yes. Let’s go. You’ll be making a big
mistake if you marry Joseph. Jimmy, do you
know who this is? Sean. Does he live in the building? No. Then put him in a taxi
and send him home. Sure. Do you know how
to take the subway? – Yeah.
– You’re not supposed to be here tonight. Go home. So? He says he’s Sean. Sean. Right. His name was Sean. No, really. Jimmy
said downstairs. He says he doesn’t want
me to marry Joseph.

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  1. I watched this movie b4 and I still don't get it….if he was not the same Sean how did he know all these things?

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